Sunday, September 16, 2012


When I said "deer" above, I didn't misspell it! I'm still unpacking after my move and am finally getting my CTMH supplies out of their boxes. As I was sitting at my "new office" window the other day, typing away, I looked out my window and look what I saw! What a neat surprise! 

What a pretty girl! She was soon visited by another and they stayed and chatted for awhile, and then wandered off down the lane.  I love my new office and the wonderful window!
We also went for a drive the other day, to take a break from all of the unpacking and trying to find things syndrome.  There is a beautiful lake about 20 miles from us, up in the mountains, and it was nice respite from all of the work and hustle bustle. 

Paulina Lake - it's a crater left from volcanic eruptions.            

 I got to sit on the dock and take some time to relax and contemplate..........

On the way back, after a nice lunch at the lodge, we stopped at the falls and I had so much fun taking pictures!

Knarled old tree - how long has it been dead and still stands?

Wild flowers still blooming in September at 6,000 feet. They were WAY HIGH above the creek that flowed in the canyon below.
I wonder how old this tree is?  Huge pines and a few fir and hemlock, but mostly mossy covered pines.

The walk to the falls.... I could have stayed here all day!
What a nice afternoon!  Now as soon as I get the rest of my unpacking done, I'll get back to posting some projects.  I have seen some really creative posts from fellow consultants so want to direct you to some of those as soon as I finish getting settled into our new (to us) place with the great window views!

Wanted to share with you some of the wonderful nature in my area of Oregon.  Until next time.....  happy scrapping!

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