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Would you love documenting your memories in minutes? Would you love a quick easy way to preserve your photos? 

COMING SOON IN FEBRUARY,  Picture My LifeTM scrapbook program from Close to My Heart. Easy, fast, fun!  

Look carefully - do you see the pre-divided page protector where she has slipped in her photos and the cards?
NOTE: Be sure to read my next post (on January 30th) for the unveiling of an AWESOME new way to print photos from your camera or iPad or tablet. 

If it's hard for you to find the time to make your photo books and scrapbooks from "scratch", with the cutting, gluing, trimming and stamping, then you’ll love the new Close to My Heart "Picture My Life™" scrapbooking program. It's meant for quick and beautiful memory-keeping. 

That's what it's all about right? preserving our photos, preserving the precious memories by keeping those photos in a safe place?

This is a really neat photobooking program that has eight different themes, all gorgeous! I call it "photobooking" as it's really not "scrapbooking". It's fast and easy and you put divided page protectors in albums, and fill them with your photos and the pretty and unique "journal cards" and "theme cards". No gluing, no cutting, no stamping, no measuring!

You can mix and match the themed cards for a truly unique look, or just use one theme. You’ll love the ease, affordability, and beauty of the Picture My LifeTM programs. Your own photos are all you need to add to make astounding artwork—in no time at all!

Each set (or "program" as it's called) (priced at $24.95) includes 122 (yes 122!) double-sided cards plus 10 unique Memory Protectors™ to capture life as it happens, very quickly. On one side of each card is space for journaling, and on the other you’ll find artistic sentiments and icons. CTMH designers have used some of the past beloved papers sold in previous seasons.

Included in each set are:
  • 44 - 4"x6" cards (2 each of 22 designs)
  • 78 - 3"x4" cards (3 each of 28 designs)
  • 12x12 cover sheet (shown in the above picture)
  •            decorated to match the program theme
  •  10 -   12x12 memory protectors
  •            with various compartments 
There is so much variety in the cards - way more than other programs of this type on the market.

Here's a sampling of a few of the cards in the Avonlea set:
Each of the eight sets has a theme, such as childhood, family, sports, "girly-girl", to friendship and travel.

The more I look at these cards, the more excited I get! I can hardly wait to get a set, or two...... or three...........

Sampling of Babycakes set:
Each program/set is designed to accommodate approximately 100 photos in your TEN included CTMH Memory ProtectorsTM, so with a balance of photos and cards, you’ll finish with about 20 remaining cards. That means you have plenty of choice and flexibility to make it uniquely yours! Of course, you can easily use more or fewer photos in your project to suit your story’s needs.

Sampling of Chantilly set:

I love these Chantilly papers!  Now I get to see and use them again! I'm thrilled!

Unique to Picture My LifeTM is an included 12" × 12" double-sided cover page with each individual program/set, using a beautiful My Reflections™ pattern.
Sampling of L8tr Skater set: 
The Picture My LifeTM program is so versatile that you’ll find dozens of other ways to incorporate it into your papercrafting. Use the cards to expand other projects you’ve started! Use the cards from this program on your other handmade "cards" that you send out for thank yous, birthdays and holidays. Use some of the cards on your "from scratch" classic scrapbook pages, as gift tags, or in your My CrushTM books or mini albums. What great embellishments!

Sampling of Laughing Lola set:
I've included a sampling of five of the eight program sets. Do you recognize some of CTMH's favorite paper themes from last year?

To view the other three sets,  you can view the online Spring/Summer 2014 Idea Book on February 1, 2014 by going to my website HERE and clicking on the Products-Idea Books tab.  Two of the programs use NEW papers from the new Idea Book! They are gorgeous.

Two pretty and unique 12x12 albums will be listed in the new Idea Book, to purchase separately for these Picture My LifeTM programs.You can choose either post-bound albums or 3-ring albums.

Even though I LOVE to make the traditional, paper and glue scrapbooking pages, I'll be excited to give these program/sets as gifts to my friends and family, (and to use for myself - don't tell!) for quick projects, so I can get caught up on my boxes and boxes of photos that need to be put into books NOW. 

Are you excited yet? Let me know what YOU would use one of these sets for!

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