Monday, February 3, 2014


I'm very excited to share with you some new ways to print your odd-sized photos! (This has been a dilemma for many scrapbookers). The Close to My Heart Studio J Digital Scrapbooking program has some new features! 

It's no fun to have to trim and cut your original photos. Why not let this new program feature do it for you?

This announcement just came in from Close to My Heart:

"New Studio J™ Photo Express Collection: We will be adding lots of new content to Studio J™ on February 1: all new My Reflections™ kits and a brand new photo-only Express Collection. 

"This collection features several 2-page layouts pre-loaded with photo wells in mixes of common printing sizes, including 2" x 2", 3" x 3", 3" x 4", 4" x 6", 5" x 7", and more. This collection is a great resource for printing off photos using our industry-leading photo processing techniques; the featured photo sizes pair perfectly with Picture My Life™ and My Crush™ projects as well as classic scrapbooking layouts. 
"We recommend that the matting feature not be used with these photo-only templates, as matting may cause photos to appear misaligned. Close To My Heart does not assume any liability for photos and Photo Express Collection layouts that have been created using the matting option and will give no reprints or refunds in such cases."
Wow is all I can say!  If you can't print your photos at home, this is a great alternative to sending your photos off to other on-line printing companies who usually only offer the standard sized prints! This new Studio J option is going to allow you to print photos in all sizes, for your specialty scrapbooking, and for the new CTMH Picture My LifeTM program, the My CrushTM books and the Hip Pic Album (Z1956).

My CrushTM album - Bluebird (Z1856) - 60 - 10"x7" pages.
My CreationsTM Hip Pic album (Z1956) - little 4"x6" album with 16 pages - holds 3-3/4" by 3-3/4" photos in a little window.

This new Photo Collection program in Studio J is also a great alternative to copying your photos to a thumb drive, taking it to the local Walgreens, Bi-Mart or other store that has photo printing "in-store", and waiting for the photos. Plus, remember, you will only get standard sized photos. What do you do if you want unique sizes? With the Studio J program, the beautiful, glossy, quality 12x12 photo sheets will arrive at your doorstep!
This new photo collection is new and now available! 

If you want to give it a look, go to my website here, sign in (or create an account), go to "Create a new project" and then choose the Express Collections Layout and name your project. You can upload your photos right away, or wait. Once you get into the Express Layout area, pick the Photo Collections, then click "continue". There are 7 layouts to choose from. Each layout contains different sizes of photo wells.
Then, you just upload your photos from your computer, and then drag them to the different sized photo wells. What I love is that once you've dropped your photo in the photo well, you can move it around so that the part of the photo that you want printed is just exactly what you want! You can also edit your photo right there - awesome!

Once the layouts are to your satisfaction, make your purchase, and the 12x12 sheets of gorgeous, quality photos will arrive on your doorstep!

This new feature of Studio J will match up perfectly with the new Picture My LifeTM pocket scrapbooking program that I talked about in my post HERE a few days ago!

Now how neat is that? I'm excited about this new feature in Studio J. This new program, plus the new Groovebook website (prints photos from your Smart phone, ipad or tablet into little photo books holding 100 photos) that I talked about in my post HERE on my blog a few days ago, will make it so much easier to print out all of your camera, ipad, tablet and computer photos!

Are you rarin' to go and ready to preserve some of your precious memories????

If you have any questions, I'd be glad to help you with Studio J. I'm just an email or "comment" away! I've already tried this new Photo Collection out and I love it!

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