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Photo of my and signup.
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Saturday, August 31, 2013


I have so much fun making word art, also known as subway art, using my favorite words.  It seems to be all the rage right now!

The one above I made in about 10 seconds. I just started writing what I love doing! I was just experimenting.

The next one is another quick Fall word art. Wouldn't it be fun to print it out on a piece of 4x5 paper and put it on a card?
I would mat it with some orange or golden yellow paper. My printer is defunct right now, so I can't print this out and make a pretty card to show you!   

I played around with adding my blog URL (which you can do in the program I use), and this is what I came up with:


I added the frame in my photo editing program, and went to PicMonkey to add the little heart overlays and some of my own finished project photos as overlays.  I love PicMonkey! How cute would this be on the back of my business card or a poster at a vendor booth?  Or, it's a ready made scrapbook page for me to put in my book of memories.

And the next one is a pretty Fall word art that I made last year. I first made the word art using a few "Fallish" words, then went to my Print Shop program and added a border and some leaves, and done!

This would also make a pretty card front, or you could use it on a scrapbook page.

This is a blog post where I'm just having fun. I like trying different things. The program I used (after ALOT of research on free word art programs) is WORDLE.  I love it. It is easy, free and quick. When you get to the home page, go to the "Create" tab. Then type in a bunch of words. The more times you type the word, the larger it will appear. 

It took quite a bit of experimenting on my part to figure out how to get all of the words to go in one direction... and there is even a way you can change the colors of certain words. That's more involved and took some time to just play and figure it out.

You can also put a website URL at the bottom and hit "submit" and it will put words in that are pulled from the website that you entered. 

Once you have your creation, you can "randonmize" and it will give you all sorts of different variations of the words. Then you can change the colors, fonts, layout, etc. Just play around with it and have fun!

If you want to save your finished work of art, go to "Print", and then choose Adobe PDF or whichever PDF program you have on your computer, and hit print.. it will then ask you where you want to save it.  Save as a PDF.  You can then go into your PDF program and "save as" an image and save as a JPEG. I like the JPEGs because they can be edited. That's where I go in and add my border, pictures on top, etc.

Email me or comment here if you have any questions. 



Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Boy do I have a great "frugal" and thrifty idea today..... a cute technique for your cards or a scrapbook page! 

Go to your local hardware store and buy a couple of feet of WINDOW SCREEN! We're going to do some "screen printing".

Now cut yourself a little rectangle that matches the size you want for the cover of your card (or area of your scrapbook page).

In this instance, I'm making a quick little card, so I cut a piece about 5 x 5 and placed it over my piece of Colonial White cardstock.

Now get your sponge or dauber, and two or three colors of ink pads.

Tap your sponge onto the first color of ink, and press it over the screen on the left area of your screen and cardstock, about 1/3 of the way across.

Then tap your sponge (same one or a new one if you don't want to contaminate the colors on your sponge) onto the next color of ink, and sponge across the screen in the middle.  Then use the 3rd color of ink and sponge the remaining area.  Press FIRMLY onto the screen so the color will go through onto the paper.

I just used one cosmetic sponge for all three colors as I can toss it when I'm done.. or save it for another similar project using the same colors.

Remove the screen and VOILA! you have a really unique looking "designer" cardstock!  I only used two colors, Lagoon and Pear.  I then distressed the edges of the cardstock with the Lagoon ink.

This looks so pretty! I like the swirly effect. You can add to it or add more colors if you want!

Now adhere this piece to a card (I used a glitter card that I got at JoAnn's - can't beat those sales now and then!), add some ribbon and a sentiment and there you have it. Quick, fun and easy... and you will even feel artistic because you created your own designer cardstock.

I cut the flower shape with my Cricut - you could use a punch. I used the Life is Tweet (retired) stamp set and cut out the 3 little birdies.  I then stamped the little flowers over the "screen printed" design. Any cute stamp set would do. I raised up the sentiment with 3D foam dots.


I think I'll try this technique for Halloween, using goldrush, black and slate inks for the screen printing, our Bronze Shimmer Trim instead of ribbon, and the Creepy Creatures stamp set with the little dracula cut out, and "fangs for the memories" in a circle for the sentiment.  Then I'll stamp little black bats all over the screen printed area!  

A fun, quick and easy work of art!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Of course I LOVE buying new stuff for my paper crafting, but I also LOVE being frugal and thrifty so I can afford more stuff for making more projects!

