Monday, February 13, 2017

Old skirts and buttons

What did I make out of this????


It's an old (but never worn) country western skirt that I bought years ago for country western dancing, which I DID used to do! I loved dancing so much.... it was my passion for many years..... but haven't tapped a boot skootin' boogie for a good 15 years. Anyway.,. this skirt somehow shrank over the years.... hum.m.m.m just sitting on my fabric shelf? That's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it! Just loved this fabric and knew someday I'd remake this into something fun.  It had a matching vest too... darn.. wish I wouldn't have gotten rid of it!

I got the inspiration to do something with this heavyish fabric of the skirt after I saw a blog post from my special blog friend Connie, at Crafty Home Cottage when she repurposed and recycled some old jeans into aprons and a darling travel banner. I went to Pinterest to look at all the recycled jeans projects... of course there are hundreds upon  hundreds...... and in all the looking, I decided I needed to make myself a nice big bag to carry "stuff" in, like books to the library, my boots when I travel, my yarn when I have a project going or to hold a quilt project. All of my other craft bags are full.

So here's what I made....

See here? it has the pockets, snap and zipper intact...and I used the belt loops to run ties through that I made from some other old (but new) southwestern fabric! I love it!

It's stuffed full of yarn.. and still more room in it!

All I did was sew up the bottom and sew the side slits... since it was a short skirt, I only cut off the little inch hem that was on it.. and I used that to make a few more belt loops to run the ties through. Super easy. I love the pockets on the outside.. I may put some velcro on them to hold them closed so I can put little odds and ends in them if I need to.  Hum.m.m.m. I see another western skirt (that has shrunk also) peeking out of my fabric stash............


I was looking for a little box for hubby to send a small gift to a friend.. and found the box but there was something inside. I had totally forgotten about all the little vintage buttons and cards that I had tucked in there! They were a gift from a friend a couple of years ago. I'm glad I found them. The cards are so neat.. and the prices on most are 25 cents or 29 cents. Hum... wonder what year that would take us back to? Anyone know? 

These shimmery blue ones are my favorites.

They are all still attached to the button cards... never used. Wow. Thank you Susie for these beautiful buttons!

Hope everyone had a fun weekend. Our snow is almost all melted! Yahoo!.... and we've had a few sunny days, though still chilly. Not ready for yardwork yet, but this sunshine makes me want to take a little road trip. How about you?

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  1. Well, if the cards were 25 cents, I'm thinking maybe the 70's? Just a guess though.

    So I think we have to get you up on the dance floor again Marilyn!

  2. Marilyn, so glad you kept that skirt and found your long lost buttons. All so pretty and what a great idea for the bag. Looks like you can get a lot into there..Too cute..Happy Valentine's Day, Judy

  3. Wow! You were busy over the weekend! I LOVE your darling bag! See, it is good to hang onto things, you just never know when you will find a way to repurpose them! I've never made a tote out of a skirt or jeans, but now I'm going to look into it more! Love how easy it was to make the bag. Did you line it? And those buttons, very very nice! I would say they are 60s or 70s. What a great find :) Hugs to you today!

  4. Love that wonderful fabric and the bag you made is gorgeous! Such a great idea to re purpose the skirt and now enjoy that lovely print in a different way.
    Helen xox

  5. Thank you Marilyn. I certainly value your friendship also and enjoy each and every visit we have together..Hope your week is going well..xxoJudy

  6. Dear Sweet Marilyn, I love that you re-purposed that skirt, the fabric is wonderful and you created a great bag. I have a love for cowboy and cowgirl everything :) Great button find, too!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Connie :)


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