Saturday, May 24, 2014


I've been on a roll lately paper crafting with pinks and greens. I can't seem to get enough of pink and green. The pink just pops, and speaks to me in ways I can't even explain. 

My recent project, that I found on You Tube, is a sweet little May Day basket. I guess I'm a little late for May Day, but at least I got it done in May!  Read to the end for some of my "reminiscing from the 50's".

I used a piece of paper from the cute 6x6 paper pad that I got on sale at our local Wal-Mart, the same papers I used for my 3x3 quick cards in my May 22nd, 2014 post. Just love this paper! Aren't the stripes festive and springy? It's from Hampton Art called Ki Memories.

The top trim is a piece of pink scrap paper that I had, and I also used it a 1" strip of the same pink for the handle, that I cut on the edges with scalloped scissors.  I didn't take pictures as I made this, but it's very easy. There's a step-by-step video below.

Start with a 6x6 piece of paper (for this box size that measures 2x2 inches). Score it on all sides at 2 inches and fold the score lines, and crease with your bone folder. Next, cut out each little corner so that you end up with a "cross" with a 2 inch box cut out of each corner.  Easy so far, right?

Now fold the 4 sides up and you can see the box forming.

Cut your trim strip at 1 inch, about 9 inches long and score down the middle of the long edge, then fold in half and crease well. Then put some Score tape on each side of the inside folds of the strip. 

Lay the strip flat with the sticky tape up. Tear off the cover of the sticky tape on the bottom half of the strip. You will place each flap of the box along the lower half of the strip, so that the flap of the basket butts to the fold on that long strip.

This is where it gets hard to explain, so look at this little video by ChicnScratch (love her videos!) to see how to attach the strip. Once you view it, you'll see how easy it is.

I must admit.... I LOVE those red polka dot boxes!  Once the flaps are attached, you then remove the cover off the sticky tape on the top piece of the long strip, and fold it down and attach it to the front of the box. You crease it as you go around each edge. Just watch the video, please? It's hard to explain without any pictures (duh... dumb me.. didn't take pictures as I made it).

I put a little tissue paper in my basket and added some paper flowers that I had already made, poked onto toothpicks, just to see how it would look. The handle is just a 1" piece of paper, cut with scalloped scissors on the edges, to whatever length you want. Glue on the inside of the box.

You don't have to put handles on, and you can fill these little boxes with treats or trinkets.  These are such fun to make and very easy.

What would you put inside and how would you arrange it? The gal on ChicnScratch called these little "strawberry boxes", like the kind we used to put our hand-picked strawberries into when we were kids. Remember when we would get up in the morning at 5:00 to catch a bus to take us to the strawberry fields? We would take a little sack lunch, always with a Shasta pop in it (NEVER any water), and pick until our backs ached, to earn "maybe" $1.20 for 8 hours of picking! Oh such memories.

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