Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I LOVE the Close to My Heart Monogram stamps! What great Christmas gifts as a stand alone item, or make up some little gifts to give.

 Here are a few ideas I've seen on the Close to My Heart Bulletin Board and in the Autumn/Winter 2012 Idea Book: 
These are actually from the CTMH Autumn/Winter 2012 Idea Book , page 116.  How cute to use a monogram stamp with your friend's or family member's initial, stamp it on a little circle of cardstock and use on sachet envelopes or on gift packages or tags.

This is a darling stationery set made by Lisa Stenz at I love how she used the monograms to make a seal for the envelope. Go to her website for more details on this set.  She used CTMH La Belle Vie papers and the beautiful dark chocolate grosgrain ribbon.
 I found another great idea from Crafts 'N Things which has so many great ideas and projects! I saw this card in a 2010 issue. Although the photo is a little blurry, you get the idea of how many ways the monogram stamp can be used!  It just opened up a whole new mindset for me.

This is NOT the Close to My Heart "F" Monogram stamp, but you get the idea on how these darling stamps can be used.

 At only $2.95 per stamp, what a sweet deal for so many projects.  I see using them on scrapbook pages, cards and home decor. I see using the "C" Stamp for C is for Christmas Cheer, or the "J" stamp, for Joy, or the "N" stamp with the Nature's Gift stamp set, etc. etc. etc.!!!  "L" for love, "T" for thank you, "Y" for You are so Sweet.

The monograms don't have to be used just for someone's initials.. but for words we use in sentiments.



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  2. Where can I buy these stamps?

    1. Maddie 55, I could not find an email for you so I hope you see this reply to your question! These monogram stamps were from Close to My Heart. But that was almost 5 years ago and they no longer carry them! I'm so sad as I loved them, and only got about 4 different nones. I had wanted to collect all of them. I may be able to find out if any consultants still have any. I think they were $2.95 each. Some consultants buy all the new stamp sets, so I suspect t here are some out there who still have complete sets of them. Let me know if you want me to check. I used to be a consultant but am not anymore. You can email me at Thanks.... Marilyn


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