Friday, November 16, 2018

Beets and cats..........

What do beets and cats have in common????  Well............. nothing! Except maybe that I love them both and they are both good for you!

Here's my new favorite snack........ yup... salted beet chips....... good for you right? And they are SO GOOD.

Especially with Mediterranean Cream Cheese Spread (2 for 99 cents at the Dollar Tree). What a deal! I need to go back for more.... I'm a sucker for crackers and cream cheese.

Non-GMO and not too many carbs or sodium... and anyway...... they're beets right? They must be good for you.

That's what I'm doing today....... snacking and blogging... and hopefully doing some crafting pretty soon.... if I don't get too distracted with snacking and reading others' blogs. I get distracted way too easily.

Oh........... and I'm growing new "flowers".... cat flowers!  My rescue kitty, Rudy's, new favorite place is the flower box. And the other two calicos (one is ours, Maddie, and one is the mom who is really not "ours" but she thinks she is)...... love the two redwood chairs, so we're leaving the old cushions on them through the winter..... gives them a place to sleep in the sun. If the chairs weren't there, I know they'd be sleeping in the other big green flower tubs! They love that warm dirt.

Rudy.... what are you going to grow?

Scruffy on the left - she's the mom of Maddie (on the right). They don't really get along, as Scruffy abandoned Maddie as a tiny kitten, and Maddie must still remember... but they seem to be OK with sleeping side by side a few feet apart.
Scruffy on the fence.
We named the mom "Scruffy" because she was always such a matted mess.... that is before we trapped her for the spay and neuter clinic and they took her and "fixed" her, brought her back to us since she was too old to adopt out.. and now she is one of the FIVE "community cats" that we feed!  She is still wild as I can't even touch her, but I can almost touch her head when she's busy eating. Now that she is spade, she is a much happier kitty and takes better care of herself, and has gained alot of weight. She was the "baby making machine" of our entire neighborhood.

Maddie..... our rescue kitty, now 3 years old! She's lovin' sleeping on top of our blanket hutch.
The community cats are not really ours, as they live under sheds in other peoples' yards, and a shelter we set up, but Scruffy and one other little boy (Smokey) think they are ours, and like hanging out in our back yard and in our garage! At least we know they are somewhat warm and not going hungry. Smokey would LOVE to be ours and an indoor kitty.


Kitty flowers.
Have a nice weekend all!



  1. Seriously? Salted beet chips? I bet they are good. My mother and father both loved beets...and I run hot and cold on them. lol
    Love the kitty pictures. I miss having a cat but won't get another one at this stage of life.
    I hope you have a great Sunday- xo Diana

  2. Hi Marilyn,
    I love that you take care of the community cats. That is so sweet. They need some love too even if wild. Your sweet Maddie is adorable. Glad you give her a good home too. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  3. Hi Marilyn,
    I am sure the cats appreciate your kindness.
    Thanks for the tip on the beat chips as I love to nibble
    and prefer something healthy.
    Thanks also for your visits and lovely comments.
    I hope you get rain soon.
    Take care,

  4. It's so nice that you all have kind of adopted each other and that you take care of them. The salted beet chips sound good and I'll out the dollar tried to see if they carry them out this way!


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