Saturday, March 31, 2018

Still rolling............... day 3.....

Did I tell you I'm making more placemats? I don't think I did! Well I am... that'll be another day of "show and tell". Today... I wanted to show you what I made a few weeks ago, probably after Valentine's Day when I got finished with my Valentine's Day cards and Hello Kitty mini albums (in my Etsy shop). 

These cards were just pure fun.. and I made them for no particular reason, other than I just felt like it.

We have a local store called The Outpost, which is kind of like a Big Lots store. It has this 'n that and large quantities of things (food, paper goods), etc., and it's always fun to go in there and see what new things they have in their little crafting corner.

The owner used to have a lot of scrapbooking supplies, paper pads, albums, etc. but she has pared down and she hasn't had paper pads for a couple of years. But when I went in a few weeks ago, I was so happy to find she had an entire shelf of scrapbook paper pads! I would have bought one of each if I could have. I limited myself, and bought one little pad of these pretty bright spring-like papers, which also had some stickers and paper flowers with it.

So.......... I did some heat embossing with gold emboss powder, and made various sentiments.. then cut them out using some of my dies and Sizzix machine... and started to work play.

Here's what I came up with.....

I used my gold Stickles to add some glitter to the circles.

I made a pretty paper bow and added more gold Stickles to the flowers.

I LOVE this paper!

I had these white paper "doilies" which I used behind the sentiment label.

I just love all of these. I left the insides blank so I can write whatever I want on them. I think they got me into the spring mood!


I wanted to make something special for my older sister's birthday that was on February 28th (well really, the 29th, as she's a "Leap Year baby"!! I had sent her a card and gift certificate, but it got lost in the mail (and never has shown up again). Someone got a gift card I guess. 

So instead of sending a regular card, I decided to make a little quilt postcard. You can find videos on YouTube on "quilted postcards" or "fabric postcards". I actually bought a book years ago on how to make them, as I thought it was a really unique idea... to send a little mini quilt through the mail! I didn't do a whole lot of quilting on mine, just some fancy stitching.

I printed the "postcard" side onto some fabric, and used some really heavy duty interfacing, almost like cardboard.
You make a little "quilt sandwich" using your postcard backing (printed on fabric), your interfacing, and then on the top, a pretty fabric that you've decorated or quilted or stitched on. I have this darling fabric that has some adorable quilt or life sayings on it, so used that.

I added the black strips on the sides and did some fancy machine stitching. Then I did a satin stitch all around the edges (twice) to protect it from raveling.
The interfacing is really thick...

The postcard ends up very sturdy and like a piece of cardboard.
I sent this one through the mail... it cost me 71 cents. 

I drew the lines with my permanent marker.

My sister loved it! I know I'll be making more of these and I'm going to do more quilting on them, like little strips of fabric and more fancy stitching.

I have a couple of more projects to show you but that'll be another day.....

Hugs to you all.


  1. Oh my gosh Marilyn you are on a roll with your creative soul. I love the cards and especially the quilt post card.
    Hope your Easter was wonderful. Have a great new week.

    1. Thank you Kris. It's so fun to let the creativity out and just go for it! I do love those quilted postcards too! Hugs.. Marilyn

  2. Hi Marilyn, What a pleasure to find your blog thanks to the kind comment you left on mine. Wow, the Pink Paper Cottage is a cool place! : - ) The custom cards you have made are wonderful. I do think that this is the first fabric postcard I’ve seen, and that is saying something since (as you may know) I’m a postcard collector. Your fabric card is so cool and so creative. I have seen people take images from postcards and use them to make a large quilt, but not a size that could be mailed like yours. The paper cards you have made remind me of a shop here in Seattle called Papyrus … I do not know if there might be one near you in Oregon. They stock handmade cards like yours and yours look every bit as good as the ones they sell in the shop, if not better! I’m going to keep an eye on your blog and hope you will stop by mine again soon. Thank you for your kind words about my musicbox and postcards! Take care and best regards from Seattle! John

