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I had SO MUCH FUN at my first card class that I gave on July 17th at my sister's house in LaPine, Oregon! We made some cards using a design that I learned from my mentor, Lynne Christopher at popandwowcreations.com.  These cards are so fun and easy and can be made with 4 basic paper pieces on the front.  I've put instructions for sizes of the paper pieces, embellishments, etc. down below the pictures.  We had such a fun time! and I LOVE the Pemberly papers, so did the gals taking the class.  You can view great how-to and inspiration videos here at my website for techniques and other projects.
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Sweet little card with organza ribbon on the top, a piece of my old lace and the flower I made myself with the dark blue papers.
Here is a close-up of the flower I made. See instructions below.

Used the Milepost Shapes Z1464 and sponged with a little Moonstruck ink.

More organza ribbon (so pretty!) and Life is Tweet stamps S1206.

Used liquid glass on the bird's wings and cut out the bird using one of the cute Life is Tweet stamps (S1206) and used the 3D tape to make it stand up on the card.

Used the Bohemian Assortment Z1687 lace and button and made my own "buttons" with glitter in the middle.  We also used brads or jewels in the middle of the buttons.

These cards are 5-1/2 by 4-1/4 using CTMH X1410 Colonial White Value Pack.

FOR 1 CARD                                                                          FOR 5 CARDS

Cut papers as follows:

(1) 2”x2” – either plain or small print – this is           (5) 2"x2" squares
                   the square that holds the embellishment

(1) 2-3/4”x2-1/4” – larger pattern for front center    (5)-2-3/4”x2-1/4” pieces

(1) 1-1/2”x2-3/4” – cream or light to stamp              (5) 1-1/2”x2-3/4” pieces
                                      sentiment on
(4) - 1” circles – dark or plain colored (cut more     (20) – 1” circles 
                          if you want to use the scalloped look
                          on all cards – cut in half or use whole.                          

(1) 1-1/8”x3-3/4” strip of different color than the    (5)  1-1/8”x3-3/4” strips
                          two center pieces
(1) 7/8”x3-3/4” strip of dark or plain that is             (5) 7/8”x3-3/4” strips
                        different than the two center pieces

Look at the pictures of the cards and follow the layouts.  Each side strip is a different size so BE SURE to lay all pieces down first, before gluing.  There should be a ¼” border around the whole card of the card color (cream for these).

Use embellishments freely! The circles can be used whole, or cut in half to use as scallops down the sides.  On the Congrats card, I crumpled the circles up, then laid them flat and sanded them, to look like little buttons.  I used glitter glue in the middle but you could use jewels.

The large blue flower on the Hooray card, I cut a 2” scalloped circle (using a punch), and a 1” circle (using a punch) and then cut the center circle “by eye” and cut it by hand so it would be a size between the two.  I then crumpled them up (what fun!) and laid them flat and sanded the edges heavily, then used a brad to hold them together. I glued the whole flower on with adhesive tape. For the gold organza ribbon across the top, I cut three pieces about 8” each, and first tied a simple knot in one piece and left a longer tail.  Then I tied that tail to the next piece, and tied the next piece with a simple knot to the third piece. Trim to fit.  Glue the ends down with a little bit of adhesive tape.

For the Thank You and birdie card, I used the corrugated Milepost Shapes Z1464 and sponged moonstruck ink lightly on each one.   The little birdie on the birdie card, I used a stamp from the Life is Tweet S1206 Stamp of the Month for June 2012 and stamped it with moonstruck ink, then cut it out, and put some Liquid Glass in the wing area. I adhered it with 3-D stickup tape.

The Thank You card circles down the right side, I cut 1” circles from the Pemberly B&T paper that has the six sided designs on it, kind of a honeycomb pattern, so using a 1” circle punch, you get these neat little flowers.  So many papers can be used in this way!

For all cards, I distressed the edges of the card plus most of the paper pieces, with either coca or moonstruck inks.

Have fun making these cards!  They are so versatile and you can lay out the 4 pieces in many different ways, plus put the embellishment square anywhere you wish.  

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