Photo of my and signup.

Photo of my and signup.
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Saturday, August 31, 2013


I have so much fun making word art, also known as subway art, using my favorite words.  It seems to be all the rage right now!

The one above I made in about 10 seconds. I just started writing what I love doing! I was just experimenting.

The next one is another quick Fall word art. Wouldn't it be fun to print it out on a piece of 4x5 paper and put it on a card?
I would mat it with some orange or golden yellow paper. My printer is defunct right now, so I can't print this out and make a pretty card to show you!   

I played around with adding my blog URL (which you can do in the program I use), and this is what I came up with:


I added the frame in my photo editing program, and went to PicMonkey to add the little heart overlays and some of my own finished project photos as overlays.  I love PicMonkey! How cute would this be on the back of my business card or a poster at a vendor booth?  Or, it's a ready made scrapbook page for me to put in my book of memories.

And the next one is a pretty Fall word art that I made last year. I first made the word art using a few "Fallish" words, then went to my Print Shop program and added a border and some leaves, and done!

This would also make a pretty card front, or you could use it on a scrapbook page.

This is a blog post where I'm just having fun. I like trying different things. The program I used (after ALOT of research on free word art programs) is WORDLE.  I love it. It is easy, free and quick. When you get to the home page, go to the "Create" tab. Then type in a bunch of words. The more times you type the word, the larger it will appear. 

It took quite a bit of experimenting on my part to figure out how to get all of the words to go in one direction... and there is even a way you can change the colors of certain words. That's more involved and took some time to just play and figure it out.

You can also put a website URL at the bottom and hit "submit" and it will put words in that are pulled from the website that you entered. 

Once you have your creation, you can "randonmize" and it will give you all sorts of different variations of the words. Then you can change the colors, fonts, layout, etc. Just play around with it and have fun!

If you want to save your finished work of art, go to "Print", and then choose Adobe PDF or whichever PDF program you have on your computer, and hit print.. it will then ask you where you want to save it.  Save as a PDF.  You can then go into your PDF program and "save as" an image and save as a JPEG. I like the JPEGs because they can be edited. That's where I go in and add my border, pictures on top, etc.

Email me or comment here if you have any questions. 



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