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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Another loss.

It's been awhile since I posted. I've been in a fog since my sister passed but trying to be as positive as I can. 

We had another slam hit us at the end of August. My husband's cousin, who has lived in Montana for many years, but grew up in southern Oregon with my husband, was killed in an automobile accident not far from his home in Hardin, Montana.  They were like brothers... two peas in a pod.....grew up together, were neighbors, lived together in their 20's, hunted together, and kept in close contact via email and phone calls. We visited in person as much as the distance would allow. 

The accident happened on August 25th 3 weeks after my sister passed. We are both still in denial and shock. It is very hard to understand why such good people must leave so soon. The ironic thing is that he and two of his very best friends, were driving home from church on that Sunday. Jerry and the driver, his very good friend, were both killed immediately. It was a head-on collision with a semi truck. His friend's wife did survive with some serious injuries.  Jerry was my husband's closest friend and relative. So we are both pretty much just dragging around in a cloud.  Rest in Peace, Jerry Lively... we will both miss you very very much. 

Jerry was a military man - he loved his country, and he loved serving his country for 14 years in the Marines and Air Force.

Jerry loved living in Montana. He loved hunting and fishing and the outdoors. 
We had just two hours previous to finding out about the accident, made reservations to go camping with my sister and husband, at a lake about 90 miles from us. We had paid with a "no refund" clause, since it was so close to Labor Day weekend when we planned to go. We were in denial all that week.. weren't even sure if we would go camping, but decided that maybe going up to the mountains and being in a nice peaceful setting for a few days, would do us both some good.

I'm glad we went. Here's the view from our campground. It was so good for my soul...... and I found some peace up there in the mountains.............listening to the water lapping at the shore. I just sat in the sun for hours, letting the quiet soak in and reliving memories.

Hopefully I will post in awhile about our "camping" trip. It was interesting to say the least. We took our new old "toy" and I'll tell you about that in my next post.

For now..... I must get through yet another loss... it is tough getting old(er) and seeing our friends and family departing to their "real" home away from Earth. I know it's inevitable and yet I know that they are all in a wonderful place. I just miss them so much.

Hugs to all........  hold your loved ones close.