    1. Hello John,
      I looked up that shop and I think it's only in Seattle and Bellevue. Looks like a neat place to go! I think about putting my cards in a shop, but just never get around to it. I usually make them for myself to send out, or make sets for gifts in a pretty little gift box. I did take note of your postcard collecting. I have some images of vintage postcards from a friend - she also collects them - and I may make a few of my fabric postcards using those images, just for fun. I see also you are into trains and railroads. There is a really neat railroad park/museum in Oregon south of where I live, in Chiloquin, Oregon. It's called Train Mountain Railroad Museum. I saw a special on it on TV and it looks like a really fun place to visit. Just an FYI! I didn't see anywhere to sign up to follow your blog, so I'll check back occasionally. Thank you for your visit! Marilyn

  3. Hello Marilyn, my fellow Oregonian! I love the beautiful cards and especially your quilted postcard - so apecial! There is a Papyrus here in Oregon at our mall at Washington Square. I love shopping there. But that is too far for you to drive. I am looking forward to following your blog and will add you to my blog roll as well! Loved my visit today! Happy Spring!♥

  4. Well hello back Carrie! I grew up in Portland! SE Portland and went to Centennial High School. I browsed your blog a little bit... your "cottage" looks gorgeous and your back yard and deck? wow wow... so pretty. I'll have fun looking around some more... I saw your visit to Seaside and the Swans.... I went to Seaside many times during my high school years, with my best girlfriend! I'm sure I'll find lots more spots that you talk about, that I visited. Oh... NW Portland.. yes have been there MANY times. Used to go there to Daisy Kingdom when it was still in business.. and walk those same streets you pictured. That's neat about the Papyrus store at Washington Square - have been to that mall too but was MANY years ago. I'm following your blog now.. will go and make a comment here and there too! My "cottage" is quite a work in progress! Marilyn

  5. Hi again, Marilyn. I just got through sending you 3 email responses to your kind comments, however; you are set to no-reply (you can change that in your settings if you would like to - I recently changed mind and it is nice to able to respond via email to comments) I will send them here...

    #1 We do have lots of wild blacberry bushes around the Portland area (suburbs of course) I will see people just pulled over on the roads picking them. I love berry season!

    #2 We live in Tualatin - and yes there is a New Seasons, Whole Foods and Trader Joes not too far from us! Plenty of fresh stands during the season as well. Nature's went out of business here...

    #3 My kitchen was so dated - we were finally able to re-model about 2 years ago....we considered painting the cabinets - they were real wood too - but they were not in that good of shape..they are now in the garage! Glad you like my red! It makes me happy...Thank you so much for all your kind cabinets and visiting my blog!

    1. Hi Carrie! I'm sorry about the "no-reply" situation. I've tried changing it many times, but doesn't seem to work. Every time I do, then for some reason I can't comment on anyone else's blog! I've even looked up online to try to find what I'm doing wrong but can't seem to fix it. If you have a sure-fire way, please let me know!

      AAHH... you live in Tualatin. I don't know the area well but have been through there many times (on my way to the coast from Vancouver, WA)!!!! Blackberry Heaven there I'm sure. Of course, anywhere west of the mountains is blackberry Heaven! Sometimes when I'm driving home from the coast, I'll stop along the highway and pull off on a side road, and pick them just to eat. Ah such wonderful bursts of flavor!

      Well... your kitchen does look wonderful. That's my dream for MY own (old outdated) kitchen! White cabinets, new counter tops and new floors. I was looking at peel and stick wood panel floors. They look amazing and so real, like actual wood on the floors. That may be a project we can do.

      Any help you can give me to change to a "reply" blogger, I would surely appreciate!

      I've been reading your blog back to 2009 I think it is! So fun and interesting!

  6. Your cards are so beautiful Marilyn. The postcard for your sister is really amazing.....such a clever design and a very special keepsake. Xox

    1. Thank you so much Helen! I do love those little postcard "quilts". Hoping to make more very soon using some pretty spring fabrics...... Marilyn

  7. What a lovely postcard for your sister....You are very creative and love the quilt postcard. Hope you had a nice Easter.

    1. Thank you Cathy! My sister is not a crafty person, so don't know if she appreciates something like this, but I sure do. I hope to make some more using some pretty shabby chic/spring fabrics... although I must admit, my "roll" is almost over! Hugs.. Marilyn

  8. Marilyn, you never cease to amaze me. I know you are talented, but then you come up with another pretty and it is so special. Love that postcard as I do all your other work. You can tell there is a lot of love put into all that you do. Thanks for the visit and have a wonderful weekend..xxoJudy


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