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Sunday, July 28, 2013


DON'T LEAVE THIS PAGE until you look down below at some of my recent FUN AND UNUSUAL scrapbook pages!

I took one of the Big Picture Classes in May which was to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day (or maybe it was National Stamping Month??? - can't remember for sure!).... all I know is that it was FREE and lasted all day long and I loved it!

 We had several challenges over a 10 hour period. What a blast! You would listen to the teacher, read her ideas and suggestions, and then go make your project, post it on the Big Picture Classes gallery, and be entered to win something fun and neat.

I was just looking at the different scrapbook pages that I made for some of the challenges.... and realized how fun they were and how "outside the box" they were!  

I probably never would have thought of them on my own!

So thought I'd show them to you, just for the sake of "ideas and inspiration". I'm not adding how I did them, or cutting recipes, measurements, etc.  I just wanted to show you the theme or idea that may just get you inspired to make a page or pages using some of your photos that are sitting in a box.

On this challenge, we were to make a page doing some handwritten journaling and talk about a relationship.

This was easy and quick. I used premade embellishments that came with an entire set of papers and stickers, etc. (not Close to My Heart... I had already started this page years ago!). I hand journaled and used stickers for the word "Sisters" and then drew around them with a black marker. I stuck some cute stickers on the paper, flowers and tags and voila! was done! Hand journaling is SO important.. that is what was stressed in this challenge.

The next challenge was to make up a "bucket list" for the summer.  What a great idea!

Never would have thought of it!  So I ran to my little digital scrapbooking program on my computer (an old one I downloaded years ago), made up a quick little page, printed it out, and voila! I was done!  This goes to show how fun digital scrapbooking can be.

Another fun challenge was to make a page showing the last 3 pictures we took with our cell phone!

Again, I NEVER would have thought of this!  I literally blew this page out in about 10 minutes. I matted the photos, used some premade tags that I had in my stash, wrote on them, made a little title, added a couple of strips of paper top and bottom, and voila! was done!

I got carried away with "the last 3" so also put the last three friends I made and the last three meals I made.  Oh... I see I also remembered to put a date on there.  Just a neat little memory to keep.

I'll show you one more.. this was fun! We were to make a page using a technique we've never used before.

Can you figure this out? ha!  Now that I look at it, it looks like an angry monster with teeth!  I sure didn't see that before!  I chose to scribble with paint on a page (as I've seen done before on videos, etc.) and then use just ONE PHOTO of no people! That's not like me at all.... and keep it very simple and no embellishments.  Hard to do.

Well.. I guess you can call the star an embellishment! This was fun. I used some textured white cardstock or you could use watercolor paper. Made dabs of acrylic paint on a little tray and added water and started scribbling!  Have fun.... be creative!

Then quickly chose one photo that would kind of match... cut the star out of my Cricut machine, added the date, and voila! done in about 10 minutes!

Boy it was HARD not to add lace!!

OK.. that's it for today.  I just thought these was such neat, innovative ideas from BIG PICTURE CLASSES.  I plan to take more classes down the road. Some are free. Some are a one-time only class and some may be a 4 to 6 week class.   

(Note: Close to My Heart is pairing (once again) with Big Picture Classes for another Pajama party on July 31st.  Go HERE to find out how to register and I think it's free. It will be covering the new Close to My Heart "Artbooking" Cricut cartridge and its many uses.)

Have fun scrapbooking "out of the box"!!


Saturday, July 27, 2013


The other day, while browsing my website (just for fun because it has so many neat ideas), I discovered something new that I didn't even know about!

There is a tab under "Ideas and Inspiration" called WORKSHOPS ON THE GO and it is FULL of great tips, ideas and recipes for bonus projects and layouts!  Wow.. this is amazing!  Of course, these projects coincide with the Workshop on the Go kits for each paper, but you could vary your projects and use the supplies and stamp sets you have on hand.

Here are a couple more of the bonus projects that are shown for the For Always and Tommy papers, which will both be carrying forward to the Autumn/Winter 2013 Idea Book:

This is good to know.  Go check it out when you have a chance HERE, ON MY WEBSITE.


Thursday, July 25, 2013


I am so happy today that I seem to have my crafting "mojo" back! With the advent of summer, I have kind of drifted off into the outdoor world, leaving my craft area all alone, which I'm sure makes it very sad! 

