Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thanksgiving pumpkin treats.... yum!

Here you go..... just in time for Thanksgiving!

I got this recipe from There is an entire gluten free section of the most appetizing recipes!  I always have boxes of Bisquick gluten free baking mix and gluten free cake mixes around, so wanted to make some pumpkin goodies that were quick and easy. 

I did use Bob's Red Mill gluten free Vanilla Cake mix this time, as didn't happen to have the Bisquick cake mix.  You could always use a regular cake mix if you don't need to eat gluten free. I like gluten free desserts as they usually don't have as much sugar in them.

I added a cup of raisins and a cup of chopped pecans.

My mouth was watering already.
Fresh out of the oven with some cream cheese frosting.... one for hubby, one for me.
These were SO moist and delicious. Try one with whipped cream on top, rather than the frosting - or try one with both! These are fairly low in sugar which I like (except for the frosting of course). And, naturally, they are already gone! We don't waste our time when it comes to desserts!

Here's the recipe:

This is going to be one of my FAVORITES, any time of the year! Hope you try them. Let me know if you do.

I think my next experiment will be some pumpkin cheesecake....... sigh.

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  1. It's a dangerous time of year for the waistline isn't it Marilyn?!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  2. Looks delish! Don't you just love pumpkin anything? I do! Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving!

  3. Hi Marilyn: This looks so good. I love anything with raisins. Thank you for your visit and your kind words about our grandson. My daughter took the picture when Jake was little and it has been a treasured one throughout the years, so I thought it fitting to do a grown up version..Merry Christmas and I like your cute picture at the top..Judy

    1. Thank you Judy! Even red and pink go together don't they? I'm still trying to figure out how to make it so that when I comment on someone's post, it will show an email for them to reply to! I'm so glad you have those wonderful pictures of your grandson and his grandpa. I can never have enough pictures. Hugs...


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