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Sunday, July 9, 2023

Mother's Day beach trip 2023

Hi friends!
I'm finally taking a minute to post some pictures of my Mother's Day beach trip with my sisters and friend. I meant to post again in a week or so after my last post but life has just been too busy!

Our trip was to Lincoln City on the Oregon coast.

We had visited last Fall, 2022, and discovered the beautiful gardens there. Here are a few pictures from then.
This was Fall of 2022.

Fall of 2022.

Fall 2022.. I guess there were "some" flowers still blooming!

Fall, 2022.

 My "baby" sister had discovered the Connie Hansen Gardens a few years ago, and we walked through it in the Fall of 2022. Not too much was blooming then, but the brochure in the little gift shop told about the Mothers Day tea every May, so then and there we decided to go! 

Connie Hansen, a botanist, had bought the house and 1 acre right in the middle of a town, back in the 1990's. Over the years, she turned the 1 acre into a beautiful sanctuary right in the middle of the city. When she died, 20 years later, the neighborhood people wanted to keep it intact, so they went together and bought the property! It has been maintained and run by a neighborhood foundation for the gardens, ever since.

We had fun there last Fall too! We also went on a Haunted Halloween Walk in the little town if Taft. It was a perfectly spooky, foggy and misty night. The guy who led us told the group about several ghost stories and legends around Taft. 

Below - DB Cooper paid us a visit, dragging his parachute and suitcase full of money! Who is DB Cooper you ask?
D.B. Cooper hijacked Northwest Orient Flight 305 out of Portland (Oregon), demanded and received ransom money upon landing in Seattle, then parachuted into the woods and was never found again.

We ran into Sasquatch too!
 The legend is that Sasquatches live in the Pacific Northweset woods.

So.......that was last Fall. And as I said in my last post, we DID go to the Mother's Day tea this year at Connie Hansen's Gardens. What a fun treat!  Get ready for lots of photos!

Beautiful weather but a little windy....but warm!

The ocean view from our beach house. Gorgeous!

We caught stunning sunsets both nights. I took at least 100 photos of them!

My "baby" sister, Barbara. We all got to pick out vintage hats to wear! The lady who set up the tea is a hat collector.. she has at least 100.

My sister, Linda, who is 4 years younger than me. Our birthdays are on the same day, but 4  years apart!

Me of course!

Delectable foods, all made by the volunteers.

The gardens were just unbelievable! We just missed the big spring blooming of most everything, but the azaleas and rhododendrons were so gorgeous! You leave the little cottage, walk along little winding paths, over foot bridges, up and down slight hills, and end up back at the little guesthouse, which is where Connie lived. It has been remodeled and is now the area for the teas and other events, and it also has a little gift shop.

I made a pretty paper purse for each of my sisters, and our friend, Irene. Each one held some little pads that I made, some treats, a handmade card, and a candle.

And oh... the sunsets!

I stood in the yard of our beach house and watched the sun go down, down down, until it was gone. It was pretty amazing!

We arrived at the coast on Friday, May 12th and spent 2 nights. On Sunday, after we checked out, we were going to go have our Mother's Day lunch. The tea was on Saturday. But........... the town of Lincoln City, OR is a VERY popular town! And do you think we could even find a restaurant to eat at that didn't have lines of cars and people waiting to get in? Nope. The parking lots were all full, with cars lined up waiting to just get into the parking lot! Lines of people waiting, just everywhere. I should have taken pictures!

We ended up going through the drive-through at Dairy Queen, a national franchise you can find just about in every town in the U.S.!!! We have one in Madras, and that is my main "go to"... so I really didn't want my special Mother's Day lunch to be there! But we did go there, and it WAS our Mother's Day lunch. Sigh... oh well... we had other special times that weekend.. and the best part was.... I was with my two sisters.




  1. Oh Marilyn! This is soo marvelous!!! What a beautiful, beautiful experience to share with your sisters!! Such a special time to enjoy and oh the sunsets are gorgeous!!! The little purses you made are so adorable and will always remind your sisters of your time together!! I am intrigued by the ingenuity of Connie, and how she turned her little space into such an oasis, and that her neighbors recognized its value!! That is just a beautiful story! Your post is beautiful, and I'm so happy you had this amazing experience and shared it with us!! Love and hugs!

    1. Marilyn thank you! Yes it's precious when I can be with both of my sisters! That garden truly is an oasis in the middle of the city. I just love the ocean, the waves, the sounds, the sand, and the ocean smells. Xoxo Marilyn

  2. What lovely times with sisters!!! As beautiful as the flowers and sunsets are, time spent with our loved ones is even more so. I'm glad you have these moments to share, Marilyn. ❣️

    1. Thank you Anne. You are so right! Such memories we made that weekend! Marilyn

  3. Good Morning Marilyn. What a beautiful way to celebrate together. Love seeing you having such a fun time with your sisters. Have a great new week ahead. Love the little purses too. Very cute. Hugs. Kris

    1. Thank you Kris! I love time with both of my sisters at once. We had a great time! I got to spend a day with my one sister last week, sewing on a quilt I started 19 years ago! Only she could inspire me to finish it!!! Marilyn

  4. Marilyn, this is a delightful post. You all look so happy. I can feel the love just looking at your smiles.
    I enjoyed each and every gorgeous photo, from ocean views and sunsets to beautiful gardens and pretty tea time tables. Oh and your hats . I'm a hat person, love wearing them and wish that everyone did as well.
    You already know how much I love your paper crafts. I consider you the queen of paper crafts. Love, love, love to see you posting again.

    1. Thank you Connie! Her hats were gorgeous. She spent some time telling us the history of several of them which was so interesting! I've never been a hat wearer, but I liked my "French" beret!! Have a good week! Hugs.....Marilyn

  5. Thanks for sharing your adventures in Lincoln City. I have a relative that happens to live there. Unfortunately I live in Pennsylvania and doubt I will ever get there to visit but so enjoyed your pics of the beach. Thanks for sharing them. It looks like you and your friends had a fantastic time!

    1. Susan, we had a great time! I wish you could have a chance to visit the beautiful Oregon coast! Marilyn

  6. Hi Marilyn. I am so glad you had fun with your sisters. Not much else can compare with time like that. You all look so cute in your pretty hats and what a beautiful place that is. How lovely to spend time there with them..xxoJudy

    1. Hi Judy,..... I missed that you had commented! Just now going back and looking for any comments, as I never get notification when someone comments. Blogger sure has gone downhill! We did have fun last May. Can't believe the summer has gone by mostly now. I was just sitting here maybe going to do another blog post but my summer hasn't been very exciting, other than getting to the coast a couple of more times! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! xoxoxo Marilyn

  7. Hi Marilyn: It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your sisters. I have been to Lincoln City years ago. I love the OR coast line. It reminds me alot of Santa Cruz only a little wilder. So pretty. I love your new blog look. Merry Christmastime my friend xxoJudy