Sunday, May 28, 2017

More eye candy.....itty bitty boxes.

I've been busy! Made a whole bunch of tiny little gift boxes.  They are addictive!  They are fun! They use up by 6x6 papers from my overabundance of many pretty paper pads!  Each one is unique. Each one is a little work of art. Why did I make so many you ask?

To make a long story short. At Easter, my son and his girlfriend were here. I made each of us a tiny little box holding a sweet treat. She loved them! She is the one in Astoria, Oregon who has the gems/rocks and jewelry store, Terra Stones. She asked if I could make her some for her shop, to use as little gift boxes for when someone purchased small rocks or jewelry. 

Easter treat boxes.
I... without thinking too hard on it.... said sure! She wanted about 20. I made 26... couldn't stop myself.  I don't think any two are exactly the same. I made all colors.... even some masculine ones, and I loved using my two sided papers with the little flap on the sides showing the reverse side of the paper. 

See the different colored flaps on the sides?  Such fun! I LOVE color.
They are so tiny, 2" x 2" by 2-1/4" tall... can be held in your hand like this.  I love tiny things!

....... and this...........

And I forgot to tell you.... I made these using the We Are Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board. It's a tool I can't live without! Besides making your own custom envelopes, you can make all sorts of tags and boxes. Love it! There are MANY video tutorials on YouTube showing you how to make these boxes and many other fun projects.

The little boxes are tied on the top with a ribbon......  (of course I just HAD to go to the store to buy MORE not-needed much needed ribbons!

I put word tags on some, and then decided maybe I should leave the tags off.... so instead I stamped a bunch of words, cut them out with my decorative scissors and put a little double sided tape on the back, so the person using the box could choose the word they wanted to stick on the box (if they chose to). I packaged those up in a cello bag.

So here come the pictures!

I used 3 dimensional stickers on some...... sticky back pearls and gems on some most of them, as I have to have a little bling everywhere.....

Who doesn't need some owls????????

Manly things... gears and padlocks.........

A few animals for kids (and adults?).........

I think this one was my all-time favorite.... love the burgundy and gold papers.. and I made the little  scrunchy flowers....

The white flower on the left was one I pulled off of a Dollar Tree bunch.... and then added the glitter to the leaves......... love it........... more bling....

Another Dollar Tree bloom (above).... and glitter of course..... 

A "guy" thing.........
So they're done and shipped off to Astoria! Amazing how something so small can give me such pleasure! I'm ready to make more.... isn't that crazy? 

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  1. Oh. My. Gosh. I know where my creative mojo went to your house! These are too cute for words, Marilyn! I keep going back and looking through the pictures at all the little details on the boxes. So very creative of you! I know it must have been loads of fun to lose yourself creating them. L♥VE them all!

    I ordered a shawl pattern and some yarn yesterday. (Like I needed either of those things!) But I thought it might kick my creative juices into gear. We shall see. It seems to take forever to get yarn shipments from KnitPicks. I doubt they will ship until Tuesday due to the holiday, and then it will be another week before I get it. See how whiney I am? Jeez! I'm glad to see you are having fun creating things. The little boxes really are the cutest!

    1. Come on over and get some mojo!!!! I think mine is coming back a little bit at a time! Those boxes are absolutely ADDICTIVE to make! I hope she wants more. Glad you got some more yarn and a pattern. I went and bought some of the cotton Sugar & Spice yarn to make some table mug coasters. I've made alot of them, but they seem to disappear! I like to crochet at night but there's always a kitty on my lap it seems so makes it hard. Hugs.. Marilyn

  2. I can TOTALLY relate to how much fun you had making these ADORABLE little gift boxes! I love tiny things too. They're so much fun to make and look at all the little details that make them special. In between fixing up the house these days, I'm making some bags with fabric I have had for ions. Thanks to you, I found some YouTube videos that are helpful. Gotta love YouTube! You could build a rocket with it! lol


    1. Doreen.... come to think of it, I need to make some SMALLER boxes! I think a little tiny tiny one would be neat. I think I'll try one with 4" square paper! Yes YouTube is amazing! xoxoxo Marilyn

  3. Absolutely adorable Marilyn. You are so creative!

  4. Marilyn, these are fabulous! Every one is a delight. I can see why your son's girlfriend wanted to use them as gift boxes. They'll be perfect for the products she sells. I love them! xo

    1. Thank you Nancy. I do love them so much... each one is a little piece of art! I do hope some people at her store like them enough to use for little gifts. Marilyn

  5. Wow Marilyn! I am in love with your sweet little unique one-of-a-kind boxes! All the special details that went into each one! And I can completely understand the need for more ribbon, lol! Oh my! These will be SUCH a hit at her store, I just know she will want more, lol! I have some teeny tiny box cut-outs with my Big Shot that I haven't used in years... you may just have inspired me to make some again. I love that you used Dollar Tree flowers too, now that is a great idea! Love love love all your creativity!!!!

    1. Thank you Marilyn at MTS! I hope I inspired you some. It would be fun to have a box cutout also.. I have a Cricuit and a Sizzix but no box dies yet. I hope you make some one of these days (as if you had time!). Maybe you can sit out in your secret garden and make boxes! xoxoxo Marilyn

  6. These are so adorable! How fun they must be to make and I love that each is different from the next. Really beautiful collection. Hugs, Autumn

    1. Thank you Autumn! They were SO fun to make and addictive. I loved using all the different papers from my 6x6 paper pads. I want to make some Christmas boxes for little treats, come Fall! Marilyn


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