Thursday, November 20, 2014

Feedburner is back! Re-sign up to follow my blog using Feedburner, a better way to go.

Just wanted to tell anyone who is currently following my blog via Bloglovin' (or anyone new viewing my blog), or who previously followed me using Feedburner (by signing up to follow me by email in my right sidebar), that Feedburner is now working again. 

Feedburner is the Google "reader" that allows people to follow blogger or Wordpress blogs, and when you sign up in the box in my right sidebar by filling in your email address, Feedburner is what tracks my posts and sends them to your email inbox.

From May of 2014 to just recently, Feedburner quit working and no one received any of my blog posts. I lost a lot of followers, as I'm sure many other bloggers did too. There are other blog readers "out there" that a blogger can sign up for (and pay) to have blog posts sent to your email inbox, but I did not sign up as they all require a paid subscription by me! Feedburner is free.... so is Bloglovin'. And I like FREE.

Now that Feedburner is working, you will need to RE-SIGN-UP AGAIN, even if you previously followed my blog last spring, or tried re-signing up several times (and it didn't work).

If you are following me on Bloglovin' and are happy with it, then by all means, stick with Bloglovin'!!! I follow many blogs using Bloglovin', but the only downfall is that they kind of stack up, and every day, I may get a notice from Bloglovin' that I have blog posts to view, and there may be 75 different posts there! It's almost too overwhelming for me to click on Bloglovin', knowing I have so many posts to look at and read.

I prefer the way it used to be, when each blogger's post would come directly into my inbox, and I knew who it was from, and I could read it or not, or save it for later. It just wasn't so overwhelming or time consuming.

Some bloggers who lost Feedburner, went to blog reader sites like Feedly or Feedblitz, or chose to start sending out Newsletters using different contact sites like Constant Contact, Vertical Response, Mad Mimi, etc. I started to do a Newsletter a few times, but never followed through. It seemed like such a duplication of what I was posting on my blog!

I really liked Feedburner and I'm glad it's back! (and I hope it stays back).

If you are new to my blog and want to follow me, please sign up (or resign up to follow me if you want to start using Feedburner again) if you prefer receiving my posts directly into your email inbox, and not through Bloglovin'.
Tutorial coming soon on my easel card with box in a drawer.
You CAN follow my blog using both Feedburner and Bloglovin'. I follow many blogs using both blog readers, but I really prefer the more personal Feedburner method of receiving blog posts from my favorite blogs.

So if you want to re-sign up using Feedburner, go to my right sidebar where it says "From My Blog to Your Inbox" and fill in your email address... easy peasy.... and you will get an email asking you to click on a link that verifies that you want to follow me with Feedburner. 

Just thought you should know................... and THANK YOU for reading my posts and following my blog!

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  1. Your blog posts are coming through great via Feedburner once again. Hooray for PINK PAPER COTTAGE popping up in my Inbox!

    1. So glad it's working again! I hope others takes advantage of this free service and sign up again to follow me! It just seems more personal than Bloglovin'. Hope I can get my tutorials posted as promised!


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