Photo of my and signup.

Photo of my and signup.
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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Hello Kitty sweetness.......

My sister made me do it! She forced me to buy some Hello Kitty scrapbook papers........... we were recently at JoAnn's and I was just browsing.... I mainly was looking for some Valentine's Day papers and some red glitter paper. And then she saw it. She absolutely ADORES Hello Kitty stuff. I, myself, always thought it was cute, OK, but no big deal for me.... but.... this paper was so cute! I broke down and bought some.

Here's what I made!  I mean.. how could I resist all that pink?

These are my 3" x 4-1/2" mini pocket albums. I love them and I tend to make these more than any other little mini's. What do you think? Aren't they so cute? I bought some tags from Etsy for the inside and also found some free ones... and free Hello Kitty coloring tags! They are all inside the books. Each album has from 23 to 26 tags inside.

Each little album also has a matching (fold flat) gift bag. I thought it needed it's own little packaging.

I think I"m smitten.........

Here are a few more pictures of the insides and close-ups of the front of each one.  There is a stretchy lace "belly band" on each one to hold it closed. They are pretty thick.........

Secret pockets on the top - more cute tags to pull out!
Do you love Hello Kitty or know anyone who does? These are in my MyPinkPaperCottage Etsy shop right now!  I've also added a few other new items... some vintage wallpaper gift bags and a new Home Sweet Home canvas board wall hanging (pink of course!).

Hugs to everyone........ thank you for stopping by.