Saturday, December 24, 2022


Merry Christmas to everyone! The special day is almost here, and the birthday of Jesus that we all look so forward to!

I just want to do a quick update on my injuries from my fall on November 17th. I'm hanging in there and doing better! I've gone from a cast on my wrist (I broke my WRIST, not my thumb as I first was told) to a brace that I can take off now and then (for showers, etc.).......and that stays on for about 3 more weeks. Boy was it a relief to get that cast off! I do have a little more flexibility now.

I finally got in to see a neurologist. He took xrays again that day right at his office. He did confirm that I have a T8 vertabra fracture (it's squished) "nondisplaced". That means it hasn't really moved outward and he could see no sign of pinched nerves, so he didn't order an MRI. 

It is feeling better and I'm not taking pain pills, or even Advil for the most part..... that makes me feel good. But I do need to take Advil if I overdo, which it's hard for me NOT to do! I'm not supposed to lift more than 10 lbs. or twist and turn, and just be careful overall. I'll have another set of xrays done on January 9th and then "see" him on Jan. 10th via zoom meeting. I'm so glad I don't have to drive to Bend again, which is 100 miles round trip! He wants to make sure it doesn't squish down further. If it has, I don't know what he'll want to do. Say your prayers for me please? that it doesn't get any worse.

We had our first "more than a skiff" snow on December 10th.. about 6 inches. I was worried about driving to Bend 3 days later, but fortunately the roads were mostly clear. It's been VERY cold here, so that same 6 inches is still mostly on the ground 12 days later! We've  had down to about 5 degrees some nights, others maybe 12 or 14.. but I'm very happy to see that our town is keeping the roads nice and plowed.

And let me tell you.......I'm walking VERY carefully when I got outside! I'm paranoid now about walking anywhere that it "might" be icy, even if it looks like it's not. I do have to tromp in the snow sometimes... can't be helped when going out back to feed my community cat.. he lives in a little shed that I heat with a heat light, just for him.. and he also has a heated water pan! I always wear my heavy coat and carry my phone with me!

Snow on top of snow!

The snow was so beautiful... always is.. but at this point, I'd rather have rain! 

We are in the midst of the "big storm" that has moved down from Canada and is innundating the mid-west and northern states with below zero temperatures and high winds... and lots of snow in some places. I'm so so thankful that Madras is just on the edge of it, and we are only getting residual cold temps.. and a little snow (I may be speaking too soon as the snow has just started as I write this!).  It's "only" 10 degrees now so I'm a happy camper.

I so feel for my friends, family and blog friends, who live in the path of that storm. 

Before my fall, I got some crocheted leaves finished for my Autumn decorating and as gifts. I had wanted to make a few more, but with my hand in a cast, no way could I crochet. I still can't.

I hadn't made any of my Christmas cards, and I did manage to get them all finished and mailed out. It was not easy making cards one-handed. I know many of my readers have probably, at one time or another, had a surgery or injury to where they could only use one hand, but it never is easy. It was hard enough when my husband was there to help me out........ it's much harder with it only being me now.

I had both of my wrists done (carpal tunnel surgery) over the last couple of years, but I at least could use my fingers (and I had help from my hubby)......... but with the cast, I could not use them or bend anything!

Here are a few cards from Christmases past (just showing them because they are so pretty to look at!):

...........and a few recent ones from this year.........

I didn't decorate my house, other than my tree, which was a real stretch......and I put a wreath over my mantel and a few little things on my dining table in a wood tray. I'm happy that I at least got my tree up! My son was here for 10 days after my fall, and he kept saying, when are we putting the tree up? and I just really wasn't in the mood, being in pain and all. I'm glad he did set up for me. But then (after he left of course)... I found out that none of the lights worked! I ended up having to go buy lights for it and string those on, one handed of course. 

I do enjoy all the twinkling lights, and I did put up a few of my little fairy lights around the living room, here and there. 

I'm using a table I had put together for my yard sale, as my "wrapping" area and a place to display my cards. It sure has come in handy. I "was" going to sell it at the sale, but decided to keep it, as it's nice and heavy duty. Glad I did.

Once I could craft again (without pain or overdoing it), I managed to make some hot cocoa and apple cider packs, that I took to the shop here in town, where I sell my items. 

I've done a little baking... made some pumpkin bars... who craves pumpkin this time of year? I sure do! I had a store bought pumpking pie at Thanksgiving (spent alone), and now want to make a real pie. I played around with making some mug cakes... this was a gingerbread mug cake - oh so good!

I also made a chocolate one. They are so easy. I just mix up the ingredients right in the mug, and microwave it for around 90 seconds. Quick and easy and no mess!

One more thing I had started, but not finished, was a Christmas Planner. I've never made one before, but decided I would this year, so all of my lists could be in one place! So I finished it up just a couple of weeks ago, and am happily using it!

I love the Shabby papers and colors, and I made it to cover a 5 year period. I'm going to enjoy looking back each year to see what I did.

Won't be  using this section this year! I'm not doing much meal planning!

As I write this, it's Thursday, December 22nd. I'm still busily finishing up a few things, and wrapping a few more gifts for family I'll see on Christmas. I'm enjoying the feeling of being "almost" ready for Christmas Day.  

I may or may not spend Christmas with my sister and her husband. They live about 30 miles away, and it depends on the weather, plus he has been sick. I'd just as soon stay home and not catch any germs! I've bought a small ham just in case, plus a yam, cranberry sauce, cheese spread for my celery, and will make deviled eggs. Hopefully, I will also have a homemade pumpkin pie!

