Saturday, March 25, 2017

Maybe if I try this..........

Maybe if I try a new header for my blog, I'll feel more like it's Spring??????

You have to hop on over to my actual blog to see the new header! Does my blog feel more like Spring?

We did have a little sunshine today... sure is a booster for the winter blahs.

Our lilac bush's leaves are popping out all over!  No color yet, but pretty soon maybe?

And some new Iris's are peeking out of the ground.

A little tiny bit of color with some new pansies popping up.... they survived the 2 feet of snow!

Here's a silver "something" that survived the winter.. it never did wilt.. just stayed like this perfect silver statute. What is it? I bought it last summer and planted it, but can't remember the name.

Even those dead old mums have some new shoots. Amazing as that area never gets water or any snow or snow melt!

Wow my hollyhock survived too!  New leaves all of a sudden.

Here's the hollyhock last summer - just HAD to throw in at least one picture of something pretty!

And believe it or not.....our lawn needs mowing!  Hubby...........where are you??

I'm happy to just take a few pictures as things begin to wake up in our yard. Not ready to go out and work yet!

What about you?

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  1. Nice redo of your blog! Y'all are way ahead of us in the spring flowers, plants, and grass department. Narry a one around here yet. I'm ready for it though. We have some sunshine today. Yay! That "silver" plant is one we call Dusty Miller. I'm sure it has a technical name too, but that's what we call it. We had some in our backyard in Texas. Not a thing going on over here. Enjoy your signs of spring!

  2. All that green peeking out at your place - Awesome! Spring is ready to break out. :) I love your fresh new header. The little birdhouses look like Pink Paper Cottage Bird-Cottages!

  3. I noticed your header right away and immediately thought 'now THAT'S Spring!

    Looks like things are waking up at your place Marilyn! (We call that Dusty Miller too.)

  4. Hey Marilyn... love the new feel of spring in your blog header, so pretty! Loved the peeks of all the happy faces showing up in your yard too! You are way ahead of us! I saw tulips yesterday peeking up in my garden, so things are looking up here, but it will be a while yet before we get to see the flowers bloom :) It feels good to know that winter is pretty much behind us, and spring is ahead! I recognize the silver plant you have, but don't recall what it is. Amazing that it survived the winter! I walked around my garden yesterday for the first time this spring, and it was like getting acquainted with an old friend whom I hadn't seen in ages! I can't wait to get my hands in the dirt :) Hugs to you today, hoping that the spring blooms and flowers continue to bless your heart and soul!

  5. Hi Marilyn: That neat silver plant is Dusty Miller as I am sure you have already found out. I believe it has a small yellow (or white) flower on it sometime but is prettiest for its leaves added into a beautiful colorful bouquet. I love hollyhocks. The first year we really got into doing up our garden, I planted some of them. They were so pretty that first year but then never came back again??? All our flowers seem to come back each year all by themselves. Those that don't usually don't get TLC. I'm not what anyone would call a "perfect gardener". Thanks for your visit. I love that little piggy lamp and the box on the wall is an antique egg carrier. I sometimes just put faux eggs in it but thought it might be cute on the wall in the new farmhouse kitchen. You are right, your new header should just pick up your spirits. it did mine just looking at it..Have a wonderful Easter with your family..xxoJudy

  6. Hi Marilyn, I see Judy identified the Dusty Miller for you. Their silver color beautifully complements colorful flowers. Your Hollyhocks are gorgeous. I love that shade of pink. Dennis planted some hollyhocks last year and they appear to be coming back from winter pretty well. Nothing says "cottage garden" like Hollyhocks. Your header is charming. xo

  7. Marilyn, thanks for the visit. I do love hamburgers too!! Your header is looking more like spring everyday. We have some sun today but will get more rain..Have a wonderful week..xxoJudy


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