Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I think summer has finally decided to show its face in SW Washington! I am a happy girl! Of course, that means getting out the camera. I just love taking pictures of all the beautiful flowers around here and on our property.  Here are the Foxgloves that are wild and growing in our pasture.  We complained a few years ago that we didn't have many Foxgloves on our property, although they grew like crazy everywhere along the sides of our roads, so we went up into the mountains and dug up a bunch and planted them in our flower bed by our garden.  The next year, only one or two came up and we were really disappointed!  But now, 3 years later, they have reseeded themselves into our pasture and I just love to go out there and stand and look at them.  Mother Nature sure came through on these "wild" flowers.

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What beautiful "weeds"!!!!

Mixed with the dandelions and daisies.

 Wouldn't these be gorgeous on some photo cards?  I'd better get to work! 


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