Saturday, August 4, 2012


I just HAD to take a break today and go outside to take in our gorgeous weather. It has been a long time coming here in SW Washington! My husband and I were looking out the window and saw three hummingbirds fighting over my beautiful, vibrant Freesias! they LOVE those flowers! so..... I grabbed my camera and snuck out and sat down quietly under the flowers for abit.. .and then....... voila! they finally came back! Boy is it hard getting a picture of one (and I've never tried it before!) as for one thing, the sun was right in my eyes, and for another thing, they flit around so fast that if you take a second to try to focus, they are gone! Here are a couple that I managed to catch and naturally, I am already wondering what kind of pretty photo card I can make!

 Stay tuned for a photo card using one of these photos in the next few days!  Hum.m.m. what papers should I use??? What sentiment? Any ideas?????


1 comment:

  1. Awesome pictures, Marilyn! They look like they came straight out of Country Magazine.



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