Saturday, November 2, 2019

Strips, poinsettias and tea pockets

Hello friends on this beautiful Autumn day! It's November 1st.... let the holidays begin!  I can't believe my last post was about camping on Labor Day, and now I'm talking about Christmas. 

I've been on a roll making Christmas cards... can you believe it? I started on the weekend of September 28th when my sister came for a visit and we decided to work on Christmas cards. She spent the night and we played both days. We spread out on my dining room table, plus a card table. What fun!

This is while it was still neat and tidy.
My sister is a very fast card maker. She used bits and pieces from my scraps from last year. While she made 15 cards the first day, I maybe made three!  Maybe I was too busy yakking? The second day I did better.  I decided to make some strip cards.... cutting up strips from all of my older Christmas papers, and using the strips in different ways on the cards. I hadn't really planned this, but in seeing my big/huge box of scraps, I decided I just HAD to use them up.

Here are some of the cards I made:

I glued strips on the paper, either diagonally or straight across.

On this one, I glued strips to paper, and then die cut it out into a label for the card.

Here are my scraps and then the strips I cut. Was fun going through all my scraps.. there were papers from 6 years ago!

I probably made about 20 strip cards.  And did I mention poinsettias? I bought a die last year for my Sizzix machine, for a pretty poinsettia, and I went kind of nuts that weekend, making poinsettias. I must have made 20 or 30..... and I cut some wreaths from a cute die I bought awhile ago, and Christmas stockings.

The poinsettia making was all done on our first day. That's probably why I only got 3 cards made!

Many most of my cards have poinsettias on them now. They are SO pretty and they look so real. I used alot of my vintage printables that I've either bought from Etsy, or downloaded for free from various websites that offer them for free. 

I made most of my poinsettias using glitter paper on at least one set of the petals. Pictures don't do them justice.

Glitter glitter everywhere! You just can't see it.

Some of my cards I "distressed" with brown ink so that they look very old and vintage. 

This card is "plain and simple".... hard for me to do.. but I wanted to try one using just red and white. I used an embossing folder from Stampin' Up for the birch trees. I quite like it!
Just about every card has glittered areas on the vintage picture. I used Stickles (glitter glue) in either gold or crystal white. Again, these photos just don't show how really pretty the cards are.

My sister and I also made some paper cone wreaths. I had just watched a YouTube video by MayMayMade It. I love her and she makes wonderful and fun projects. We both made a Christmas wreath, using up more of my scraps. You use 4x4 inch pieces of paper for each cone, and each wreath has 13 cones.

Here is the link to May May's video: Paper Folded Cone Wreath  The cones are actually flat on one side and very easy to make. Since then, I also made an autumn wreath, using 3 inch squares. These are fun and addictive. Our larger wreaths measure about 13 inches across. My smaller autumn wreath is about 9" across.

The little embellishment on the point of each cone is from some digital paper I had.... I fussy cut out each little picture! Glitter added of course!

I have been making cards since the end of September and finally am winding down (from card making anyway). There are other things I want to work on. I actually cleaned up my MESS yesterday and put the card table away. I stubbed my toe once too many times from the leg sticking out and in my way.. so decided it was time.

So... October has been a total crafting month for me and I don't think I'm ready to slow down yet. 

I had made quite a few items for the little shop here in town, but she has moved and her new shop isn't open yet, and it may not be in time for the holidays, so I decided to put the goodies in my Etsy shop.  

I especially had fun making these triangle tea pockets... each one holds two little 3x3 cards and envelopes, and there is room to tuck in a little tea bag and sweet treat.

Etsy link: Triangle pocket with gold bow

Etsy shop link: Triangle pocket

Etsy link: Triangle pocket with pink bow
This is just a few of the sweet little triangle pockets. I love them and loved this vintage looking paper. It matches a couple of photo albums I have in my shop.

Etsy link: Vintage 4x6 accordian album

Etsy link: Vintage 4x6 spiral bound photo album

This little album has many pockets and tags.
And I've also been on a roll making some darling little 3" x 6" brag books. Some are vintage looking, and two are more of a fun, whimsical summer style. 

Etsy link: Brag book vintage with photo mats

Photo mats are tucked inside the pockets.

Etsy link: 3x6 brag book, Treasure the Time

These little brag books are great for holding 3x3 photos and will hold about 24.

Tiny flip book (measures 3" x 4" - holds a tea bag):

Etsy link: Tea themed flip book

I have added many more goodies to my Etsy shop, so if you want to go browse a little, here's a link to my shop: My Pink Paper Cottage. I've added some pretty gift boxes and gift bags, and there also a few Christmas photo albums listed.  I hope to add some more tea themed flipbooks, teabag  holder folders and some teapot Christmas cards (these are SO CUTE!).  I may also add some of my special 5x7 cards to my shop that I just made. They are just hard to showcase online and the beauty of each card doesn't come through.. but I may add a few.

