Sunday, January 12, 2020

Starting off 2020 on a "roll".............

What have I been doing? I'm on another "roll" like I tend to do sometimes.. and I can't stop! I kept meaning to take pictures for a blog post, but every day I forget... so here is a sneak peak.. and more to come if I can ever remember to pick up my camera during the daylight hours! 

Yup... I'm still working on Christmas stuff..... for next year now!

My tree is still up.... decorations still house needs cleaning......and now that I want to show you what I've been doing, I realize I haven't really taken many photos!  And I know I made last minute things for Christmas gifts, but don't think I took photos of those either. That's what happens when you begin a new "roll".............

But believe me...... I really HAVE been busy!  More to come soon.

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and New Decade.... and hope everyone is well.



  1. Your photo are enchanting and have peeked my interest. Glad to hear that you are having fun!
    Happy 2020!

    1. Yes Connie I have been! Finally got things done and pictures taken. Hope to get a post up soon, though when I actually put the photos together, it doesn't look like I did that much! Makes me wonder what I've been doing day in and day out because the end results don't seem like anything stupendous! Marilyn

  2. Hi Marilyn. Don't worry. You are not alone. I just took a few ornaments off the tree but it is still up. You are ahead of me, however, as I don't have anything going for next year yet. As you will see in my next post, I am not stressing, however, and hope that I can continue along those lines as it looks like a slow process over here..Happy Sunday..xxoJudy

    1. Judy, my tree is STILL up! I got my "roll" done with I think, photos taken and need to do another blog post, but before that, I think I'll get my tree down! Marilyn

  3. Enjoy those twinkling lights and I love to see what you are making. Great way to start out the new year. Just think of all the pretty and cute things you will have for Christmas for this year. Happy New Week.

    1. Well Kris, my tree is still up and have enjoyed the lights. I think it's time to take it down now though. Am done with my "roll" for now so need to put things away and get the house straightened up and the decs stowed away for another year! Marilyn

  4. Hello Marilyn and Happy New Year to you as well!

    You have more energy than an energizer bunny, and I can certainly understand getting so involved in something you forget to take photos. That just goes to show you you’re passionate about what you’re doing.

    Our tree is down and has been for about ten days now. I loved putting it up this year as it was the first tree we’ve had for about five years, but I was eager to take it down once New Year’s Eve was behind us. That’s just me being my typical OCD self. ;’.

    All the best to you for this year and decade ahead!


    1. Doreen... so nice to hear from you! My tree is still up! What can I say? I've just been so busy with other stuff and crafting! I think I've reaching a stopping point though, so may get that tree down very soon. I think I'm ready. I HAVE had alot of energy for crafting, but not much else - I "should" be expending that energy on exercising and walking! I still would love to see photos of the inside of your house! Marilyn

  5. Good to hear you are busy creating. The house and tree will wait for you. :) Happy New Year, my friend! Hugs, Nancy

    1. Nancy.. yes it has waited patiently for me to take it down. It's probably happy sitting there in my window! But.... I think I'm ready to put everything away for the year. Finished up my projects and now have a clean slate to start something new! My house does need some attention too! Marilyn

  6. You HAVE been VERY busy! No better time to get ready for Christmas, than the day afterwards, lol... when you're still inspired and thinking about it! I'd say you've got a great start on next Christmas! I've still got lights up from Christmas, as I love the ambience they offer during dark winter days. I've ordered fairy lights from Amazon with a timer, and they come on just as its getting dark, and just brighten up the room. We've gotten a lot of snow these last two days, and I hope to get out this week and do some skiing. It was our first big snowfall of the season, and I'd say we got at least 2 feet of snow in accumulation. The snowbanks are piling up! Hope things are going well for you, and I'm thrilled to hear you're having so much fun creating! I need to get busy in the craft room too, lol! Blessings to you :)

    1. Marilyn, that is SO MUCH snow! Wow... I'm kind of glad I'm here in good old Madras with only an inch of snow! I've wrapped up most of my projects and I think it might be time to put away "Christmas" for another year. I have lights on my hutch that I can turn on anytime I want some ambience, as they stay on it all year. I love it. I also got some twigs from my son's house that I'd like to set up in a pot like a little tree (on our hearth) and have twinkly lights on it for "whenever" I need it. I need to get up my blog post soon of what I actually did accomplish! xoxo Marilyn

  7. My tree just came down, Marilyn! And I felt like the season was a little hard to grasp this year, so I wanted to see if I could get that good old Christmas feeling after it passed...and I did. I love to hear that you're creating! I really enjoy crafting. It's my happy place! Can't wait to see what you're making. All the best in 2020...and I had to laugh at your line about grabbing the camera during the daylight hours! You really are a night owl!!

    1. Kim... that is so funny, about grabbing my camera during the daylight hours! Here I am at night yet again.. with a finished project I want to take pictures of, and no good lighting! Sigh.. will have to wait until tomorrow I guess! It has been so fun crafting so much.. I wake up every day excited about what I want to make. I love it when I feel this way. I don't always, and even sometimes lose my mojo completely. I like to take advantage of it while I have it! And yes.. I really AM a night owl.. always have been and always will be. Marilyn

  8. I've had that happen, right after a holiday you are so inspired by all that you've seen that you get on a roll creating for the next year. I think we all get busy with projects and forget to take photos, maybe it's because we're having so much fun:)
    Thank you so much for your prayers, you're right we can never have too many people caring through prayer.
    God bless you.

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