Photo of my and signup.

Photo of my and signup.
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Friday, January 21, 2022

To keep me warm.

Hello friends,

My brain is still in a fog from all of the past events...... nothing seems to pop into my head that I want to share on my blog... not like it used to anyway. I was always inspired to share "something".  I hope I get that part of me back. I do want to share two of my most recent purchases that I just love, and one keeps me warm and one keeps me company!

I've needed a little heater for my bedroom, as there is no heat at all in there, and I close the door at night to keep the kitties from jumping on my bed during the night. Oh yes.. I would LOVE to sleep with my kitties if they wouldn't walk all over me, but they do, and I need my sleep! So the door gets closed... and then the bedroom gets pretty cold.

I just LOVE this little "heater"/fireplace. It makes for such sweet ambiance in the evening when I retire to the bedroom and spend a little time playing a few games of solitaire or working on a crossword puzzle. Those things relax me......... and then I'm ready to snuggle in and go to sleep.

The pink lantern on top is one I had outside last summer, hanging on my fence. It had fallen off the fence and sat there on the ground for the last few months (under snow even). I found it, picked it up, and the batteries still worked, so inside it came. It's such a nice soft light.

And what better way to play my solitaire on then a NEW smart phone! I treated myself to my first ever "smart" phone... and is it ever smart.. way smarter than me! But it's my new toy and I'm enjoying it. (did ya notice the pink wallpaper????) of course.........

And I even got a little tripod to take pictures of me and ???, family or friend if the need arises. The stand arms can bend and twist, and you can wrap them around a pole, or fence, or car mirror, or whatever, so that a timed shot can be taken. Love it!

I even tried taking some selfies........ such fun, but maybe one out of 100 turned out decent.... decent enough to show the world. And by the way, yes my Christmas tree is still up.... I so enjoy the lights that I'm not ready to take it down for the year.

I want to thank all of my blogging friends for reaching out to me, either by commenting on my blog or emailing me. These are lonely days, and I so appreciate the rays of light that shine on me when I receive a card, email or comment. Each and every one is such a blessing!