Thursday, July 7, 2016

Yard update....

I've gotten so behind in my blog posting! There is so much I want to share and I keep procrastinating, wanting to get the photos "just right" and in the right order, etc.

 And then a week goes by and I see that a photo I took a week ago of part of my yard has already changed! Then I decide to go take more photos... and... what a vicious cycle. I finally decided to just "do it" and post what I have, or more time will go by and it will all have changed again.

I did manage to make a few "before" and "after" collages, so you can see how things have changed. I'll just dive right in.

Below is the new flower bed we dug along our back fence. There's a nice raised rock bed there that was full of weeds. We planted a few vine maple from Washougal (my former home) and some glads and a few other perennials we found growing by our mailbox in the front yard.

Now (above) there are daisies coming up, our glads are sending up the flowers and I've planted some annuals in the lower bed... although you can't see them very well here. They are slow to grow as not raised.

Above...our north fence line that was nothing but "nothing"! Hubby had his weights there. Now my two raspberries that I salvaged from our Washougal house (4 years ago) are doing great in the ground! The daisies from a neighbor's yard are doing great too and starting to bloom.

Below... we scrounged some flat rocks from another neighbor across the street. There are more to get too. Want to use them for a path in our backyard (hopefully), if we can get more. My hubby used them to build a "temporary" barbeque for our Memorial Day picnic! He built up a fire pit using the rocks and some plastic shelving that hasn't found its way to the garage yet, then added gravel inside the firepit to build it up. Used briquettes for our barbeque and it worked very well. We might just keep it. Heck with buying a barbeque!

Above, my brother-in-law with another little BBQ.  I wanted to show this because of the nice lawn... well it's even greener now! We've reseeded it since this photo on Mem. Day. Things have grown ALOT since the end of May!  Our redwood chairs got some new (used) cushions from my other sister and now I really need to get those chairs painted.

Below.. our "patio" area in early May. All weeds and empty tubs full of dirt. Yuk. Since then and before Mem. Day, I sprayed, weed eated and cleaned it all up. Our "patio" area is still only on gravel but hopefully we can make it nicer with time and lots of elbow grease.

I know our "patio" area doesn't look like much yet. But... .it looks a heck of alot better than it did last Fall after we first moved in! ( was trying to kill the weeds with the blue tarp). I think the green grass on top of the gravel looks better than the dead weeds on top of the gravel! Oh well.

Since I last posted in mid-May, there is so much growth on everything. And of course, the grass grows where I don't want it to, and doesn't grow where I want it to! We don't have alot of flowers blossoming yet... just some daisies and some chrysanthemums that have decided to bloom early, and some pansies and our Spider Wort that I brought from Washougal (below). It has gorgeous purple flowers but I'm finding that it doesn't like the heat so much and the buds stay closed most of the time!

My front yard "rock garden" area and flower beds are looking great. The pansies are coming in thick now and no slugs to eat them up! This dry climate doesn't have slugs, but I guess there are other predators, like ear-wigs. Ick. Do NOT like ear-wigs. They are already eating my daisies.

In our front raised rock flower bed, I have NEVER seen such big chrysanthemums! They are HUGE....around 3 feet tall and big round bushes. Some have hundreds of little buds (now flowers) on them but they are really small. I think I need to prune them all off so they will bloom normally this Fall! 

I'm used to mums being like this:

My front rock garden and pansies.. doing very well.... also see the flower bed with my glads coming up? They are looking great and I'll have to stake them pretty soon. Am thinking of putting a little white picket fence there along that wall to hold them up.

Hubby reseeded the front lawn (above). You can see all the new lighter greens and it does look so much better! That entire area by the glads was all dead and weedy. 

He got a little plastic tub thingy to put in the ground for a little "bird bath" and he got it all in and we put some rocks around it, but darn, it had a leak! So have to pull it out, get my handy dandy glue gun to glue the crack, and put it back. I think the birdies will like it.

That stick above is the dead part of the vine maple I planted last Fall from my son's place in Washougal... but... wait.... there are new little plants coming up at the bottom, so we WILL have a vine maple there! I love vine maple in the Fall.

