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Saturday, May 4, 2024

Feeling more at home.....

I've been here three months now (hard to believe).... and have been working VERY diligently trying to make this mobile home feel more like a "home". I've come a long ways from the day I moved in and every room was packed full of boxes!

As the saying goes.... "I've come a long way baby"!!!!!

My living room felt really bare without any carpeting.

I finally bought a new carpet and it looks OH so much better! It's warm and cozy now. What a difference a rug makes.

I looked online and at several stores. As a last ditch effort, I tried the Home Depot here, and found ONE only that I liked and had the colors I wanted. I was about ready to give up.

My son went and picked it up and helped me lay it. 

I would have liked it to be a little larger, but that's all they had in this design. I think it's a 9 x 11.

I love all the colors.... beige, gray, navy blue, burgundy, pink, teal and gold.

I wanted matching hallway runners, but they didn't have them. I couldn't order any either, so chose a different design with similar colors. I'm not happy with them.. they are too thin and slide around, but will do for now.

I found some off white carpeting for my bedroom. I had to get two smaller rugs.. one this lovely off white and cream, which I love (but the cats do too!).. and a similar rug which is a little more cream for the side of my bed (not shown).

This rug is so soft and cozy.. I splurged! I know this color won't last that long, but I'm enjoying it while it's still clean!

My bedroom was quite a dilemma has to how to decorate the walls. I just didn't know where to start. I have alot of framed family photos, like the ones where you can place 4 to 6 photos in the frame, and many many many! smaller framed photos.. I'm still not sure what to do with those, as I have no more surface areas. 

I kept the frames and pictures that I had in my Madras house, on the floor in my bedroom, hoping something would inspire me.

Then last week, I had gone to my chiropractor and was in the town of Longview, WA, about an hour from my house, and I stopped at my favorite fast food joint, Burgerville, for lunch! I have loved that restaurant for years and that one is closer to me than any other has been for the past 12 years! So I stopped, and right across the street, was a JoAnn's Fabrics! Of course I just HAD to go there and check out the paper crafting section.

And of course, I had to buy myself two new pads of beautiful papers..... on sale of course, and in wandering around the store, I found a wonderful home decor department, full of "beachy" throws, pillows, pictures, soft goods and other decor. I saw a canvas print that really caught my eye... then wandered some more.. then saw a throw pillow that caught my eye, and I thought hum.m.m. that sure matches my new colors (golds, peach, teals) and also it matches that picture so well.

Long story short.. after wandering, and going back to that one picture over and over, I decided to go ahead and get it. It was half price so what the heck!

And here is the finished product.. the one picture wall that I stressed over for almost 3 months! 

My "inspiration" picture is the vase and flowers. I love it! And that ruffled pillow matches so well!

When I first moved here, I decided I was tired of my pink walls and all pink in my other house bedroom, so wanted something with a brighter feel, so opted for a gold checkered quilt and shams, and also a white and gray striped quilt, and there is another one underneath that is a fluffy white. The gold in the pillow matches as if it were made to go with the set!

I like the darker tan of the walls.. it's a nice change from pink! I also put up my mom's cup and saucer rack and have found in various tubs and boxes, all of my china teacups and saucers, and they are showcased nicely there. I hope to paint the rack white this summer. I'll believe that when it happens......

To the right of my bed are two cream colored frames with photos of me and my parents, and me and my two sons... the tall skinny one is blank for now. I haven't decided what to put in as photos.

Three of my mom's china's plates are to the left of my bed, up high, and the white framed picture with pink and gold  under it (see below). My gold bicycle picture says "Life is a Beautiful Ride" and it surely is. I have tiny lights strung around it, for nighttime coziness.

I love this picture with the white frame, the wicker chair, flowers and pretty pitcher. I think it has enough gold in it to match my gold checked quilt. The pink surrounding it is the wall of my house in Madras, Oregon.

Here is my teacup rack, up close.... teacups I've collected since I was a child.

I still have more unpacking to do, and I'm running out of space! I knew that would happen. I'm using up every nook and cranny in this place!  I just finished yesterday, totally cleaning out my storage unit. I am so relieved! That was too expensive to keep, so everything is here now and most of it put away. 

I have a few more boxes to unload, which are currently sitting in my spare room, and in my closet. I'm also looking for one more bookshelf to put in my spare room, to add much needed storage area. I hope to find some matching tubs or baskets to place on the shelf, to put the rest of my treasures in. 

The spare bedroom is still a work in is my porch and my garden areas. I have a few flowers planted in the pots I brought, but my outdoor spaces have a long way to go!

I hope I can go out and play pretty soon! The next day I wake up to sunshine, I'm going to be out and about. It is SO beautiful here, and every time I drive to town, I'm in awe of the beauty of the Columbia River, the mountains to the north in Washington State, and the mountain just south of where I live.

Hugs all... Marilyn



  1. Oh Marilyn your new place is really looking like home. I love everything you have done. Love the picture over your bed with the matching pillow. The rug for the living room looks great and makes the room comfy and colorful. I am happy to see you are getting adjusted to your new place. Hugs. Kris@JunkChicCottage

    1. Kris thank you! It's fun getting more settled, now that most of the hard part is done! Marilyn

  2. Oh Marilyn! You HAVE come a long way! Amazing to see the progress you've made. Rugs add the perfect element of coziness!!! I'm glad you found the perfect rug, it's beautiful! Your bedroom came together, love the teacup holder, and the wall decor. So thankful you are in this happy place!!! Many blessings to you dear friend!!!

    1. Thank you Marilyn! Yes I do love the coziness a rug adds. I grew up with mostly hardwood floors, but my mom always had a rug thrown over them and I'm so glad. The kitchen was always a braided oval rug. That teacup holder was my mom's and I've wanted to paint it white for years. I hope I can get it done this summer! I'm not much of a painter.. I can do it but just don't like doing it! I used to have way more teacups, but have pared it down to just these. Hugs.. Marilyn

  3. Marilyn, your home looks so pretty. I love your bedroom all the yellow accents are so cheerful. How can you wake up and not start your day with a big smile on your face? That room says happy with a capital "H".
    Your rugs are beautiful too. It's fun seeing how you're feathering your cozy little nest.
    Stay happy!
    Connie :)

    1. Thank you Connie. Yes.. feathering the nest is fun! I have too much 'stuff' and would like to buy some things that are new to me and just mine.. not old used stuff, but the budget doesn't allow.. and why buy when I have enough of what I already had?? The old mindset from my parents and grandmother, who lived through the depression. I sure did want a nice new white dresser! Maybe someday........ but I do love my bedroom better and better as I put my photos and pictures up on the walls. Hugs to you! Marilyn

  4. We've been back in NC for 2 1/2 years and I still have a few boxes that I don't know what to do with LOL
    I LOVE your bedroom colors...the gold checkered pattern is fabulous!!!