In the last few days, I've been creating like crazy........ here's one fun thing I made: 

CUTE LITTLE PAPER BOX WITH one of my SHABBY FLOWERS (handmade).  I used the Martha Stewart scoreboard pattern for making boxes.

I ADDED SCALLOPS AND FAUX STITCHING (FREE HAND) WITH A SHARPIE PEN. I love tiny things!  This box is only 2" square.

I used a little piece of retired Lucy paper on the top.

I'm fulfilled in what I do.....
I never thought that a lot of
money or fine clothes---
the finer things of life----
would make you happy.
My concept of happiness is
to be fulfilled in a spiritual sense.
Coretta Scott King (b. 1927)
American Civil Rights leader.

CRAFTING AND CREATING DOES FULFILL ME!  It IS all very spiritual in that I revel in the colors of nature, which I believe are reflected in all of things that I make.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I know, I know... I'm trying to keep quiet about the new Close to My Heart Autumn/Winter 2013 Idea Book that is going to make its debut on August 1st! But I just can't keep quiet!!!!! I have to post some little thing... that's all there is to it.

And of course, I can't just keep it to one thing!  Hum.m.m.m.m.... what is my favorite new thing? That is really tough.

I could say it's the:


........ or the.....
I can't wait to color on these!  These were hand-drawn by Jeanette (owner of CTMH) and will be "while supplies last".
I LOVE to quilt.  How cute are these???

 ...... or the.................. just one more? OK?????...........

..............OK...... just one more thing and this is BIG!

Here's just a teeny tiny hint...............
I SO...SO...SO...SO...SO...SO want to show you more!  but I'd better wait..... and only SEVEN more days before you can view the entire IDEA BOOK online!  

Let me know if you would like one mailed to you... the cost is $6.00 which includes postage.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Since I've been a passionate seamstress all of my life since I was about 8 years old, and an avid quilter since the 1970's (eeekkk I guess that shows my age!), I am overjoyed with the thought of "quilting" using paper!

Isn't this just the prettiest card??? I love it!  I used 1 inch squares of paper cut from our (retired) Sonoma papers, and then arranged them in a quilt pattern. The quilted cards idea came from Suz Daniels, a fellow Close to My Heart consultant. Once I saw her cards, I knew I would HAVE to try this myself!

Add a little ribbon and lace (of course I always like to add lace!) and a little sentiment, and you are done! My "sew sweet" sentiment came from using separate alphabet stamps. I used the sweet little A Typeface stamp set (A1117) which I love as can make any words I want.... at only $6.95, what a deal!

I also did some faux stitching around the edges of my creamy cardstock border using a black fine tipped marker, and drew some black lines between the squares (to cover any little spaces).

Tiny little buttons hot glued on each intersection give this card a real quilted look.
For the inside, I had some strips left that I had cut off the edges of my original "mini quilt square" to make it fit, so I used those to border my sentiment.  

Some little stamped buttons and more faux stitching finished off the inside.

To digress for a minute (which I am known to do) if you love these Sonoma papers, or any of our "retired" papers, they are mostly all still available by using Close to My Heart's awesome digital scrapbooking program, Studio J.  All of the retired papers (and current ones too!) are available for creating gorgeous 12x12 scrapbook pages which are then mailed to you. 

I've discovered, if I just have to have "one more sheet" of one of the BEAUTIFUL, LOVELY, YUMMY retired papers, I can create a layout using one small photo, have it mailed to me, and the rest I can cut up and use for cards or other projects (or leave whole for adding more photos and embellishments). 

I LOVE this flexibility and I love Studio J!  Go HERE to try it out and look at all of the gorgeous papers and layouts. No charge.. it's free... it's fun!

Here's one of the Studio J available layouts using the Sonoma papers:

And here's one of my own layouts from Studio J using some of their whimsical, pink, pastel papers:

And now back to my main subject!  STAY TUNED for more quilt cards!  even better yet, subscribe to my blog (right hand column) of my HOME PAGE by filling in your email address, and you will receive each new blog post right to your email inbox. 

 In August, I'm going to have a giveaway of some of my quilt cards!  More to come............ 

The Autumn/Winter 2013  Close to My Heart IDEA BOOK GOES PUBLIC ON AUGUST 1ST!  Maybe a sneak peak tomorrow.


