Monday, August 8, 2016

Be careful she said.........

I knew it was bound to happen one of these days. I'm always so careful... but I guess "careful" is only 
a word... no matter how hard you try! I tell everyone else to be careful and watch where they're walking. We don't want to fall and break a hip do we?

Well,,,,,,,,,,,I finaly tripped and fell! haven't done that for YEARS.  Stupid me.. not watching where I was going.... "and I'm always so careful" she says!

Was visiting my son up in Washougal, Washington where I used to live. He lives in his dad's house (which his dad and I built 30 years ago - his dad is now my "ex".)

So it's not as if I hadn't gone down those stairs to the deck about a million times! I lived in that house for 12 years.....I went up and down those stairs several times a day for 4,380 days.......I helped BUILD those stairs! But.........this time there was a 2x6 nailed to the deck at the bottom of the stairs to hold the ladder my ex was climbing on, to paint the side of the house....... (my ex is doing remodeling on the house).... I saw that board when I got there the day before, and said "boy that's kind of dangerous isn't it? it sticks out right at the bottom of the steps so someone could trip on it!"...... hum.m.m.m. does the ex listen to me? I don't think so!

To make a long story short.... I was bopping down the stairs to go into the house... door was open so I had my eye on the open door...(my husband and ex were "chatting" so I HAD to see what they were saying!.......... my right foot hit the 2x6 board... propelling me into forward motion towards the door and door jamb.... me trying to catch myself with no success... and down I went....... HARD on my right knee, hitting my left knee , and my left arm slammed into the door jamb, and I also somehow hit my right hip in the process. Don't ask me how I managed to hit just about every part of me!

It HURT way more than this picture looks!
I mean I rammed into that door jamb hard! What a shock that was. Had to lay there awhile to get my bearings... and those of you who have fallen... you know what I'm talking about when I say it was a shock.. and I felt sick afterwards (nausea... shakey, light headed)! I'm a pretty tough old gal and that really surprised me. What a wuss. 

Bruised hip which is really not that bad. See that dent on my leg lower down? Now THAT was a bruise! My horse kicked me there 30 years ago and my leg was black and blue from my waist down to my ankle! Now THAT was a bruise! My leg is permanently dented and vessels trashed.
We went into town and had to get me some crutches right away, as I could not put an ounce of weight on that knee. Oh I was mad. I was furious that I wasn't more careful! 

We came home early as no way could I navigate those steps anymore to get into the house. We left that night and came home. I went to doc the next day.. got an xray.. and found out a couple of days later that nothing is broken.... THANKFULLY.

So I'm at day 10 now and still hobbling around on crutches. I'm about ready to throw the things out the window! I hate them. I can't do what I want to do and it is really really hard to hobble around outside to do my yardwork.. in fact.. not much yardwork is getting done right now.  I can't kneel at all.. in fact if I did manage to get down on the ground to do some weeding, I would never be able to get up again without help.

I think this is only the second time in my life that I've had to be on crutches.. and it is NOT easy to get around... especially lugging my weight around. 

So I'm pretty laid up right now.. not doing a whole lot. My little "office" is set up in the living room so I can be on my computer and watch TV with my leg up on the footstool (with lots of ice). It's funny... my knee never got very black and blue.. I think I must have bruised it on the inside, under the kneecap... but it sure does hurt like holy you know what. 

At least I can gaze out at my pretty flowers...

.......... my veggies are doing really one lemon cucumber plant is taking over!  I've already eaten some and they are so mild.

The cherry tomatoes are coming on strong......

My raspberries have berries!

My dahlias are so pretty.... love the orange and yellow.....(please ignore the little chomp chomp holes from the earwigs.. they are very plentiful here!)

My old post box is awaiting the arrival of some new flowers! It may have to wait until next year......... any ideas of what I could put in it now since I won't probably make it to the garden nursery???

Today... I just moved out a bunch of my crafting stuff into the living room so I can watch YouTube videos and make things... that will keep me happy for awhile. Hubby is gone for a week house sitting.. so I'm alone to fend for myself. Whine whine. 

You don't realize how many times in a day you walk back and forth in the kitchen from counter to counter, and from the front of the house to the back of the house, or in and out of the garage! (whine some more).

So BE CAREFUL ........ and watch where you are walking.... especially in unfamiliar places!

Hope you all had a nice weekend. Our weather here in central Oregon has been gorgeous, but HOT... in the high 90's.. and so dry... there have already been two forest fires not too far from here... so I hope and pray everyone is being extra careful.

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  1. So sorry to hear of your fall. I can relate. It seems when you start to fall you try to catch yourself and wind up hurting every place on your body. Feel better soon.

  2. Oh no!! That's terrible! And I hate that you're alone. What a crappy time for your hubby to be gone.

    You're so right. We don't realize how many times we walk from here to there. We just take it for granted.

    That sure looks alike you got banged up pretty badly Marianne. I'm so sorry. You have the right attitude though, and it sounds like we can look forward to more of your craft work soon ;).

  3. I can understand it must be really difficult time for you with crutches and pianful body. Don't worry you will be alright soon. Now you are left with gazing beautiful garden and resting all day. Rest as much you can.


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