Sunday, June 5, 2016

Tiny wonky houses......

May was a SUPER busy month, but I managed to slip in a fun class creating a canvas board mixed media artwork piece! Mixed media is not my 'forte", but I've made a few little 5x7 canvas boards that are in my ETSY SHOP HERE.  Most of my canvas art is fairly simple... I painted a piece of canvas and glued stuff on top using mod podge! This class, given by a new "friend" I've met here in Madras, was so much fun and I learned some new techniques. 

I took the class mainly to meet other "crafty ladies" in Madras. I NEED some like-minded gals to craft with and it was my fortune to get this gal's name, who taught the class, from another gal in a shop I walked into a few months ago, asking about classes. 

This class was the day before my nephew's wedding up in Portland, Oregon, and I wasn't going to go at first, as I had so much to do and was making him and his fiance some quilted pillows and a special wedding card (to be shown on a later post) and I felt really pressed for time! But I really really wanted to go, so I pushed myself and got the wedding gifts done by Friday and most of my stuff packed for our trip, just so I could go to the (all day) class. I'm so glad I did. I learned some really fun and new techniques (to me anyway) for mixed media (and met some new friends to boot!)

Here are a few techniques I learned:

Texturing (above)....... using stencil and texture paste and a little palet knife, you stencil designs onto the canvas which are raised... then paint over them with one or two colors. See the little dots in the sky?  

More texturing (above)......... I painted, then textured, then painted on top, and then used a brown waxy paste to make it look antiqued. I also learned to use little tiny words which are kind of embedded into the paint and outlined them with black pen. I swiped silver "Inka Gold" metal gloss paste over the words with my finger. The words are Tim Holtz cut-out words that I mod podged on over the paint.

Drawing around things with a pen (above)...... I pasted all of the shapes on using scrapbook paper that I tore, and then mod podged it down. After it was dry, I drew around most everything with a Pigma Micron pen to make things "pop". (I love things that pop, don't you?)!!  I had so much fun drawing little dotted lines and scallops and swirly bobs.

Using "Zendangle"...... see the little dangly things I drew above? Zendangle is a new technique I've just head about, a form of Zentangle, but you draw hanging hearts, stars, circles and shapes from a rod (in this case, the piece of back and pink scrapbook paper). I love how this looks on the little pink and blue house.

This is an 8x10 canvas and I put "texture" on it first (which I've never done before), using old tissue sewing patterns. The texture made the board kind of bumpy and old looking. I adhered it using mod podge.  After it was dry, I then painted the lower 2/3 with green and the upper third with blue for the sky. Then I did the stenciling with a circle stencil and texture paste, and some swirls (which you can't really see), to give it some raised areas.  

Then I did some stamping with black Staz On ink (see the right upper corner?) and in other areas using decorative music stamps and scrolls.  I tore scrapbook papers to build the little houses with their roofs and doors and chimneys. The gal who gave the class had all of the supplies so I had a blast picking through her scrapbook papers, paints, stencils and pastes, etc. I tried to be really spontaneous and not take too much time to pick out colors. All I knew was that I was making this for ME for my pink bedroom, wanted it mostly pink and green and whimsical!

Using Inka Gold Metal Gloss paint (silver)...... I had seen this used on YouTube alot.. and have always wanted to try it!

Wow is it gorgeous... I just smeared it on the edges of the canvas using my finger, and here and there on top of the texture, and over the little words at the bottom. I love it!  It comes in 18 colors and I want them all!

This butterfly was white chipboard and I found it in a pile of stuff and as an afterthought, stamped some black on it, but some lines and dots around the edge and smeared the Inka Gold silver paste on it. I really like how it looks fluttering above the house, although it IS kind of a giant compared to the house!

Can you see the greenery in between the houses and to the right? There is a little birdhouse on a post and on the right a tree with a blue window? Those were things I just tore out of a garden magazine I took with me to the class, and they were mod podged onto the canvas at some point. The pink door with asparagus I cut from a piece of scrapbook paper... who wouldn't want an asparagus door with a little green heart shaped doorknob?? Me!

I'm very happy with my little canvas and it's now hanging proudly on my pink bedroom wall. I do so love little quaint houses and some day want to make a quilt full of these whimsical and wonky houses.

Until next time.... stay cool! (Was 102 degrees here today).

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  1. I just love your textured and embellished picture! You did a wonderful job on it. I'd never know it was something new to you. Glad you got to go to the class. We were right at 100 today too! Tomorrow it's supposed to be a couple of degrees lower and then it really cools off. Wouldn't it be nice if this week of hot weather is IT for summer? I know, I'm dreaming, but I can hope! Stay cool. I'm going to a girls lunch tomorrow with three other women or I'd be inside my house with my air conditioner cranked up!

    1. Thank you! The canvas mixed media was fun but alot of work! I may stick to the simpler ones........ but I do love how it looks in my bedroom. Yes super hot here Monday too and probably today... will be glad when it cools down, but I'm sure we both have an entire HOT summer to look forward to! You are so fortunate to have AC in your house... we don't but we will put one in a couple of our window which will help. Have a great lunch with "the girls" there.. isn't it nice to meet new friends? Yes!

  2. Oh this is so splendid with all that you did to decorate the canvas!! There are so many little details that make it interesting, looking at all the details it's such a happy canvas!

    I've never worked with the texture paste. How long does it take to dry? I love the very cute! I've dabbled in zentangling, but I'd just rather color pictures. I find that to be more relaxing.

    My favorite part of your canvas is the pink heart. THAT is adorable.

    I've used Sakura pens and just love them. The set I enjoy the most are the GLAZE pens. They are a bit fussy when the ink dries IN the pen and they don't want to flow anymore. I've learned to keep the pen point covered in the ink instead of wiping it clean. This somewhat 'seals' t he ink to keep it from drying out on the pen point.

    I also like the Stardust pens, which add color and very fine glitter to drawings. I usually order my Sakura pens from because it seems to be the least expensive place, and I can buy the Glaze pens individually or in packs of 2.

    GREAT job on the canvas!!

    1. Wonderful comment! The texture paste does take awhile to dry, maybe an hour.. but you can speed it along with your heat gun. I loved all the little details on this too.. that's what made the class so fun.... I had all day to play! and I kept adding something else. The pink heart I just free-hand cut out of a piece of scrapbook paper, glued it on and mod podged over it, and then doodled on it with my black pen. I too love all the Sakura Gelly Roll pens! I want ALL of them! I thought I would love doing the Zentangle more than I did.. I got bored with it pretty fast. I do love to color in coloring books, so that may be more my "cup of tea" though it was fun doing the zendangles on this canvas. And yes alot of my older Gelly roll pens have dried up which is disappointing. I will check out that website for more of the pens! Marilyn


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