Sunday, July 21, 2013


While we're on the subject of butterflies (from my previous tutorial on the Tag Merry-Go-Round album, PART II), I wanted to show you a cute project using the Quick-Cards Butterfly stamp and Close to My Heart LIQUID GLASS.  I think Liquid Glass is a MUST HAVE for anyone who enjoys crafting!

I love how the Liquid Glass looks wet and shiny!

I stamped my butterfly image on a piece of Colonial White cardstock and then cut out around it.  I used my Close to My Heart WATERCOLOR PENCILS and scribbled around the image, first in yellow, and then in orange.  I then used the BLENDING PEN to shade the colors together. I love this soft effect.  

Use the Liquid Glass to fill in the area of the wings and body, giving a good coating and being careful not to get air bubbles.  If there are air bubbles, you can prick them with a pin and it'll smooth out.

Then adhere your finished design to your card (once the Liquid Glass has dried). It takes about an hour for the LG to dry.  I used the DARK CHOCOLATE GROSGRAIN RIBBON on the above card which I absolutely love!  

I posted another card where I used the Liquid Glass on a flower  photo card on my blog HERE.

Did I tell you that Liquid Glass is also a fabulous glue to use for just about anything, including gems, pearls, ribbon, twine, buttons, and adhering anything to plastic or acetate??? 

Have fun using your Liquid Glass!


Saturday, July 20, 2013


OK, guys! I am finally getting around to finishing my tutorial on the Mini Tag Merry-Go-Round Album that I began on May 13, 2013 which is posted HERE. I'm sorry I'm so late. This post mostly shows my finished little album with a few ideas for decorating it.

Here's my finished album:

The front turned out a lot different that the one I showed in my first tutorial! I made a BIG boo boo on the front, which I show you below how I fixed it.

This is the back.
Below, I'll show the inside pages and what I did to each. I'll try to keep it brief! (but knowing me, that is always hard to do!)

Left page is left blank for a photo. I distressed all the edges of the book and papers with brown distress ink. On the right page, I stamped with the CTMH Quick-Cards Butterfly (A1120) stamp. I stamped some of the other pages with partial images of the Butterfly stamp.

There is a little pocket at the bottom of the right page. I made this by cutting a little piece of paper 2x3 inches and glued each side edge and bottom edge with a tiny bead of quick dry glue. I inked the edges with my Hollyhock ink.

I filled the pocket with two tags I printed out from my computer. There are MANY sites where you can download free tags to print out. Awesome! I got both of these free tags from

I left the next left page blank for a photo. All of the papers I used are from the CHANTILLY paper pack which I absolutely ADORE. This paper pack will carry forward for another six months into our new Idea Book which comes out August 1st(!!!) and I am so happy about that!  I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEW IDEA BOOK!

On the right side (see above right), is a little "belly band". I used the zip strip from one of the Chantilly papers and wrapped it around the entire tag BEFORE it was mounted onto the accordian binding. I didn't glue it down anywhere. This allows little tags to be slipped in.

Here's the next page that shows the same "belly band" which wrapped around. I made the tag that slips in by using another free downloaded tag (can't remember where from!). It was originally gray, and I printed it out with a pink tinge so it would match better.

If you search for "grunge tags" you'll probably find it somewhere.

I love having a supply of tags in my pictures folder so I can print a sheet out whenever I want something special.  

You can use any photo editing program to "colorize" them any color you want to. I use ACDSee for most of my photo editing, or Picmonkey.


On the left page here, I added another little pocket at the bottom for a couple of tags.

On the right side, I made a "faux" belly band which is just a little piece of paper 3x2 inches that I scalloped with scissors along the bottom and put a tiny bit of glue on each edge, leaving the middle area open. 

I then put another little band across, gluing a tiny bit on each edge and leaving the middle open (see below) for the extra band I added.

Here's the little extra band I added to the right page. I used a leftover piece of paper from the "grunge pink" tag I cut down for the previous page. (nothing wasted, right?)

Now I can add another sweet little tag from
 For the last two pages, I left the page on the left blank for a photo or two.

On the right, I used a little doily that I bought from a craft store, distressed the edges with my Hollyhock ink, and glued partially around it so that there would be an opening for a couple of little tags for journaling.

