Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday Serenity - 11-14-2015

Not there yet, but getting closer!

NOTE: This is NOT my new place..... but a cute little "cottage" that I dream one day my little home will be.

   photo Blogsignature2smallersizeforblog_zps20ad3d10.png


  1. Fabulous attitude - I like that! Very Cute Cottage. Too bad, we don't have a nose like Samantha that we could just wiggle and it would all happen instantly. At least at this stage of our life. Nice to see a post on your blog.

    1. I've always LOVED little white cottages. I don't think our place will be white though... as is not a cottage style looking house.. but that's OK with me. Yes a nose wiggle would be nice about now! Marilyn


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