Thursday, January 30, 2014


Now that I've revealed our new CTMH Picture My LifeTM program, I want to let you in on a new way I just heard about, to print all of your (hundreds of?) photos that are on your Smart phone, iPad or tablet! 

There is a really neat website called GROOVEBOOK. The founders, a husband and wife, were on Shark Tank a couple of weeks ago. One of the "sharks" did invest in this website!

The basics are: You download their App onto your Smart Phone or tablet. You pay a $2.99 per month "subscription fee". You can then upload up to 100 photos per month from your phone or tablet, to their website. They print the photos and put them in a 4.5 x 6.5 inch photobook and it is mailed to you within 10-12 days.

This photo was taken from the Groovebook website.

The little photobook has perforations so you can tear any picture out. The finished picture (after torn out) measures 4" x 6". PERFECT on its own or to put into your photo albums, scrapbooks or CTMH Picture My LifeTM albums. 

When I heard about this Groovebook website, I was estatic, as I had just learned about the new CTMH Picture My LifeTM program coming out on February 1, 2014 in their new Idea Book. What a perfect way to get those photos off of your cell phone and quickly into an album!

This photo was taken from the Groovebook website.
Although I DON'T have a Smart phone..... I'm excited for everyone else who has one and I know many people who take tons of pictures with their cell phones and tablets and then never do anything with them.  UPDATE: I've just learned from another CTMH consultant that you can actually transfer photos from your computer to your Smart phone or tablet, and then upload them to Groovebook!  This app does not presently work for uploading photos from your computer to Groovebook, but their website says "we are working on it".

If you want information on how to do this type of upload, let me know and I can (hopefully) help you.

I am going to share a month's subscription with my sister, email her some of my photos from my computer, and then she can upload them to Groovebook from her Smart phone, and we'll both benefit from the subscription!  The website explains how to do this. I could get 50 photos for $1.50!
This photo was taken from the Groovebook website.
I have sent several questions to Groovebook and they were very quick to respond. 
  • The paper weight of the photos is not very heavy, but if you are placing them into a page protector, or gluing them onto a scrapbook page, then the weight isn't that important (in my opinion). 
  • The $2.99 per month subscription fee INCLUDES the cost of shipping the little photobook to your door. Where else can you get a 4x6 print for 3 cents?
  • They do their own "in-house" printing and have a bulk rate for mailing. There is a special "groove" in the photobook that allows it to bend, thus the cheaper rate on shipping. That's why they can offer this at such a reasonable price.
  • If you don't have 100 photos, you can upload less, and indicate if you want double or triple prints, etc.  You can order more photobooks for family members at an additional $2.99 cost.
  • You can upload your photos in increments during the month.
  • You can cancel at any time.

I think this is the best invention (or idea) since toilet paper! 

UPDATE: And before you get too excited about Groovebook, I have just received notice from Close to My Heart that there are some NEW UPGRADES to Studio J Online Scrapbooking, wherein they are making it super easy to print photos using Studio J and having them sent to your home. I will update this in my next post!

I think each method of printing your photos will be phenomenal in it's own way.

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  1. Hi Marilyn, I saw this on Shark Tank at the time and thought it sounded really reasonable. Have you received any yet? I will be curious to know what you think of the quality of the pictures. Hazel


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