Monday, March 25, 2013


Can't believe it's been so long since I posted! I have been busy working on another fabric project using our DARLING Chantilly textiles. It's my little tufted wall hanging on a piece of heavy 5x7 cardboard. I used the cardboard from our CTMH paper packs.  I love the results!
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Isn't it the cutest thing? I love it! I wanted something that appears tufted, like a headboard or tufted pillow. I got the bright idea of putting batting (quilt batting) on the cardboard first, then the fabric, and some pretty brads that poke through the fabric,batting and cardboard, and when fastened on the back, the brad pulls the batting down so that it looks tufted.

I used the green Chantilly fabric. First, I sewed on a sweet little Easter graphic from The Graphics Fairy that I printed onto some Tailor brand Computer Printer Fabric that I got from JoAnn Fabrics.  This is very nice fabric and the transfer comes out so nice.  Before I sewed the picture onto the Chantilly fabric, I ironed some light weight stabilizer (stitch witchery) onto the back of the fabric, which makes the picture a little more stable.  You can get iron-on stabilizers at most any fabric store.


Next, I placed the batting over the cardboard and pulled it tight around to the the back, and then taped it with packing tape..... kind of like wrapping a gift.  Then I placed the fabric on top and wrapped it around to the back and pulled the fabric tight and taped it.  The batting and fabric were cut about 2 inches bigger on all sides than the piece of cardboard.  Sorry, I didn't take pictures of this process.

Here's a photo of the piece after I put the brads on. I just marked the placement with a pen and poked holes with my little piercing tool. Very easy!

Next, I decided to make some little fabric yo yos using the yellow Chantilly fabric. I'll post a yo yo tutorial on my next blog post. They are very simple and fun to make. They do require a tiny bit of sewing, but it's very fast and quick.  I also added a row of some of my old vintage lace along the bottom using Liquid Glass to adhere it.  Liquid Glass is my "go to" adhesive and decorating all-time favorite and I had never heard of it until I starting crafting with Close to My Heart!

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I topped my yo yos with little light blue buttons and a bow using embroidery floss, and adhered them down with Liquid Glass.

Here's a close up of the picture I used from The Graphics Fairy. By the way, The Graphics Fairy has over 3000 awesome FREE graphics that you can use for printing, transferring, etc. 

I used Liquid Glass for the little eggs in the nest and for some of the flower petals. You just spread it over the area you want covered and let it dry.  I also used a little bit of silver glitter glue for the birds' eyes and centers of the flowers. 

One more look at my darling wall hanging. For a hanger, I used some green ribbon that I had with a knot tied at the end, using Liquid Glass (of course!) to adhere it to the plaque. I made a little tag using some of the yellow B&T Chantilly paper, distressed the edges with Pear Ink and stamped a little greeting. It's tied on with embroidery floss and can be removed if I want to put something different there.

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I'll post the yo yo tutorial on my next blog post. You can find lots of the yo yo tutorials on YouTube.. that's where I found one, although mine is a little simpler to make. If you're a quilter or sewer, then you probably already know how to make them.  I've sewed and quilted for years and never did know how to make one! Now that I know, they're kind of addicting, just like making paper rosettes! (you can see some of my paper rosettes here).

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Until next time.................. happy crafting!


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  1. Maryilyn, this is stunning!! Thank you for sharing it.


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