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DON'T LEAVE THIS PAGE until you look down below at some of my recent FUN AND UNUSUAL scrapbook pages!

I took one of the Big Picture Classes in May which was to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day (or maybe it was National Stamping Month??? - can't remember for sure!).... all I know is that it was FREE and lasted all day long and I loved it!

 We had several challenges over a 10 hour period. What a blast! You would listen to the teacher, read her ideas and suggestions, and then go make your project, post it on the Big Picture Classes gallery, and be entered to win something fun and neat.

I was just looking at the different scrapbook pages that I made for some of the challenges.... and realized how fun they were and how "outside the box" they were!  

I probably never would have thought of them on my own!

So thought I'd show them to you, just for the sake of "ideas and inspiration". I'm not adding how I did them, or cutting recipes, measurements, etc.  I just wanted to show you the theme or idea that may just get you inspired to make a page or pages using some of your photos that are sitting in a box.

On this challenge, we were to make a page doing some handwritten journaling and talk about a relationship.

This was easy and quick. I used premade embellishments that came with an entire set of papers and stickers, etc. (not Close to My Heart... I had already started this page years ago!). I hand journaled and used stickers for the word "Sisters" and then drew around them with a black marker. I stuck some cute stickers on the paper, flowers and tags and voila! was done! Hand journaling is SO important.. that is what was stressed in this challenge.

The next challenge was to make up a "bucket list" for the summer.  What a great idea!

Never would have thought of it!  So I ran to my little digital scrapbooking program on my computer (an old one I downloaded years ago), made up a quick little page, printed it out, and voila! I was done!  This goes to show how fun digital scrapbooking can be.

Another fun challenge was to make a page showing the last 3 pictures we took with our cell phone!

Again, I NEVER would have thought of this!  I literally blew this page out in about 10 minutes. I matted the photos, used some premade tags that I had in my stash, wrote on them, made a little title, added a couple of strips of paper top and bottom, and voila! was done!

I got carried away with "the last 3" so also put the last three friends I made and the last three meals I made.  Oh... I see I also remembered to put a date on there.  Just a neat little memory to keep.

I'll show you one more.. this was fun! We were to make a page using a technique we've never used before.

Can you figure this out? ha!  Now that I look at it, it looks like an angry monster with teeth!  I sure didn't see that before!  I chose to scribble with paint on a page (as I've seen done before on videos, etc.) and then use just ONE PHOTO of no people! That's not like me at all.... and keep it very simple and no embellishments.  Hard to do.

Well.. I guess you can call the star an embellishment! This was fun. I used some textured white cardstock or you could use watercolor paper. Made dabs of acrylic paint on a little tray and added water and started scribbling!  Have fun.... be creative!

Then quickly chose one photo that would kind of match... cut the star out of my Cricut machine, added the date, and voila! done in about 10 minutes!

Boy it was HARD not to add lace!!

OK.. that's it for today.  I just thought these was such neat, innovative ideas from BIG PICTURE CLASSES.  I plan to take more classes down the road. Some are free. Some are a one-time only class and some may be a 4 to 6 week class.   

(Note: Close to My Heart is pairing (once again) with Big Picture Classes for another Pajama party on July 31st.  Go HERE to find out how to register and I think it's free. It will be covering the new Close to My Heart "Artbooking" Cricut cartridge and its many uses.)

Have fun scrapbooking "out of the box"!!


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  1. Wow! You were very busy on National Scrapbooking day! Wonderful interpretations!


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