I've found some wonderful, fun ideas on You Tube lately, for thrifty crafting. Here are a few ideas that I've found and tried: 

First, shop at your local thrift or second hand store. I found some great deals at our local St. Vincent De Paul store here in La Pine, Oregon. It is a treasure trove of goodies.

How about some room border corrugated cardboard for 50 cents! It has scalloped edges just perfect for scrapbook layouts or cards.

I made a sweet little card using this corrugated cardboard trim. I used it for a "grassy" border on the bottom. Add some cut-out birdie stamps and a little balloon, and voila! you're done!

Here is another find from "St. Vinnie's (as we call it) that I was so EXCITED about and it only cost me $2.00!

I found a box of OLD chipboard embellishments - tags, circles, flowers, brackets, etc. and you would have thought I found a pot of gold!  Here's what I first saw when I opened the box, and boy was I thrilled.

 I mean, how cute are these?

But wait a minute!  When I turned them over, THIS is what I saw!

Oh my......... designs, phrases, stripes, flowers, swirls, polka dots........... on all of them! And the colors are so "now".  My husband thought I had just won the lottery!  How can a person get so excited over a box of pieces of cardboard for $2.00? But you crafters know what I mean, right?

Here's a money holder card I made using some of these darling embellishments:

I used CTMH Diecut Cards (3-1/2" x 8") (Z1738) and our For Always papers. They matched the chipboard accents so nicely. I used a little thin strip of our silver glitter paper along the bottom of the blue strip.

I used the lagoon paper in the For Always paper pack for the strips, and since it was too bright, I sponged it with our cocoa ink, and then did some stamping using a retired stamp set.... I stamped all the way across the piece of paper.

On the inside, I put more of the stamped lagoon paper strips and made a pocket on the left. I used a zip strip from For Always to trim the pocket. You could make some cute kraft tags to go inside......... or..............

Use the pocket to hold money or gift cards.

I didn't mean for this to be a "tutorial" but I guess it kind of is!  

I have many more thrifty and frugal finds that I'll put on upcoming posts.  Not all were found at our St. Vinnie's.

Stay tuned for those... and have fun browsing those thrift stores. Mix it up with your Close to My Heart products. Recycle and be frugal!

Saturday, August 17, 2013


I know here in central Oregon there are LOTS of quails running around! But it's hard to ever get a good picture of them because they move so fast!

The other day, I was standing out in the rain in our backyard, enjoying the coolness of it on a very hot day... and to my surprise out from the tall grass came 4 quails right in front of me, scurrying across the gravel and grasses!

My cat came out from under our deck and starting meowing.. and those little dears all froze, so I felt very lucky to get these pictures! 

This is the "daddy". Isn't he majestic??  These are California Quails.
This must be mom and child. Aren't they marvelous??!!
Just thought I'd give you a peek at these pretty little creatures of the woods and grasses here in central Oregon. 


Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Hello all!
I'm having a party in August!

EARN $25.00 in CTMH GOODIES in August!
Place your August order by shopping HERE ON MY CLOSE TO MY HEART WEBSITE.


Each month I am going to have an "Online Order Event" and there will be a drawing for one lucky person who orders through my website, to win at least $25 in Close to My Heart (CTMH) products (IF MY PARTY REACHES $150 IN TOTAL ORDERS).

**Make sure to click on August Order Online to Win! "JOIN" BUTTON  (before checkout) TO BE ENTERED TO WIN $25 IN FREE CTMH products.

If my party totals at least $150 in orders by the end of August, I will at that time,  put your name in the drawing (for each $25 you spend), for winning $25 in free products from the current Idea Book.

If you order $100 worth of product, for example, I will put your name in FOUR times!


If you order $50 in products, you will also earn a FREE August Stamp of the Month, which is A CHOCOLATE AFFAIR (valued at $17.95). You will be asked as you order (if your order is over $50) whether you want the FREE stamp of the month, and of course you'll say yes!



Inline image 3
Wouldn't you love for me to call you and ask "which CTMH items would YOU want for free???

NOTE OF IMPORTANCE:  If my online party this month DOES NOT reach a total of $150, then the $25 worth of FREE products drawing cannot take place, but I WILL draw a name for anyone who spends at least $25, to win a free gift from me, which would be either a monogram stamp of your choice or 2 of my custom made cards.  I WILL still enter names in my Canvas Board Art drawing for anyone who orders over $50 in products and of course, for any $50 order, you still get the Chocolate Affair stamp set for free!

Inline image 4
If you are the winner, I will contact you via email.  The free CTMH products are limited to any of the stamp sets, ink pads, clear stamp blocks, any of the My Reflections paper packs, cardstock, My Stickease assortments, Compliments, and card kits.


