Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Oh me Oh my.......... the CTMH March special is a great time to play with Studio J, Close to My Heart's online digital scrapbooking program!  If you haven't played, now is the time to give it a try, and playing is always FREE!

I think Studio J is fabulous!  It’s going to be even better when it’s just $5 per layout! Each layout is TWO 12x12 pages printed on glorious archival quality photo paper, using silver halide processing. Yup TWO 12x12 pages! Where can you get a gorgeous 12x12 photo collage/scrapbook page for just $2.50? Nowhere! I've looked at prices at my local print shop, and for a 12x12 photo, it's something like $14.99. Yikes.

This is one of my first layouts. I loved this paper and the large circle on the left, so plopped in my photos, added a little ribbon and some text and I was done!
Get a jump on creating NOW to make the most of the March $5 Studio J special!  You can create layouts today and order them in March! (Regular price per layout is $6.95, which is still only $3.50 per page - a fantastic price!).  There is no charge until you actually place your order, and March is a good time to purchase those layouts that have been sitting there on your (my) computer for the last year!

Quickly create gorgeous, personalized layouts using our wide selection of papers, collections, patterns, and embellishments.  Just sign into Studio J from HERE on my website by creating an account first, or if you already have an account, just sign in on the Studio J page and get started.

Pick "create a new project", choose the collection you want, and begin having fun. The hardest part is deciding on which paper collection to use!  There are tons to choose from! Each paper collection has 5-10 various layouts to choose from, with different configurations of photos and papers.  
I LOVED this leather looking paper on this layout. I added some brads and hinges. It's so easy, just drag and drop the embellishments onto your layout. You can add buttons, stitching, little journal tags and more.

My website has alot of videos showing you how to use Studio J. Go HERE on my website to view the "how-to" videos and HERE to view the "Love Your Layout" videos, which go into more detail. They are really helpful.  Be logged into Studio J while you watch the videos, and you can follow along and practice as you watch.  Watching the Love Your Layout series is actually how I learned to use Studio J.

While you're playing, don’t forget to check out the templates in the Express Collections, which allow you to design layouts in just minutes. The embellishments are already added. You just drop in your photos! This is a very FAST and easy way to get those memories preserved.

And if you want to use Studio J just for printing your photos, check out the "Photo Collections" in the Express Layout section, which has 7 different configurations of photo wells for dropping your photos into.

When you order your layouts, you also receive a JPEG file (emailed to you) to save your layout onto your computer. This is so awesome! It enables you to print out as many of your layouts as you want to, AND in different sizes! 

I made a little photo book (pictured below) printing my layouts at home at a 5" x 5-3/4" size. I use this to show my class gals how they can print their layouts in small sizes for little mini books.

You can purchase the JPEG only for $2.95.

With Studio J, you can begin a layout even if you only have a few minutes, and then come back as many times as you want to edit and tweak it. The layouts are stored for up to a year!

So sit down with your favorite cup of tea, a few cookies, (because I know you'll get so involved and have so much fun you won't have time to eat!) and spend some time exploring Studio J. It's just another fun way to play with and preserve your precious photos. 

I'd be happy to answer any questions you have. If you run into a problem or can't figure out how to do something, feel free to email me and I'll be glad to help.

I love Studio J so much I just want to share it with everyone!

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