Friday, July 21, 2017

Yard changes......

Since my last post on June 14th, (you can see it here), about the big stump in our front yard, things have changed alot! 

My June post showed how I worked around the stump adding some interest to the rock garden and stump that was left when our front tree blew down. I added the bird bath and the shepherd's hook with hanging flower pots.  It looked so pretty!  But I knew it would change soon!

Before the stump could be removed, hubby and I had to dig up ALL the flowers there and put them into tubs, and move them to our backyard to live there until the rock wall on that side can be replaced. The roots from the tree that fell pushed out and broke the rock wall, and thankfully our Homeowner's Insurance covered it!

There was alot of digging and replanting into the tubs and I used at least FIVE big bags of potting soil. Oh what a mess and was hard work.

I figured the plants and flowers could live in the tubs until the front yard is all done again, and then we could move them back and replant them! 

We also lugged all the rocks from the "rock garden" over to the end of our front house raised flower bed, as I had removed almost all the plants there because of EARWIGS EATING THEM!

Here's all the tubs moved to the backyard. They look kind of wilted here, but they all survived!

OK... now that work is all done.. so the guys can come in and take out that stump!

Even that big lilac got moved! Hated to see it go. It hid those garbage cans in the neighbors' driveway. 

The owner of those pesky garbage cans... gr.r.r.r.r.r

Looks so naked without the lilac. And oh joy... now I can see those garbage cans!
 I hated seeing that lilac go. The guys moved it to our backyard and "toed" it in some dirt. Hopefully we can split it and put part of it back out front, and the other half somewhere in our back yard.

Maddie is wondering what happened! She loved that lilac to hide under and chase the birds there.
New home for the lilac in the back yard:

I actually kind of like the lilac there as a "backdrop" for the other flowers, etc. But..... they toed it in crooked and the roots are too close to the surface, so it wilts really fast... AND..... they plunked it down in our future pond area! This house had an area dug out with cement sides, which will be perfect for my pond (and fountain) by the garden. So lilac has to go somewhere else!

OK.... so now we are left with that totally flat surface out front. Here are some photos of the rock wall that cracked and pushed out.. and it all has to go, very very soon. (The plan is for around August 1st).

This is the side rock wall that cracked really bad and needs replacing.

This is the taller rock wall along the front of our house yard, that was pushed out further (it already had a small crack in it). We are going to have that entire wall replaced with tiered railroad ties.

Front house rock wall that will all be replaced (below). There's the dead tree that came down!

Here's an idea of what we want for our tiered wall:

I had a plan for the flat area of our front yard. Even though I knew this was a temporary fix, I wanted it to look nice and yet be easy to "undo" when the time comes for the walls to be replaced. I wanted some bright colors and flowers......... so I proceeded to paint!

That old "free" bench I got from the neighbor got all dressed up.

Old brown pot got a new dress!

Love this color of pink... I think I went overboard with it. Oh well...........
Pink pot inside the blue birdcage (also a freebie from the neighbor).

This old pot got a new coat of white.
OK... painting done. Now for the reason I wanted that rock garden gone.. and all the rocks moved, etc. I wanted a FLAT surface so I could walk out of my side gate (to the left of our front door as you look at the photos) and right onto my yard. With the rock garden there, I had to walk up onto the (high) stoop, and then walk down two steps, every time I wanted to walk from the gate into the yard. 

It got very tiring because the faucet that the hose was attached to was at the side of the house, behind that gate, way in the back! You know how it is when you need to adjust your sprinkler on the lawn, and you walk back and forth to the faucet to turn it up or down? Well... after doing that about 10 times (up and down, up and down, up and down), it got to be very tiring.  And yes I know.... I know....... good exercise right? But.. it was just one of those things that was very aggravating to me! I wanted it flat right there, and even if the tree hadn't fallen, I was planning to move that entire rock garden out of there.