Please have fun and take the time to look at the new Idea Book HERE!!!!!  You'll be glad you did.

Friday, August 9, 2013


Who doesn't like to send a sweet little note to someone through the mail? (snail mail that is!)  I sure do, so I decided to play around with making some of my own photo and paper pieced postcards.

These are easy and fun and quick.
Here's my first attempt. It's a 4x6 and I glued the photo on a heavy piece of our Colonial White cardstock with Tombo adhesive tape. Mind you, this was a "hurry up and try it" project with not much thought for content! I had this photo laying around. I distressed the edges on the front with our cocoa ink.
 Here's the back:

I just drew in the divider lines in the middle and did some stamping with brown ink to make it look a little shabby.
Here's my 5x8 postcard:

Another quick "try it out" sample. I wanted to see if our B&T papers would go through the mail OK. I glued the papers on with the heavier duty SCORE tape. The picture is adhered with Tombo adhesive tape. I distressed the edges with cocoa ink.

Here's the back of the 5x8 card. I wanted to see if this large of a card would mail well.  It did fine as you can see! I drew in the divider lines in the middle and did some randon stamping with cocoa ink.
I love the look of these postcards!  I mailed them to myself to see how they would fare and they did very well without much damage.  I think it's a good idea to use fairly heavy cardstock. Our Colonial White worked great!

Hope you have fun with some postcards!  Everyone loves to receive a little treat via snail mail. I think sending thank you notes or "hello" notes by mail is a custom that we should keep alive.  I still love receiving a note in my mailbox.



I don't post alot of videos on my blog concerning Close to My Heart classes and products, because you can view them on my website HERE at CTMH TV, but this video (and contest) is an exception!

Jeanette Lynton, the founder and CEO of Close to My Heart, has a neat contest going on right now on her blog!  You have a chance to win a FREE E-sized alphabet stamp set (retail value of $29.95) of your choice from the Autumn/Winter 2013 Idea Book!  This is so exciting so I wanted to share this with you, just in case you weren't aware of it.

Just go to Jeanette's blog HERE - BE AN ALPHA CONTEST to read her contest post and view the video.  All you have to do is make a comment on her blog sharing one "alpha" wish, or comment on her Facebook or YouTube by August 31, 2013 to be entered to win one of 20 stamp sets being given away.  

I must say too, that all of the "alpha wishes" posted by everyone are very touching, fun and inspiring!

You can choose from two sets:
The Vogue Alphabet set is 73 pieces and very fancy and scrolly.

The Framework Alphabet set is 66 pieces and kind of blocky (is that a word?) and hand-drawn looking.

I've already entered to win by posting a comment on Jeanette's blog and on her Facebook page.  Hope you do too!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

FREE Monthly downloads-REDISCOVER CTMH.

Simply Awesome! A free download each month from Close to My Heart!   

As a year-long "Rediscover CTMH campaign, there will be available each month a FREE exclusive download from Close to My Heart. There will be specially designed, colorful gift tags, notepaper, home d├ęcor, and more!   I will post it here on my blog the first of each month.  AND DID I SAY FREE???? We love free stuff, right?

For August:

Nab some really cute exclusive stationery now through August 31st for FREE! Use it to write letters or quick notes to family members near and far as an enduring and classic way to express your love. Available only from Close To My Heart!

Click on the picture box above (Rediscover CTMH blue box) which will take you to the link on the Close to My Heart Website.  The link to the stationery is under the Rediscover blue box on the CTMH website.

Aaron Brown, a fellow CTMH consultant, has made a darling little notepad from the stationery.

And she used part of it to make the decorative strip along the left edge!  Very clever!  View her tutorial and video at her blog HERE.

Have a blast with this neat download! And be sure to subscribe to my blog posts (upper right at top of column) to receive notice of each new download!


Thursday, August 1, 2013


Here it is! The Autumn/Winter 2013 Idea Book!!  Full of new paper packs, new stamp sets, card kits, jewelry kits, frames and more!

There are now six new HOSTESS stamp sets that only a person hosting an online or home gathering can earn with hostess rewards. Those are on the first pages of the Idea Book.

The Stamps of the Month are also now shown in the FRONT of the Idea Book, rather than the back.  Check out the August Stamp of the Month, Chocolate Affair, for you chocolate lovers! It's FREE with a purchase of $50 or more.  What great gifts!  If you purchase, for example, $100 of products, you can earn TWO free stamps of the month!  Think Christmas, think gifts.

Click HERE to view the Idea Book online... right now.... right here!