Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I was sitting at my computer the other day, daydreaming, and feeling a little anxious that the holidays are just around the corner! The time is just speeding by! 

Where did Fall go?

The leaves that were there two weeks ago, are gone!


Do I have THIS (below) to look forward to already???  Our weather forecast says SNOW tonight!

I wish I didn't feel so panicked this time of year, wondering how I will get everything done (that I want to do - not that I HAVE to do, but what I WANT to do).

I picked up a little book that sits by my desk called "Songs of the Earth", that I found at our local second hand store, and was flipping through the pages. 

This verse (below), by Maya Angelou, hit me right between the eyes! 

I decided to make a little framed verse to hang on my wall, right above my computer, to remind me to spend some hours of "aimless wandering" during this holiday season.

I wanted to share this verse with you.  You are welcome to print it, and gaze at it now and then to remind yourself to slow down, and "wander aimlessly", even if it's only in your mind.


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