Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I just had to spend a little time today on the wonders of Close to My Heart Liquid Glass!  This little bottle is a wonder to behold!  I have mostly been using it as a glue to hold on my buttons and thicker embellishments... but I have recently started playing with it and is it ever neat!

It can easily take the place of sparkles, pearls and glitter if you apply it on a shape so that it looks like acrylic.  I used it the other day on one of my photo cards using some of my garden flowers, and it made the little flowers stand out so much and they just glitter in the light.

This is just a little "practice" card I was playing around with using a little photo collage of my garden flowers. I used some cheap pink paper but wanted to try scoring along the edges which I kind of like. If you look close, you can see it.  Then I put the Liquid Glass on all of the pink flowers and I love it!

Here's a closeup of the Liquid Glass on the flower. It just sparkles!  See the scores on the card on the left?
And here's a SUPER close up!  My husband loved this card and said "I would even buy it"! 

Here are a couple of pictures of a wedding card I made for my nephew.  I used "other" paper as I wanted something really bright and flowery and I didn't have any CTMH papers with these tropical colors.  I attached the trim on the left side with the Liquid Glass and then decided, hum.m.m.m.m maybe I'll put some on the little hearts along the bottom and on the big flower.  Love it!

The little hearts are just punched out of cardstock with a small heart punch, very tiny... and I covered them with Liquid Glass and it makes them look more solid. I raised them up with 3D tape. I love this effect. The "journey" and "dream" words are stamped on a half circle from my 1" punch. 
 I don't have a Cricut machine yet so have to make do with punches!

This shows how I put the Liquid Glass on only part of the flower. I like how it looks and my husband LOVED it! I popped a little jewel in the middle of the flower.

Here's the entire card:
I hope this gives you some inspiration to use the Liquid Glass more. It is so neat to pick up a card and have it just sparkle in the light!


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