Saturday, March 19, 2016

SATURDAY SERENITY - March 19, 2016

(Look at pictures 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12......look those aren't rocks!)

Last week I got to enjoy one of my all time favorite things - go to the Oregon coast! I just LOVE the coast.. the smell, the mist, the fog, the sounds of the surf rolling in... there is just something about being there.. it is so calming, so relaxing.. so serene. 

I had a week to myself and I thoroughly enjoyed doing whatever I wanted to, whenever I wanted to.. or nothing at all.
You are the only one....
Who gets to....
Set the rules of your life.

First trip from the house to see the waves.... the house where I stayed was a few miles from the actual water. Can you believe it??? dirty surf! 

More dirty surf - but oh so outrageously wild and beautiful!

Trip up the coast to see the Heceta Lighthouse - it was a bright and sunny day.

Beautiful cliffs of rocks and moss. Highway 101 is unbelievably picturesque.

Now look at the next pictures. What do you see? are those rocks? what are those things in the water? I could hear it but couldn't see it at first.

Closer look - can you see them? hundreds of them!
 Cavorting in the water and barking.............

Yup you guessed it............... SEALS! Unbeknownst to me, I was just a mile south of the Sea Lion Caves! Wow is all I could say. What a surprise!

Pictures following are Old Town, Florence, Oregon. What a quaint little town with alot of history. I ate lunch in a little bistro on the Siuslaw River and wandered up and down the street, looking into the wonderful shops. (Have I told you yet how much I love the water?)

It was such a breath of fresh air to see some flowers starting to bloom. Where I live, there is NOTHING blooming or even beginning to peek up from the ground yet.

Siuslaw River.

An old fashioned drinking fountain. You don't see those very often anymore.  There's even a spigot for Fido! Growing up in Portland, Oregon, these were on many of the street corners in downtown.

Colorful flags and geraniums!
What a joyful and yet serene week I had. I hope to go back soon. 

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  1. I enjoyed traveling with you, jus beautiful photos. I love little towns or at least what I perceive them to be (think Mayberry). Have a beautiful day.

    1. I love small quaint towns too..... always wished I could live in Mayberry! Florence, Oregon "Old Town" is what the little town used to be... and it is now surrounded (unfortunately) by the bigger more commercial town with all the big box stores, etc. But for awhile, I can go back in time when I visit that Old Town area. I love little historic downtown areas..... they have so much charm. I'll check out your blog as I love to sew too!


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