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Photo of my and signup.
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Monday, November 16, 2015

Still no "serenity" time for me! Part II of our move.

Hi friends,
This post is now a little outdated, but I'll publish it anyway..... I started this "Part II" about a week ago but never got back to it as have been sick... gee.... why would that happen?? after months of stress and rush and hustle and bustle, my immune system finally gave out I think.

So here are the pictures I had ready to post, but since then, I've managed to clean up most of the boxes and tubs INSIDE the house (not in the garage though) and things are looking pretty orderly inside now.. and it's beginning to feel like home.
Living room of our new place.... another pile of "stuff"! (since this picture I've gotten things more in order).

Below are two photos of our living room now - much better!

My china hutch is filled to the brim - I've been able to unpack TWO big tubs of china and glassware that I've had stored for the last 20 years! I need to rearrange and get more shelving up, but for now, at least it's all IN the house.

More "stuff" to unpack. There's that pretty green wall in the kitchen. I'm already sick of cardboard boxes! (since this photo was taken, I've been able to unpack all of those boxes!) phew.....
First thing we did after we moved here, was explore our neighborhood. Up the hill from our house, about 1/2 mile, is this wonderful view of the Cascade Mountain Range which is to the west of Madras.

View of Mt. Jefferson from that same spot.. we can walk here from our house! (or ride bikes? maybe.. if I had one).
The street dead ends here, and this is the Willow Creek Walking Trail that goes all around Madras. It's about 10 miles of paved and gravel trail, for biking and walking.... and lots of gorgeous views I'm told. I have to explore it.

The walkway has some pretty changing colors and little wood bridges.  I'm estatic with all of the colors here! Around La Pine and Sunriver, there really isn't much color in the Fall. (NOTE: this photo was taken probably 3 weeks ago and now there are no more leaves.. they are all on the ground).

We can  access the walking trail about 2 blocks down the road from our house.... I love that! Although our house is in town, we feel like we're a little bit in the country too.

I've lived on acreage and out of town from any town for the last 15 years, so it's quite a shock moving back IN town. It will take some getting used to, but our neighborhood is pretty quiet for which I'm very thankful.

To add to our moving journey, we've "adopted" a little sweet kitten. I should say, she adopted us. We already have TWO large older cats and didn't really need or want another one! Two days before our "big" move on Sept. 29th, we were at our house trying to do as much painting as possible.  I thought I heard a loud meowing somewhere close by, but thought it was from one of the neighbor's yards. I went to bed that night (on the floor) and heard it again, but didn't think much of it. 

Then the next morning, I was looking out our bedroom window, and saw the neighbor calling over our fence to where the sound was coming from.. and yes I had heard right, it definitely WAS a loud meowing.

I went outside... had never met the neighbor.... but we were both concerned as that meow was pretty desperate! I stuck my head through a loose board in our fence and called and called, and finally out of the junk pile came this tiny little calico kitten, not more then 5 weeks old. Poor little thing.  She jumped right into my arms, purring right away, and she's been ours ever since.

My sister named her "Maddie".... for "Mad-ras"..... (Note: since this photo, she has grown over double in size!).

So.... we had a tiny kitten to take care of, plus feed via bottle, PLUS paint, PLUS go back to our other house and make the big UHaul truck move.. all with her underfoot or in my arms! I was literally walking around holding her, while carrying stuff to the UHaul truck and telling everyone what to put where. Oh what fun..............  (not really).........the neighbor lady gave me a little carrier and some organic cow's milk. My sister got us a little kitten bottle the next day and some kitten formula (I know, I know.. cow's milk is NOT good for kitties!). 

For the first few days, we fed her with a medicine dropper every 2-3 hours. All of this being done while doing more packing, carrying, loading the UHaul truck, etc....... and let me tell you, she HATED that carrier with the door shut! she howled all the way to Sunriver in the car, and until I got her out... and then she was fine. And funny thing, she loves to sleep in it with her little fleece blanket that I got her, as long as the door is OPEN.

We got through the move with her in "her room" at the other house, (spare bedroom that was empty)..... so would put her in there in her carrier, and close the bedroom door so she wouldn't get stepped on.

We got the truck loaded, packed her back up in the carrier, and she howled all the way back to Madras! But as soon as we got there and let her out, she knew it was her new "home" and has been very happy here ever since.

I swear she's tripled in size in the 6 weeks we've had her! She LOVES to go outside and explore and is a real lover.. and a real climber (and now a real biter and scratcher!). She wants to play with our two "mature" cats and so far, they don't want much to do with her.

She still sleeps in her carrier (which she has now almost grown out of) in "her room"... which is our 3rd small bedroom... she has taken it over. Her carrier/bed is there, with her blankets, toys, food and litter box. I think our two older cats are jealous, but we have let them come in the house to explore too and check her out. (They are mostly outdoor cats).  Below is most current picture - she loves the windowsill now.

Some "befores" and "afters":

The "real" brick fireplace is non-workable right now (and may never be).. so we took the electric fireplace box out of our electric fireplace (piece of furniture) and stuck it into the brick fireplace, so it looks like we (almost) have a real fire!  Since the above photo, we've put some white bead board trim around it. We really enjoy it and it adds some heat to our living room.

On our "to do" list is to paint the brick a lighter color.

See the black fireplace in the above photo? That "was" our fireplace piece of furniture that we pulled the box out of and put in the brick fireplace. We put a shelf on top to hold more of our stuff nice things.  Eventually we'll put some glass shelves in the bottom.

Oh... and a not so good thing.... the fence in our back yard started to fall over! It seemed so sturdy when we bought the place... but a couple of heavy rains did this..... oh the joys headaches of home ownership. :-(

............ until next time.......

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  1. WOW! I am almost speechless with what you have accomplished. Lots and lots of hard work but the results are so impressive. Your photos of the surrounding area are lovely. Looks like it is a nice place to live. The kitty story is "something else". What a cutie pie and pretty too. Hope your health improves quickly. It is so difficult to slow down until we don't have a choice. Take care of yourselves.

  2. I've been on a real roll for several weeks now, but my body is telling me to slow down.... like you said, I usually have to get sick to make myself rest! Still so much to do and that I want to do... trying to take care of the necessities first so I can get to actual "decorating"!!! I've kind of lost my momentum though.. hope it gets back soon.

  3. Hi Marilyn! Wow, moving is so stressful and to add a new baby in the mix must have been hard. But what a cute baby that found you! Your yard looks so much better now! I hope you get your fireplace fixed up so you can have a real fire. Keep warm and have fun settling into your new home. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Hi Teresa! yes moving is definitely stressful! I'm looking forward to having a "real" fireplace one of these days... nothing better than real wood heat... and I'm sure we're going to wish we had it here if we lose power this winter. I think Madras does get some high winds. I'm so glad YOUR wild kitty is finding a home with you! ... stay warm and dry these next few days... next week is supposed to be super cold here (and there!). Marilyn

  4. Oh, my...moving! Such a chore, but your are doing very well. I'm proud of you! And the itty bitty calico kitten..what an absolute darling! I have had several calicos in my life, and they remain my all time favorite of all cats. Something so darling and so dear about them. What a lovely, lucky little girl to have found you and vice versa! Congratulations! This tiny fur baby makes your house a true home that you will grow into in all ways with such love and nurturing!!1

  5. Oh my goodness! You've moved?! I'm out of the loop. So sorry for being absent. Your new baby is adorable Marilyn. So happy she found you.

    Good luck with your new home and kitty. Happy Holidays to you and yours.