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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Ornament exchange fun!

Happy "busy" December everyone! The time is passing way too fast. I think we all agree right?

I had the experience recently of participating in an ornament exchange hosted by Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose.  What a fun time I had making a Christmas ornament and some other goodies for a name I was given. I didn't know her. Her email to Stephanie did state a few things that she liked, which was just to my taste, so I kind of went overboard making her some goodies, plus the ornament!  

I can't describe how neat it was making for someone I didn't know. It just kind of opened up my creative juices. She liked "vintage, handmade, shabby chic, lace, old fashioned, and blue & white". How cool is that? 

Here are the things I made, and sent off to my secret pal last week.

First, the ornament. It's a fabric fold Scandanavian ornament I found on YouTube. Love it!  You use 8 strips of fabric, that are folded and tucked into each other.  It measures about 3"x3" in size.

Of course I couldn't just make an ornament. So I proceeded to make a little Christmas photo flipbook.  It measured about 5" x 5".

I had fun adding the red glitter papers, and used my Sizzix and cutting dyes to cut out the borders, doilies and corner pieces. The book opens up to pages that have gate folds and that flip open. Lots of fun to make.  I also found this pattern on YouTube.

Next, I wanted to make a little "pocket envelope" (also found on YouTube at Septeria18 on YouTube) to hold the ornament. I made the little pocket an ornament also, by tieing a pretty red ribbon on top so it could be hung on the tree and hold a special treat for someone.

These pocket envelopes are so fun and easy to make, that I made another one to hold eight Christmas gift tags. These are Christmas tags I purchased from  Seneca Pond Crafts on Etsy, and they are digital, so you can print them out any time you want! Aren't they darling?

And since she liked blue and white, I just HAD to make another pocket envelope with some pretty vintage gift tags to which I added a little bit of lace on the bottom. These printed tags are also from Seneca Pond Crafts. This "pocket" was larger, about 8" square.

I just couldn't seem to stop myself.............I also made a little tiny booklet out of the blue and white papers, but I forgot to take a picture of it! I was so anxious to get everything in the mail. It was oh so darling. Maybe I'll make another one of these days. package was sent off and I felt good that I actually got some projects done! I will also receive an ornament (and goodies?) in the mail from someone who drew my name for the exchange. Can hardly wait!

Merry December everyone!



  1. Hi Marilyn. How sweet and fun this ornament exchange is. You did great for your secret santa. She is going to love everything. Glad you felt so good about making this and letting your creative heart soar. Have a great rest of the week.

    1. Thank you Kris! I had such fun making these things.. and it got me inspired to make more as gifts for my family! sometimes is fun just to "make" without anyone in mind. Hugs.. Marilyn

  2. Hi Marilyn! This is your "secret pal" :) I can't tell you what a joy it was to receive your package the other day. I was thrilled to see all the beautiful items you so sweetly made...and everything suited me to a "t"! Thank you soo very much. It was extra special to find out that you were the owner of Pink Paper Cottage because I've read your blog for a long time and love it!
    I sent you a letter yesterday and in it had asked if you could send me links for some craft tutorials~ so I'm really happy you included them on this post... Thank you :)
    I can't wait to see pictures of the treasures in your exchange package as well.
    Have a blessed day!

    1. Hi Ashleigh.. so glad you like your package. It was so fun making the little items for you.. someone with the same interest and likes as me! I don't know if you'll get this response but hope you do. That is so funny that you've read my blog for awhile. When I receive your letter, I can hook you up with ALOT of YouTube links for fun crafty videos. I have some favorites who always come up with projects I absolutely love! If I can fine your email, I'll send you some links there! Have a great day! Marilyn

  3. I’m so glad to see you in my inbox Marilyn! Actually, you were in my junk folder but don’t feel bad, my husband’s emails go there too for some reason! lol

    I love this Marilyn! You are so very creative and thoughtful, and judging from the above comment, your recipient agrees of course.

    We had an exchange here last week with over 40 women. Crazy good fun :).