I'm not going out anywhere tomorrow (Friday) as it's supposed to snow or ice all day! (Update: on Thursday night, we only got about 1 inch of snow.. and got down to 4 degrees. Easy peasy! Was expecting way worse weather!)

I'll be happy and cozy inside. I pray none of you are too hard hit with this big storm. I know alot of it has hit the midwest states already.

May each and every one of you have a Blessed Christmas, and I'm wishing you love, joy and happiness. I pray this country, that I so love, will find some peace and "coming together" in 2023. I don't doubt our people.. there are SO MANY wonderful and loving people in this country.. it's the government that I pray for. 




  1. Have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas, Marilyn. It was good to hear how your hand and bck are recovering. Hope the zoom visit will have good news on your back. You have been as busy as a one armed paper-hanger it looks to me. Enjoy seeing your art work of cards and more. They are genuinely lovely. And you did get the Christmas lights hung, they certainly light up a room and a life. Be safe in your travels. Here in Ohio we have the incredible wind and about a foot of blowing and drifting snow with minus degrees. Can't wait 'til next week when we get a bit of a break. Lynn and Precious

    1. Lynn, I figured your area would be in that awful weather! Stay warm! Yes I guess I HAVE been busy! Will be glad too for our weather to behave and warm up some! Have a nice Christmas Day tomorrow. Marilyn

  2. Merry Christmas Marilyn. Glad you are starting to heal and feeling better. Your cards are always so beautiful. Stay warm. We are in the negative numbers here in Illinois. Here we go with winter ugh! Merry Christmas. Love. Kris

    1. Kris, I was afraid you'd get those negative temps there! Stay bundled up! Enjoy your family tomorrow and the blessed day. Hugs to you! Marilyn

  3. Oh I’m sorry to hear about the news of your wrist and back Marilyn. Will definitely be keeping you in prayer that there’s healing, not negative progress!
    All your crafts, past and present, are so pretty—I love the cocoa and cider packets, what a great idea…you’re creativity hasn’t taken any setbacks even if your wrist did! Here in the South we are getting parts of the Canada storm and going into below zero temps…take care in your snow land.
    It’ll be a cold Christmas—I hope you have a blessed one with your family, and maybe a homemade pumpkin pie, lol.
    Blessings, Ashleigh

    1. Thank you Ashleigh! yes it was VERY cold here for Christmas! We got down to 4 degrees.. thankfully not below zero. Marilyn

  4. Merry Christmas, Marilyn! I hope your writs and back continue to improve.

    1. Thank you Amy! Both are slowly improving.. it's been a long process! Marilyn

  5. Oh what a lovely post and your weather looks like the kind where you need to stay inside and off the sideways and driveway. We don't want you falling. I absolutely love your crocheted leaves and I can hardly wait to see what you do with them.
    Thank you for the beautiful handmade card. I haven't been checking my mailbox everyday because of our icy conditions, I don't want to fall either, LOL, so it could have been out there in the mailbox for several days. Hey, my guest room has an open reservation with your name on it, just let me know when you can come for a visit.

    1. Thank you Connie! Yes... you stay away from that long walk to the mailbox! At least if we fall in the snow, it's not so bad! I've done that before, with no adverse effects! I loved making those crocheted leaves. I made 20 in all.. gave 10 to my sister for Christmas. I will either use them on my dining table centerpiece next year... or hang them as a garland in front of my fireplace (electric one)...... I've put them away for now with my "Fall" decorations. it was fun making small things that I could finish pretty quickly.. and so fun using all the colors of the yarn! Glad you liked the card.. I only got a few made this year but was so much fun. Woke up to another icy foggy morning today, so was VERY CAREFUL when I went out for the mail, and then got the mailbox and realized there is no mail today! gr.r.r.r..r I'll let you know when I can come and use that reservation!!! can hardly wait until we don't have to worry about weather anymore and being able to go where we want! Stay warm and cozy!!! xoxo Marilyn

  6. Marilyn, I'm so amazed by your talent! Your cards are beautiful!!! I hope by now your wrist is much better and maybe not requiring any support at all. Christmas was special for us this year with a new grandbaby. Well, he's 10 months old but still new as in the most recent one. LOL

    God is good. All the time. Take care and may 2023 be blessed!

    Also, blogger is being wonky and won't let me comment using my Goggle acct so I had to use name/url. Weird.

    1. Hi Anne... thank you for the nice comment. I'm glad you got to have such a blessed Christmas with your new grandson! What a treasure he must be! My wrist IS better.. not totally but I CAN do my papercrafting now without much pain.. and it's getting stronger each day too. I still have to be careful in the way I move it, but I'm so thankful I can even crochet again now! My back is better also. I pray that 2023 will bring many blessings to all of us! xoxo Marilyn

  7. Marilyn, I'm so sorry but I think I missed this post. Everything looks just beautiful and so glad you are feeling better. You showed snow on top of snow, just so you aren't on top of snow, unless standing!..Happy New Year..xxoJudy

    1. Judy.... nope no more snow for now anyway. I'm so glad! I'm so DONE with snow after all the years I've lived in snowy climates, and had to drive to work in them! I didn't think Madras would have as much snow as it does! With 105+ degrees all summer, you wouldn't think it could get such cold temps and so much snow! My wrist is better.. I can papercraft again, AND crochet! I'm grateful! My upper back is better too.. still on a restricted status as far as lifting, etc. but it's healing showly.... no pain really, just stiff muscles and spasms now and then. When we hurt ourselves falling (at any age).. we tend to become very wary of even walking outside! I hope that goes away, as I so love nature and being outside and still want to walk and hike in the woods! Take care too.... xoxoxo Marilyn


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