Saturday, August 17, 2013


I know here in central Oregon there are LOTS of quails running around! But it's hard to ever get a good picture of them because they move so fast!

The other day, I was standing out in the rain in our backyard, enjoying the coolness of it on a very hot day... and to my surprise out from the tall grass came 4 quails right in front of me, scurrying across the gravel and grasses!

My cat came out from under our deck and starting meowing.. and those little dears all froze, so I felt very lucky to get these pictures! 

This is the "daddy". Isn't he majestic??  These are California Quails.
This must be mom and child. Aren't they marvelous??!!
Just thought I'd give you a peek at these pretty little creatures of the woods and grasses here in central Oregon. 



  1. What beautiful photos you got of these little quail! I would have had to go searching for my camera and missed the opportunity!

    1. Yes I was lucky! I "just in case" took my camera outside with me when I was investigating that weird noise... wanted to get a picture of whatever it was!

  2. Beautiful, Marilyn. The papa is majestic-looking, and the photo of mama and chick is precious, tender. I LOVE THEM.

    1. Thank you Jean! I love them too! would love to see some little babies but they are all grown this year! hopefully next year... a bunch live out in our pasture in the tall grass!


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