Our tomatoes are doing awesomely (is that a word?). Hubby got them from our local discount store and they looked awfully sad... I was afraid they might not make it. But with some TLC and tomato fertilizer and lots of watering and staking, they are flourishing and we've already gotten our first tomatoes for eating. 

I'm loving this little back corner of our "patio". I will just keep adding plants and adding more. My marigolds are loving all the sunshine, and no slugs to eat them up!

I planted more seeds in this little teal blue plastic tub (below) from the Dollar Tree, and they are coming up already. Those seeds LOVE those plastic tubs (now if I can just keep our kitten (now cat) out of them). She loves digging in the tubs. See that empty green one in the back in the above photo? I finally gave up on plants in that one as she has chosen that one as her "outdoor potty". 

I've labeled all of my seeds and perennial plants that I've put in the back flower beds, so I'll know what they are. The seeds I do know, but some of the perennials have died for this year, but I hope they come back next spring, and I want to know what I put where! Little plant label stakes were expensive, so I bought two plastic file folders and cut them up, cut points on the ends and stuck them into the ground. You can see one in the teal blue bucket above. Very cheap and very handy.

And one more thing........ remember all those rhoddy and blueberry cuttings I got from my son's place? Well, I checked on one the other day and it has tiny baby roots on it, so it's time to plant them I think! That's next on my (never ending) to do list.

These (below) are the cuttings stuck in wet sand. I've kept it wet for almost two months.. not much work as the plastic over it keeps the condensation inside. I think I'll plant them first in some little pots or some of my bigger tubs.

Phew... I've made myself tired just reading this blog post! I think the yard progress is up-to-date for now. It's only July 6th, so am hoping for more blossoms to come and a few more plants to be planted yet. I never know when to stop. Oh.. and I planted some potatoes in one of my tubs... and they are coming up. It's an experiment to see how they do planted shallowly in the tubs, and then I'll cover them with straw.

Sorry this was so long..... that's what happens when I procrastinate.

Until next time.........  oh.. and we've been on a couple of driving excursions... so I hope to post a few(?) photos of those little sight seeing trips! You know me, I can't do "just a few".

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  1. I so know what you mean about taking pics and then they're out of date even before you have time to post them. I'm glad I'm not alone with this because as they say, 'misery loves company' lol.

    Now about that yard of yours. Wow! You've really done quite a lot in a relatively short time span. The fenced area is coming along nicely. I'm sure it makes you happy to look at it now. Can't believe your hubby's weights were there lol. Does he workout outside?

    Now don't be a stranger, ya hear? We expect something from you in less than another two months Missy!


    1. You made me laugh! Glad I'm not the only one who procrastinates! Hubby has some weight equipment that he uses sporadically (need I say more?) and we really have nowhere for it in our (single/stuffed) car garage so it got delegated to outdoors for now. His weight equipment comes and goes. He buys it thinking he'll use it, and then doesn't, so it gets sold in a garage sale, then he'll see another "deal" somewhere, and get it.. and then not use it (need I say more?) Ha Ha. I try to treat it with respect though, as he treats my MANY tubs of fabric that I still have not used! At least it gets to live in the garage. And yes.. he works out outside or in the garage if he can make a little room for himself. We hope to build, or have built or buy some sort of shed in the next year to house his equipment. And I'm going to try to post more often, and shorter posts!

  2. Taken photos and not getting to post also happen to me....It so hard to keep up in summer with everything going on. Your've done a lot in your yard and understand blogging is about life, not our lives about blogging.

    1. Glad I'm not the only one! It IS hard to keep up, especially when fixing and/or remodeling! Yes.. I am to remember that blogging is "about" my life.. and that sometimes real life takes priority!

  3. You are a true gardner, and I must say you have a very big and beautiful yard. I can see your love and hardwork for your yard. Beautiful bloomy flowers and great pictures to get inspired.

    1. Thank you New York Roofing! I try. My mom loved flowers and to garden, so I learned from her. This yard is "small" to me, as have always had 2-5 acres to tend, but as I get older, this size yard works just fine for me... and even though small in my standards, is still plenty of work! I enjoy it so much though.


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