I also have a special shipping offer now... FREE SHIPPING for any orders over $35.00. And during November and December, everything is 10% off.  Great time for purchasing gifts for the special gals in your life.

I hope you don't mind my promoting my Etsy shop once in awhile here on my blog. I really don't use social media, like Instagram and Twitter, or have a "business" Facebook page. And I love sharing my creations... so like to share here now and then. If you mind, let me know!

We are still experiencing some nice Fall weather here, but night time temps have dropped into the teens and single digits.  Our fireplace is being well used already!

Bye for now ladies and gents....



  1. Your Christmas cards are so pretty! You sure do amazing work - such a talent you have!

  2. You have been a busy little bee, my friend. And oh, what lovely treasures you have made! My mom and I went to a large Craft Fair today and it has put me in the holiday spirit. It's hard to believe Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.

    I trust you are well, dear Marilyn. I have missed you and your beautiful blog. Sending hugs your way!

    1. Stephanie... I think of you often too and wonder how you are doing. Yes.. those craft fairs will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit! I usually don't start so early on cards, but the bug just hit me early this year, so I'm all done and can think now of other fun gifts to make! I am doing pretty well.. and think of you every time I'm at my kitchen sink!! as I have 4 of your most DARLING teacup mug mats hanging right there under my little shelf that holds glasses and "what nots". Those little mug mats are just so so darling and I love them so much. Hope you are doing well too and enjoying your sweet family. xoxoxo Marilyn

  3. You are incredible Marilyn! I don’t know how you find the time to do SOOOO much, and everything is so pretty.

    It’s great that you’re so organized too, so you’re not going nuts in December (like me lol).

    Sounds like you’re well. I’m so glad. /).


    1. Hi Doreen.. Last time I looked at IG, you were traveling again! I find time to do things because I'm home all the time!! Don't go many places, but HAVE managed to do a couple of fun things this summer, despite the sadness of losing two very special people. I'm doing as well as can be expected. Crafting keeps my mind and soul busy and comforted, so I'm probably doing it more than usual! I'm trying to keep Christmases more and more simple each year so I don't drive myself crazy the last couple of weeks! Take care.. miss your blogs posts! Marilyn

  4. Time is flying and you are so smart to get going on making your cards and crafts for Christmas. I love the little tea pouches. So sweet. All your cards and the wreaths you and your sister made came out beautiful. Great job Marilyn. Have a great new week.

    1. Thank you Kris. Aren't those tea pouches just adorable? I'm in love with them! Everyone I know, who drinks tea, will get one this year! My sister and I had such a fun time making things. Wish we could do it more often. We are lucky to do it once a year. She still works at her and her husband's business, so she is super busy all the time. They have the business for sale, so hope and pray it sells so she can let down some and relax more and enjoy life more. You have a great week too! xoxo Marilyn

  5. Marilyn, I think that your creations are marvelous. What I am wondering is, have you ever thought of finding a shop that would allow you to come in and give classes. I did this for a while 15 or so years ago and the shopkeeper provided the space, booked the people attending and I promoted her products and the ladies taking the classes bought their supplies from her. I was making $15 to $25 dollars for each person attending depending on the length of the classes and she was selling products. It was a win-win and a nice little business for both of us. Most classes had an average of 8 ladies and it was so much fun :)

    1. Connie, there really isn't anywhere around here in Madras for that sort of thing (classes). The little gift shop that I had some of my things in, was so perfect! But now she is moving and hasn't reopened yet. She may not even open in time for Christmas. But..... she DOES want to have classes there. Hers is not a craft store but a gift shop, but she loves vintage and crafty things, and has asked me to each some classes on papercrafting, and she will find others for other sorts of crafts, like mixed media, wood signs, or whatever else. She knows alot of people in this town! So I may do that.. might be kind of fun, as long as the classes are smallish and I can earn a little bit from it, for my time, and I will more than likely furnish most of the supplies. We'll see what happens! Hugs... Marilyn

  6. P.S. I see nothing wrong with you promoting your business on your blog. It's your blog and we love seeing your beautiful paper crafts. You're very talented.
    Have a sweet day!
    We are leaving in a few minutes to start another chemo session . . . please keep my Steve in your prayers.
    Connie :)

    1. Connie.. praying for Steve at this very moment. It's 5:01 p.m. on Monday. I prayed for God's Grace for both of you. He's a brave man to go through those chemo sessions. Thank you also for your encouraging words. Love and hugs... Marilyn

