Sunday, September 2, 2012


Hi all!

My husband and I just made a move to beautiful La Pine, Oregon and everything has been pretty hectic! So.... I haven't posted on my blog for over a week! Sorry about that. I love this blog, but was without a computer for a few days and SO BUSY packing (and now unpacking). After living at our Washougal house for 9 years, I had forgotten how chaotic and time consuming and EXHAUSTING it is to move with all the sorting and packing, and having to try to pare down and giving away precious things! I am such a sentimental keeper-of-everything and it is hard to part with "things" I am attached to. I did manage to pare down some. Of course, I did also manage to bring all of my Close to My Heart supplies with me on this first trip, plus all of my beloved sewing supplies and fabrics. 

We still have to go back to Washougal to pick up another load of "stuff". As soon as I get settled in this new home, I'll get back to my crafting and sewing. Here is a picture of what I saw the other day as I looked out my new office/craft room window! How awesome is that? I loved Washougal and the wetter climate west of the Cascade Mountains, but the rain can get pretty tiring. I think I will really love this drier climate as I love the high dessert and everything about it.. the smells, the sage, the pine trees, the distant snow-capped mountains, and the unbelievable huge skies and nighttime stars and moon. I'm sure I will be getting out my camera to do some outdoor photo shoots! 

Isn't she lovely?  She was joined shortly after I took this picture by another sweet lady and they eventually moved on.  This must be a normal resting spot for her and she seemed so calm and relaxed.

Here's the view outside my kitchen window.. the little cabin that the family who built this house lived in.  I love all those pine trees!!

In a day or two, I'll post the September stamp of the month, which is called Fall Favorites.  You'll love it!..... just in time for pumpkins, scarecrows, hayrides and Fall!

Until then, happy scrapping!

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  1. It certainly looks beautiful, Marilyn! Best of luck with the remainder of your move.


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