Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Here's another fun and thrifty idea for your crafty projects. Use bits of wools, wool felt or blanket scraps.

I like to use bits of my wool felt for little flowers or cutouts like hearts, stars, birds, etc.

I used to live really close to a Pendleton Woolen Mill in Washington. I would go there and buy a big bag of wool scraps for $3.00! Then I would take it home and wash the scraps in hot water, then dry them on a really hot temperature. That would "felt" the wool so it was kind of thick and fuzzy.  

Sometimes you can find bags of wool scraps at thrift stores or yard sales. It doesn't have to be felted. You can do that yourself. 

Or how about using pieces cut off from wool blanket scraps?

I was THRILLED to find a bag of Pendleton wool scraps from old blankets at a thrift store for $3.00!  Any old pieces of wool blankets would work just fine.  I would NEVER cut up a full blanket, but finding the Pendleton woolen blanket scraps was like finding gold!

I made some little western tags using little bits of the Pendleton wool blanket scraps:

I used little cowboy buttons that I got at a fabric store ON SALE for $2.00!
One more thrifty thing to look for is jewelry and pearls! You can cut the pearls apart and glue them on individually... on your page layouts, cards or tags, and use the little pearls as centers for your flowers.
I found these strands of pearls for just 50 cents at a thrift store. I love the bronze tinge on some of them.
Enjoy searching for those frugal finds!


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