I was so happy to have this flat area to work with! And those neighbors' garbage cans.. another "thorn" in my side.... but what can I do about it? Nada. They are ALWAYS THERE. All of my photos that I've taken of this area have the good old garbage cans in the background. Very maddening. Any ideas to hide them???? There's actually some steps down to their driveway from a flat cement area right there, so can't really plant shrubs right there...  hubby likes to walk next door and have a pipe smoke with the neighbor! I'm thinking maybe some sort of a partial lattice fence along there??? with a gate through to the neighbor's (that I can keep shut!)... with some sweet smelling vines?

Like this..... 

Or this................... with some vines growing up.
I guess I didn't take photos of me working this new flat area. I first raked and smoothed it all out and got all the little rocks out, then dug down about 3 inches and made sure it was level (more raking). I then bordered the sides with 2x4's standing up on end, to keep an edge there and keep the mulch in. I covered the depressed area with landscape cloth, and then filled it with about 3" of a darkish bark mulch. I really liked the results.

Next came planting a few more pots of flowers, putting the shepherd's hook back with my hanging plants, re-situating the bird bath (which I notice is a little crooked!), placing a few rocks below the hook to hold it steady in the wind, and placing the garden bench just right! It helped to make that area not look so naked and bare.

And voila! here it is..........

There's the side house gate... I can now walk from the side of the house where the faucet is, right onto the front lawn!  No more up and down, up and down............ Happy girl.

Hum.m.m.m. wonder if I should paint the bird bath..............????
And this can all be moved relatively easily... for when the guys come to replace the rock walls. I'm sure I'll have to redo the mulch area but that's OK.  It only took me two trips to the chiropractor a 5 hour drive away, to repair the damage I did to my neck and back with all that raking and digging and lifting! such is life................

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  1. Wow! You have done so much work! It all looks really good. You did a terrific job. It looks so different from your photos at the end of the winter before you started anything. Love, love, love it! I was thinking a lattice gate and/or fencing right there on your side of the garbage cans too. I think that's a great idea and would look so good. Good luck with the railroad tie tiering. Sounds like the perfect thing to fix your problem.

    I have not been in to any kind of crochet, knit, or crafting AT ALL. I'm waiting patiently for my inspiration and mojo to return. I'm hoping it will in the fall or winter.

    1. Yes lots of work. My crafting mojo hasnt been around much either. Now Im on a painting kick for garden stuff. I look at my crochet project in the evening when I start watching TV but dont do anything with it! I now can't even rememe what pattern I was following! Hugs.....

  2. Looks great. All your hard work has paid off. Very pretty out there now. Happy Weekend.

    1. Thank you Kris! Im enjoying all of your remodel updates! Marilyn

  3. Gardening is SO much work! I can feel your pain looking at your photos of you working lol.

    Ok, my first thought to hide the garbage cans was a trellis or gate of some kind, but when I read that your hubby hangs out with the neighbor (who, btw, looks like the grumpy old man in that Big Red Dog book series...Clifford or something like that), how about he ask him to put them someplace else? Any chance of that happening?

    Actually, even if he does put them someplace else, some kind of structural feature there would look nice. Based on what you've done elsewhere, I know you're going to make lemonade out of lemons.


  4. Okay, I totally don't get why someone who has a garage wouldn't keep his garbage cans inside. Especially when they're parked right outside the garage. That makes no sense to me. But I see that the next neighbor over (next to him) has their garbage cans outside the garage, too. Pretty much the same thing. I was wondering about a partial white picket fence just long enough and high enough to hide the trash cans. A purple or deep pink clematis climbing up the fence would be gorgeous. I think that would look like a special garden feature. Your inspiration fences are beautiful, too. Your newly painted bench with the bird bath, shepherd's hook and flowers is charming. You put a lot of work into leveling that area and fixing it up. I know how much effort goes into that kind of project. Hope you're taking time off to relax a bit. You've been working very hard. Everything looks great! I think your tiered wall idea is fantastic. Hugs.


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