Thursday, July 25, 2013


I am so happy today that I seem to have my crafting "mojo" back! With the advent of summer, I have kind of drifted off into the outdoor world, leaving my craft area all alone, which I'm sure makes it very sad! 

In the last few days, I've been creating like crazy........ here's one fun thing I made: 

CUTE LITTLE PAPER BOX WITH one of my SHABBY FLOWERS (handmade).  I used the Martha Stewart scoreboard pattern for making boxes.

I ADDED SCALLOPS AND FAUX STITCHING (FREE HAND) WITH A SHARPIE PEN. I love tiny things!  This box is only 2" square.

I used a little piece of retired Lucy paper on the top.

I'm fulfilled in what I do.....
I never thought that a lot of
money or fine clothes---
the finer things of life----
would make you happy.
My concept of happiness is
to be fulfilled in a spiritual sense.
Coretta Scott King (b. 1927)
American Civil Rights leader.

CRAFTING AND CREATING DOES FULFILL ME!  It IS all very spiritual in that I revel in the colors of nature, which I believe are reflected in all of things that I make.

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