    Love to you and merry Christmas!,

    1. Hi Doreen! Glad you found me in your inbox finally! I've never really done many exchanges or swaps, so this one was really fun and I enjoyed making gifts for someone I didn't even know! I bet yours was fun too. Hope all is going well with you and that we'll get to soon see picture of your new (and I'm sure lovely and wonderful) home! Hugs to you and Merry Christmas!

  4. Hi, sweet Marilyn! I simply LOVE everything you sent to Ashleigh. WOW! What a beautiful assortment of Christmas goodies. You have a big heart, my friend.

    I truly hope you see your package from Jeanie soon. Please keep me updated...I want to make sure you receive your goodies one way or another.

    Merry Christmas, dear one! Hugs!

    1. Stephanie.... thank you for the comment. I went to your blog today and saw all the wonderful goodies and lovelies that were sent and received. How fun to sit with my cup of tea and enjoy the photos. Such wonderful ornaments, handmade and vintage.. and loved that everyone went "all out" in sending treats and sweets to their swap gals. I'll keep you posted. I did hear from Jeanie today, bless her heart, and she said she'd be sending me my ornament this week. I told her no worries and no hurry! YOU.. and your sweet family... have a nice pre-Christmas week... and hope your son gets well soon. xoxoxo Marilyn

  5. Oh my goodness Marilyn, you just truly blessed Ashleigh with some incredible creations! You are SO very generous, and oh such talent you have working with paper and fabric! I always admire all the beautiful things you create! That fabric ornament is just darling! And all those little pocket books full of delights, oh such fun! I could see that Ashleigh was thrilled to receive your creations, and I am saddened that you still have not received something in return! That always can tend to happen, but I'm hoping it comes quickly and is a blessing to your heart! I hope you are doing well, sweet friend, blessings and hugs :)

    1. Hi Marilyn, thank you for much for your wonderful comment! I made 3 more of those fabric ornaments for my sisters as I love them so much. I made one for me also. It has been so busy around here.. after the last minute trip to see my son.. and shopping and wrapping before going! Making cards but not for everyone.. just not the time for some reason. I DID receive the ornament and goodies from the gal who drew my name in the ornament exchange. She went above and beyond, as everyone else did! I'm doing OK.... still back/hip problems but going to chiropractor and hope he can help. Sometimes, it helps a little, and others it doesn't. I keep having faith that it will get better! Have a nice Christmas! Hugs... Marilyn

  6. "The Pink Paper Cottage" I love the name of your Blog!
    My you are a very gracious lady, your creative beauty was a delight to see and I'm quite sure that your recipient was blessed in deed!
    Those pocket envelopes are darling!
    I hope your gift package arrives soon.

    As I have been reading your blog and seeing your crafts,I do believe I have something in my home that was made by your creative hands, it's the sweetest little purse made out of card stock filled with a "love notes book" and it is precious!
    My dear Stephanie gifted me that last year for my Birthday and wrote notes on nearly every little card you tucked inside the pages of the book, I treasure it and read those "love notes" from Stephanie often.
    It was YOU!
    So nice to find you here in our little blogging community.

    Merry Christmas and God bless you~

    1. Debbie - so nice to "see" you and read your comment! I hope you receive this reply! I'm so glad you enjoyed all the little things I put in my ornament exchange package. It was so fun to make little goodies for someone I didn't even know! Was my first experience with an exchange and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I did in fact, receive my package and was thrilled. Was a very special Christmas surprise! I don't know if the purse I made that you have, was made by me, but if it was, I'm so glad you enjoy it! I know I had a few in my Etsy shop! I should make more. Those too, were so much FUN to make. I'm looking at one right now on my coffee table that is Christmas papers and I have tucked some sparkly poinsettias inside, and some gold berries. Isn't Stephanie just the sweetest person? She is so so talented in so many ways.

      I hope to hear from you again! Blessings to you on this Christmas Day! Marilyn

  7. Hi Marilyn! Yes, my dear Stephanie is a doll!!
    According to her, it was you who made my lovely purse, and let me say again, you are quite talented.

    I trust you had a wonderful Christmas?

    God's favor be upon you in this New Year ahead of us~