  7. Hi Marilyn. Wow, you have been busy. You are so talented and have such a pretty way of putting it all together. What fun to be able to work with your sister. I love your new picture, so cute..Thanks for your visit. I am trying to get some things done around here also, but not as artistic as yours. I'm glad you will spend time with your family this Thanksgiving. I'm really looking forward to our visit from the kids. It's fun for them to come here as we are the ones who usually do the traveling..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

    1. Judy, hi there.... yes it was so fun "playing" that weekend with my sister. We don't get together to do that often enough. Lucky if we do it once a year, usually in October or so. And YOU are very artistic! Love your painted Santas and the way you decorate your home with such love and detail. And being with family at TG is the very best! Glad your kids are coming so you don't have to travel. This will be our first year of traveling during TG for awhile.. and hope the snows don't come until after we get home! Have a great weekend! Marilyn

  8. Thanks for your visit and sweet words, Marilyn. I appreciate all the kind things my friends are all saying. Friends are a very important part of a happy life. I am so excited to get going for Christmas and this year I wouldn't have minded traveling as it would have let me get started earlier but we will have such a fun time and tomorrow is another day..Happy Thursday my friend..xxoJudy

    1. Hi again Judy! As always, I loved visiting you at your blog! I can imagine you're chomping at the bit to get to your Christmas decorating! But.. your Fall and Thanksgiving decor is so wonderful, I wouldn't want to miss it! I bet your table will look fantastic for your family's Thanksgiving dinner. Hugs to you! Marilyn

    2. Thanks again for another sweet visit, Marilyn. I'm still looking for the star for the top but what I did find is a little blue moon and a tiny Tweetie Bird, both have such sweet memories connected to them of when Jake was a baby so might just use those as tree toppers. I will be putting out another post before Thanksgiving but I will wish you a Happy one just the same..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

    3. Marilyn: Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got to share it with your son. Ours was the best and we even got snow. Hope the same happens for Christmas. I am so far behind, but trying not to stress and so far, so good..xxoJudy

    4. Thanks for the visit, Marilyn. I thought I had it all squared away after last Christmas in getting rid of things. I thought I did so well but when I opened the boxes this year, how did it all come back?!! I love that mantle piece too. We bought it years ago in an antique shop but you could make one easily. It is quite simple. I was rushing trying to get it all done and after posting I was looking at the garland and it was pure ugly. I have redone it and like it much better. I got the garland from Trader Joe's and the price is really right except it did go up $1 from last year, but to get a good drape on it it is almost impossible because of the sturdy stems left on, I found that just laying it and letting the branches hang over the edge works much better. It will be shown again . Hope you have having fun and Happy Weekend. xxoxJudy

    5. Sorry, Marilyn, I didn't see your last comment before I answered above. I'm glad you looked up Elton John's song, I was hoping some would if you hadn't heard it before. Wasn't it fun and thanks again for your nice visit, there really is nothing like sleeping in your own bed..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

  9. Marilyn, you are a fabulously talented crafter! I'm so impressed with your beautiful paper crafts. I think they're wonderful. I don't really play with paper, but boy you've inspired me to try some. Maybe I'll make some cards of my own. In the meantime, I'm going to share you work on my FB page!!

    1. Wow thank you Kim! I used to sew sew sew and quilt, etc. But got into the papercrafting world and I was a goner! I still love fabric.. and try to incorporate it sometimes into my paper crafting by adding bits and scraps to my projects. Making cards is so fun.. each one is like a little piece of artwork.. and if I spend alot of time on a card, then it becomes my "friend" and hard for me to send it out to someone else! But I do... so can share my love that way. Try it.. you'll love it. Tons of YouTube videos out there are how to start making simple cards, and then working your way up from there. I'm addicted to all the GORGEOUS stunning papers out there, and tend to hoard them! I'll try to find your FB page! Marilyn

  10. Oh my goodness Marilyn, soo soo much delight in this post! I'm so thankful your sister got to come and spend time with you and create such beautiful pieces of art! The wreaths are gorgeous! And of course the Christmas cards, I know are AMAZING, having oohed and ahhed over the package in the mail I received from you! And I just love those tea pouches, they are the cutest idea! And all your themed journals and notepads are gorgeous! Love the vintage touch you add to everything... truly paper crafting is an art with you, you really have such a gift with creating with paper! Your post has inspired me (as did your amazing package) and I've been in the craft room, and got a few creative juices flowing, which felt great! Winter is about the only season I have time to craft, so I'm taking advantage of it! Much love to you sweet friend, thanks again for all the wonderful inspiration!

  11. Hi! How fun that you got to craft with your sister. Your cards are lovely. I liked the idea of using the left over for strips on the cards. Nancy

    1. Thank you Nancy! I loved using the paper strips for my cards... alot like strip quilting which I love too! Those are my favorite cards I think. Marilyn


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