Friday, May 3, 2013


Although I seem to concentrate mostly on card making, did you know that our scrapbooking products are so great and versatile that you can do layouts that don’t require stamping? You don’t have to apply ink to our paper to have gorgeous and fun scrapbook layouts! 

Take a look at the Surfs Up collection for an example.


Here is the "Especially Creative Level 2" scrapbook layout using Surfs Up featured on pg 52 of the current Idea Book. 

It is created with just the paper pack and the Surfs Up My Stickease. No stamping! You could also add some cute little buttons, pinwheels or rosettes from the Surfs Up Assortment if you wanted to.

The following pictures are the My Stickease embellishments used:

Look on each page carefully and you'll see that most of the My Stickease were used on both pages. No stamping!  There are some little journaling strips in the top picture of the My Stickease that are probably handwritten.  I think the only thing extra that was used on the first page layout was some of our Bakers Twine Paradise Assortment. That always adds a nice little touch.

The little strips around the edges, that look like washi tape are actually little My Stickease embellishments!  I had to look hard for this one! I thought they had actually used washi tape.


I know I'm getting carried away, but...........

1.  DID YOU ALSO KNOW that on the top of the page that follows the introductory page for each paper's pictures and stamp sets, etc. there are some little colored boxes suggesting the different colors of inks and solid cardstocks to use? Yup..... this is very helpful!  (see page 51 of the Idea Book, at the top left for Surf's Up color boxes).

2.  And remember.... we have 40 colors of solid card stocks to match the design papers in each paper pack.  For example, according to the little color boxes, solid colors to use with Surfs Up would be chocolate, crystal blue, ponderosa pine, sorbet, and honey.  The Surf's Up Gold and Surf's Up Teal are specialty colors ONLY included in this particular paper pack.  

3.  Most paper packs have a few "specialty" papers that are not one of our 40 colors that you can purchase separately.

4.  Each paper pack features two packs of My Stickease which are either stickers, chipboard, canvas shapes or foil, which you can purchase separately. On the back of each My Stickease pack, there are additional layout suggestions!

5.  For your future information, each paper packet displayed in the Idea Book shows a Level 1 (using our Studio J digital scrapbooking software only), Level 2 (using only paper and embellishments) and Level 3 (using papers, embellishments and stamping) layout.   The level of the layout is shown in the lower right hand corner of each layout in a burgundy circle.

I'm sorry this got so long but as I started writing, I thought of all of these things that non-consultants probably do not know!  

And thanks to Lalia at Crafty Lalia for the ideas I got from her April 11, 2013 blog post about Later Sk8r layouts and the no stamping process!

Have fun!

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