I also did some more stamping with my Butterfly stamp. 

 I wish I would have used "second generation" stamping so that it wouldn't have been so dark, but oh well, it can't always be perfect.

"Second generation" stamping is where you ink the stamp, then stamp once on scrap paper, and then stamp on your good page... that way, the image comes out lighter.

One final word. We almost always make boo boos!  Below is one that I made!  I had my little album all put together, and then decided to put my butterfly stamp on the front. But as you can see, there was too much bulk underneath, so the stamp missed almost the whole area!  Let's say........ I was NOT happy!  Lesson learned: DO NOT TRY TO STAMP OVER AN AREA THAT IS BUMPY AND NOT LEVEL!

But there is usually a way to fix just about anything!  After I little thought, I came up with this:

I found some green paper that matched which I had already embossed. I just distressed it with my brown ink, on the edges and the surface (since it was a little too bright) and cut it to fit on each side of the lace and lower border that I had already adhered.  And voila!  doesn't look too bad!

So once more, here's the finished front. I used a little shabby paper flower that I made (maybe I'll add a tutorial on this cute flower!), added a few buttons, some little pearl strands and a little title called "Moments in Time" since I figured this is a nice little "photo and journaling" album to capture some sweet little moments.  The Moments in Time was a stamp that I already had.

I really had no idea what theme this little album was going to have!  It just kind of took on its own theme as I made the pages and tags.  I think I've decided not to put anything in the holes at the tops of the tags. I'm just going to cover them with little circles of paper that coordinate with the pages.

Hope you enjoy making one of these darling little tag albums!  Let me know if you have any questions.


Saturday, July 13, 2013


 I haven't been to a rodeo in years, and since I'm kind of in a "summer slump" as far as crafting, I thought I'd share this little slideshow with you that I made of the Frontier Days rodeo we went to here in La Pine, Oregon. Hope you enjoy! Turn your speakers on too!

(You'll need to click on the headline above and go to my blog to view this slideshow. )
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As you know, if you follow my blog, I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY! And I love using Smilebox for making photo greetings, collages and slideshows.

I think I had more fun at the rodeo taking pictures than I did actually watching the rodeo!  Well........... maybe......... I do love cowboys...........(sigh). 

If you haven't been to a rodeo, you should go!  They are so fun and the sense of patriotism is so great at every one I go to. There is probably a rodeo this summer somewhere in your neck of the woods.

Hope you enjoy!  And I'll get back to crafting soon and have a few new tips and ideas to show you.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


-July Special from CTMH- 
The Canvas Art Workshop Kit at Half Price!!
(From $39.95 to $19.95)

Good Morning and HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! Check out this special to kick this month off............ Close to My Heart is offering the canvas Art Workshop Kit at 50% off in July, on a "While Supplies Last" basis... and there is no limit or no minimum purchase required! And yes, this is an ENTIRE KIT, with everything you need to create this darling piece of art!

Yoo Hoo! You can get as many as you want! ....... great for starting your Christmas gifts early.  Christmas you say?? .... I know, I know....... summer has really just started, but before we know it, September will be here!  

Or just give the kit to that "crafty" person you know, to put it together themselves!

This kit is so much fun to play with, plus you get an awesome stamp set to use FOREVER! I also think it makes for some great summer fun for those kids who say "I'm bored!" For the awesome price of only $19.95 you get all of the following:

1 – My Acrylix® Canvas Art Workshop Stamp Set (C-size)
1 – 12" × 12" Printed Canvas Display (YES, THAT'S A 12X12 CANVAS BOARD!)
1 – Cashmere Baker's Twine (1 yard)
10 – Clear Sparkles (10mm)
1 – Sparkles Flourish
2 – 12" × 6" Dimensional Elements In Color—Art Shapes
1 – Instructional Brochure

WHAT A DARLING MY ACRYLIX STAMP SET! A Size C Stamp Set normally retails for $13.95.

I KNOW this will NOT last the entire month so if you are at all interested, you will want to get this kit asap.  Remember, NO OTHER PURCHASE REQUIRED!

Of course, if you DO go up to $50.00, you can also get the yummy July Stamp of the Month (Sweet Life) for just $5.00!  

This stamp set lends itself to lots of coloring inside the lines... and the sayings are really "sweet"!
 Have fun!