Friday, August 9, 2013


Who doesn't like to send a sweet little note to someone through the mail? (snail mail that is!)  I sure do, so I decided to play around with making some of my own photo and paper pieced postcards.

These are easy and fun and quick.
Here's my first attempt. It's a 4x6 and I glued the photo on a heavy piece of our Colonial White cardstock with Tombo adhesive tape. Mind you, this was a "hurry up and try it" project with not much thought for content! I had this photo laying around. I distressed the edges on the front with our cocoa ink.
 Here's the back:

I just drew in the divider lines in the middle and did some stamping with brown ink to make it look a little shabby.
Here's my 5x8 postcard:

Another quick "try it out" sample. I wanted to see if our B&T papers would go through the mail OK. I glued the papers on with the heavier duty SCORE tape. The picture is adhered with Tombo adhesive tape. I distressed the edges with cocoa ink.

Here's the back of the 5x8 card. I wanted to see if this large of a card would mail well.  It did fine as you can see! I drew in the divider lines in the middle and did some randon stamping with cocoa ink.
I love the look of these postcards!  I mailed them to myself to see how they would fare and they did very well without much damage.  I think it's a good idea to use fairly heavy cardstock. Our Colonial White worked great!

Hope you have fun with some postcards!  Everyone loves to receive a little treat via snail mail. I think sending thank you notes or "hello" notes by mail is a custom that we should keep alive.  I still love receiving a note in my mailbox.


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