Thursday, January 12, 2017

Will it ever stop????

Here's some more snow pix.. I'm sure you're all tired of them by now! At least it's sunny today and will "only" get down to 4 degrees tonight! 

1. Our patio table - that's a 24 inch ruler.. and since I took the pix 2 days ago, it has snowed 5 more inches. 

2. Snow kitty - Our rescue kitty, Rudy, playing in the snow. He loves it! He totally buries himself, rolls around, and then jumps like a rabbit at some invisible critter! Funny boy.

3. By our back garage door... getting quite a pile there - 2 days ago. Now 5 more inches on top!

4. Trying to shovel along the back of the house, to keep the snow off of the siding... I only got half way. Now 5 more inches on top again.  Oh garden... oh garden... where art thou??

5. Nest in our neighbor's tree.  Quite big.. there are predators around here, owls and hawks.

6. What do you do when you have 2 feet of snow on the ground and are pretty much housebound? Bake of course! Yum yum. Getting my sugar fix. 

These cookies are sinfully delicious! Let me know if you want the recipe. Only 4 ingredients.

I'm working on another post..... quite ingenious if I do say so myself............  here's a hint... and no sewing!

Bye for now... I'm going to go sit by the heater in the kitchen... have one of those puffy cookies and read for awhile.....temp is dropping fast! Tonight maybe down to zero again........I'm envious of those blog posters talking about cleaning house in their shorts!

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  1. Thanks Marilyn for your visit to my blog today and your sweet comment. Now I have found your blog. I will be following you with email. Thank you for finding me so I could find you.

    1. Kris, I found your blog a few months ago and really enjoy your shabby chic white on white home! I think I started following you when you were just moving into your new home. Stay warm! Marilyn

  2. OMG!! this much snow!!! I love your fabric stash.. From where you buy fabrics? Every time I go to crafts shops, and come back empty handed, as it costs a lot. :(...

    Please visit:

    1. HI Krishna, I love my fabric stash too... but it gets way too big! Since I live in Oregon, USA, there are alot of fabric stores around. I like JoAnn's and Hancock Fabrics. Walmart has fabric as does Hobby Lobby. There are also alot of small run businesses that are fabric shops all over the place, even in some little towns. Those are the most fun to visit! I have to stay away from fabric shops and craft stores, as I always buy more than I went in to get.. so I have to just stay away, unless I really need something.. and then I have to put "blinders" on, walk in and get what I need, and leave very quickly. I did visit your sweet blog and enjoy it very much! Marilyn

  3. Rudy is a riot! That would totally crack me up if I saw that in person. So cute!

    I think as the self professed cookie lady, I have to say yes, I would like that recipe. Anything with lemon is on my A list :)

    That's a whole lotta snow Marilyn! I guess I should refrain from telling you it's in the 70's and 80's here ;)


    1. Doreen, Ach.h.h.h.h.h. don't tell me it's in the 70's and 80's!! Yikes! So cold here and so much darned snow. The luxury of being retired though.. I can stay in all week if I want to.. which I've been doing lately... just go out once a week in between snow storms.

      I'll send you the cookie recipe shortly. Want to make it look all pretty first! And those cookies... oh boy.. they get better as they age! kind of like butter cookies.

      Keep having fun where you are!

  4. Marilyn, you really look snowbound. That little kitty is so precious. I don't think I've ever heard of a cat that would love that cold, wet stuff! Thanks for your wonderful visit and yes, that is the master bedroom. It is really pretty tiny and has a lot of patterns going on, but I do love it..Happy Thursday..Judy

    1. Hi Judy, Yes we are pretty snowbound.. although we CAN get out and about in town if we want to. Our driveway is steep so we don't go out much as is hard to walk down and always the chance of falling! I wish I would have thought more on that when we bought this house last year. I always love visiting you at your "home" and seeing all of your wonderful photos..... I'm having a nice week staying in and crafting. Marilyn

  5. Yep...that looks VERY familiar!! We have had a ton since the day after Christmas that hasn't melted at all because it's been in the teens or single digits for highs every day! I'm not complaining though because I just love it. I pretty much do what I do every other day...stay in and crochet! I'm so enjoying not having to work or worry about work coming in and being available for it. I can come and go as I please! FABULOUS! I'm working on the last round of my edging on the white baby blanket. Will probably post pics sometime tomorrow and you will see how the ribbon goes on. I still can't choose between the ribbon colors. Maybe I'll take separate pictures with different ribbons. Watching football today, and will be watching tomorrow too because the Cowboys are playing Green Bay. GO COWBOYS! I will take a couple of those cookies to go with my coffee please! YUM. Just what are you up to with all that material and no sewing??

    1. Pammy.... yes it's wonderful not to HAVE to work and go out and be on a schedule, blah blah blah! I just started doing some part time work for a lawfirm here in Madras, but the good part is that I can always say NO if I don't want to! I wish I could crochet more being snowed in like this, but it's hard to sit down and do it with 3 cats in the house... unless they are sleeping! sometimes I do just shut myself in my craftroom and crochet, without the cats chasing my yarn and wanting to play all the time with it! I'm anxious to see the white baby blanket. And yes.. so much fabric, alot of time, but can't seem to get myself to sew much these days. I used to be so obsessed with sewing! Now it's papercrafting and crocheting. Hard to lug out the machine and find a spot to cut things out.. that's the excuse I give myself anyway! Enjoy your football weekend! Marilyn

  6. I like the look of your white world. I like the fabric stash even more :-)

  7. Hi Marilyn, I'm with you . . . Spring is sounding better everyday. This has been the coldest winter that I can remember since moving here 42 years ago and as for the snow the most we have seen in about ten years. I will never complain about an ugly brown winter again . . . the snow is pretty, but the brown and dry makes for better driving conditions, LOL. I'm so tried of being cold :)
    I love that photo of your cat buried in the snow . . . cats are so cool, each one has a totally different personality.
    Have a great day and stay warm . . . eat a cookie for me:)
    Connie :)


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