Photo of my and signup.

Photo of my and signup.
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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Eye Candy.....

Hello sweet blogging friends,

Life goes on as they say...........since the loss of my husband..........I'm still in a sort of fog............... I do try to keep busy, and continue to enjoy my papercrafting, as it takes me out of reality for awhile.

I don't have alot to say right now... I'm not being very social lately, and I'm becoming quite the hermit. I love my little house.... it is such a haven for me..... and I get little (tiny) spurts of energy to do a little changing up or adding other colors, etc. And then that little bit of energy goes away for awhile, and I go back to my craft room.
New quilt and pillow shams.. I love the soothing aqua blue.

Here is some eye candy for you to enjoy. Lots of fun little things I've made... lots of color, pastels which I love.... simple things.... but each one is a little work of art.... and brings me some joy in making it.

I'm sure with time, I'll become chatty again.........

Tiny photo album for my son and his fiance.

Folio to hold photos and tags. I LOVE this paper!

Tiny flipbook - to hold a note, some tags and a tea bag. This one is in my Etsy shop. I made two. Link is below.

Little vellum envelope holds the tea bag.

Another tiny flipbook... I love making these.

Origami heart.

3" x 4" flipbook. I love making these (as I've said before!).... they are little treasures.

Tiny photo album.

Moments in Time - flip album with lots of spots for photos and notes.

A "one page wonder" flip album... lots of pockets and tags and tiny envelopes. I made this last Fall but don't think I've shown it before.

Tiny books!  I bought the digital papers from a shop on Etsy. She has the covers and insides of the little books. So fun but very time consumming to make!

Heart shaped mini albums.

Altered paperclips - yes! this is a paperclip! to use in a journal, diary, Bible, or as a bookmark.

Packaged up and ready to sell. I sell them at a little gift shop here in town.
 I sell many of the items I make, or gift them to friends and family.

I love the vintage look.

I continue to make my Hershey Bar pockets. They are fun to make and I love using all the different papers. This one is a bit different. It's not open at the top so you can't see the candy bar. I sell these at the shop here in town and they are very popular! but this one has not sold..... so have gone back to making the ones with the peek-a-boo at the top!

This is also a new style I made... just to see if they would sell. They did! 

This is the normal style I make..... they do sell like hotcakes!

It's strawberry season! I just had to make some with strawberry themed papers. I purchased these from Etsy. How cute!! I'll be making more.

Teeny tiny tea packs. I made a bunch for the shop here.

And last but not least, I must ALWAYS make tea things......... drinking tea soothes my soul. I love these little triangle shaped tea pockets. Each one holds a little 3x3 inch card and room for a sweet tea bag. I made the vintage looking ones for my Etsy shop and they are there now. The packaged ones (last three) I've made for the shop here in town. Tea things sell very well.

These and various others are in my Etsy shop My Pink Paper Cottage

I wasn't chatty, but enjoyed sharing my photos and projects. If nothing else, the colors are all so pretty and springy!

Have a nice Memorial Day weekend everyone.