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Photo of my and signup.
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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Do You Remember Mary?

Mary Engelbreit that is.............. oh how I used to (and still do) love her and her wonderful, whimsical art. I collected her magazines, Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion, for YEARS. I still have them.... can't part with them. Each one is an absolute treasure.

The other day, I happened to find one of her little books at a local gift shop, and of course, I just HAD to buy it.  It's entitled Words for Gardeners to Live By and I love it! 

What a sweet little book! I love gardening and flowers, and quotes and poems, and this little book embodies all of that. It brought back such good memories, browsing through it, of the times I'd see her artwork and little treasures for sale in shops I would visit, years ago. Her artwork was showcased on so many wonderful household items, teapots, books, calendars, linens, dishes, etc. and I wanted them all! I never really did buy many of her items, but have collected some of her calendars just for the artwork. I saved the Home Companion magazines for her prints in each one and the paper dolls!

It was always her style, and still is, to use poems and quotes in her drawings.  Here are a few from the book:

Perfect for Valentine's Day!

I love her trademark flowers. You see these in much of her artwork.

And my little front  yard plot looks suspiciously like her drawing (below)! I must have seen this years ago and it's been in my subconscious mind ever since. I had a picture in my mind of how I wanted to make a little area in my front  yard that looked like a "cottage" garden.

Here's Mary's.............
Here's mine!
Here's a link to information on Mary Engelbreit if you would like:
Mary Engelbreit biography  I just headed on over to her ONLINE STORE to see what is there, and I see that she has apparel, books, coloring books, greeting cards and accessories. I know she has written and illustrated some childrens' books in the past too. 

Mary (ME as she is known as) is still drawing up a storm and now has her own online store. Sadly we don't see many of her darling household goodies, accessories and cards in stores and shops anymore. Every once in awhile though, I'll find a shop that has a space just dedicated to Mary! She has quite a story from where she began to now............ 

Did you love her (and do you still?) as much as I do?

Have a great week and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to you all.....