Photo of my and signup.

Photo of my and signup.
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Sunday, April 23, 2023

Bits 'n Pieces of Life

Here it is April and I can't believe it's been Christmas since I last posted! So tonight, as I sit here on the edge of my bed, phone in hand because I can't sleep, I decided to look at my photos on my phone, and just "do it" (a post) and pop in a few photos of my life since Christmas! 

Better to start now than keep putting it off!

New shoes shopping

Kitty cuddles on those 10 degree nights

More snow!
My son came for a visit and we did a little mud bogging on the plains. Found one mud puddle!

Fresh air!

And fun was had.....

We spent all weekend cleaning out my messy garage so I could finally park my car inside!

Tight squeeze but at least can park inside during the bad weather.

Stacked kitties. 3 beds on the shelf!

Made some fancy Valentine's Day cards from Anna Griffin card kit and dies.

Took a drive towards the mountains on a rare sunny day to see Mt. Jefferson.

Got myself a Fitbit! I wanted to count my steps. Highest I've reached is 7500!

Cleaned a corner of my living room so my little antique desk can show off!
Travelled to the little Washington coast towns of Seaview and Longbeach. I just NEEDED some misty air and the sea mist!

Boardwalk along the beach.

County Park by Chinook, WA - view is looking over to Astoria where my son lives.

Visited my son and his fiance for a few days. Oh was so nice to enjoy the rainy and misty days! I miss it.

On the way home, I stopped at a campground where I would love to camp this summer with my van! A darling little creek!

Drove right into a big storm as I got closer to Madras! I thought it would just be a downpour of rain, but instead it was snow! and at 48 degrees! What a shock and not fun driving down a long steep grade in a whiteout!


Baked some comfort food-almond flour bread. Very yummy!
I'm trying to eat grain free, so experimenting with almond and coconut flour recipes.

I guess March was a busy month! With my back starting to feel better, I also started physical therapy twice a week. It's helping somewhat. It's a slow process as I tend not to be consistent with the exercises at home. 

I'll fill you in on my next post, about April goings-on! 

Take care lovelies! (That's my new favorite word!)